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Fwd: Israel's Security After Obama's Betrayal...


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The Nuclear Iran deal is extremely worrisome but an immediate fallback of Obama Administration submitting the OBAMA DEAL to the UN Security Council for adoption before a Congressional Review, circumventing Congress, is a betrayal to the American People and an act of almost unprecedented Presidential recklessness and negligence.  It  cries for an immediate  investigation and a responsible Congress needs to quickly do damage control to somehow halt  the billions of dollars now flowing to the Mullahs and terror groups in Iran putting millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East at risk.  We must also stop and prevent such Unilateral Presidential dangerous action in the future.  This Administration and future Administrations must understand that circumventing the legal  process does not pay and
brings with it serious political consequences. America, through "We The People" must  severely limit Obamas control and governance the quicker the better before it is too late.
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Amidst all the  hula boo over the Jeb Bush dance steps around the question of should we or should we not have invaded Iraq, comes the news that ISIS has taken  Ramadi.

Dear robin,

Barack Obama now has the "legacy" he has been looking for in foreign policy, an utterly disastrous nuclear deal with Iran that raises the very real possibility of a nuclear cloud over Israel.

The deal he has made -- allowing Teheran to move forward with nuclear "research," with only the weakest of inspections of its bomb-making capabilities, while releasing a "signing bonus" of some $100 billion that the Revolutionary Guard can then transfer directly to its terror franchises to ramp up their terror campaign -- is unbelievably sweet to the mullahs and unbelievably deadly for Middle East, America, and the West.

Will the U.S. Senate find its courage and integrity and stop this dangerous and disgraceful deal, this gift to the mullahs that will keep on giving over the next decade?

If it doesn't, America will eventually reap the whirlwind of Obama's sinister diplomacy.

But for Israel, "eventually" is right now.

In his capitulation to the Iranians, our President has painted a bull's-eye on the Jewish State. Many more of our Middle East allies are hurt by the agreement. But it is a dagger pointed at the heart of Israel. By lifting the sanctions and unfreezing the assets of Iran—in return for which the U.S. gets exactly nothing—Obama has given the Mullahs the green light to pump billions more into the terror war being waged against the Jewish people by Hezbollah, Hamas and other groups sworn to their destruction.

Like the U.S., Israel at least has a few years to prepare for Iran's Jihadi Bomb. But these billions in terror dollars will start flowing immediately. This is why, as soon as the deal was signed, the Iranian leaders were screaming, with a new sense of purpose, "Death to Israel!" The mullahs have never made any bones about which their FIRST target is.

Obama is pulling out all the stops to pressure Senators to support this rancid deal. Unfortunately, we cannot count on them to do the right thing and reject this—there is no other word for it—of our interests and those of Israel. We must go directly to the people of this country and inform them about how Obama's deadly diplomacy has put the American and Jewish people at risk. This is why I have asked Caroline Glick, the Director of the Freedom Center's Israel Security Project, to immediately write "Israel's Security After Obama's Betrayal," a pamphlet that will lay out in damning detail the reasons why the deal with the mullahs spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for the Jewish State.

As many of you know, Caroline Glick is fearless. She is one of Israel's best-informed and most courageous journalists, a former member of the Israeli Defense Force who now defends her country with the pen rather than the sword. That's why I brought her into the Freedom Center four years ago. Now more than ever her voice needs to be heard. We need to turn up the volume on her warnings about this disastrous nuclear deal and get her message into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. That is why I am asking for you to help Caroline complete "Israel's Security After Obama's Betrayal."

We want to publish 250,000 copies of these pamphlet and distribute to activists groups, media, opinion makers, politicians not already in the pocket of Obama and the leftists backing this sell out to the mullahs, and to college students on campuses across America.

Please help us today by making as generous of a contribution as you can to help fund Caroline Glick, our Israel Security Project and help us tell the truth about Iran's Jihadi Bomb and how it will affect Israel's right to exist.

For a tax-deductible contribution of $25 or more, I will send you Caroline's new pamphlet for free. Please give as much as you can to help me get this crucially important publication into the hands of people who desperately need to hear what Caroline has to say.

David Horowitz

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