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Monday, August 10, 2015
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Today we were few in numbers but loud in energy and voice, proof that although just showing up is only half the battle, we must show up.

Our opposition: protesters from MoveOn.org and Peace Action and other dyed-in-the-wool leftists, who were protesting against Senator Schumer's rejection of Obama's deal with Iran.


They were well-organized and prepared. We had little time to scramble a few people and signs, but we had our "mushroom cloud" to remind us of the deal's horrendous ramifications.


They started walking in circles, ex-hippy wannabees chanting their tired and dangerously ignorant pro-peace slogans from the 60's and 70's. "All we are saying, is give peace a chance". Etc.


Then we kicked in with our signs and slogans thanking and supporting Chuck Schumer, warning of the perils of enabling Iran to get nuclear weapons, warning of the perils of lifting sanctions and providing the terrorist nation of Iran with $150 billion in sanctions relief.


They got nervous and reacted accordingly. They started marching out of step, stopping to yell at us until their faces were twisted, contorted - until they were blue in the face.


Then it happened. Their true colors came out: Chuck is the enemy because he supports Israel over the US. Chuck is the enemy because he is in the pocket of AIPAC and the Jewish lobby. Chuck is the enemy because he supported the Iraq war (as did many Democrats - including Hillary - along with Republicans). We, who were protesting against the deal were the enemy because we supported Israel over the US. We were the enemy because we supported Bibi over Barack.






Yes - you read that correctly. These words were yelled at us, along with the foam and spittle, from one angry woman's mouth.


Their anti-Semitic venom came roaring out. They couldn't argue the merits of their position so they resorted to that time-tested alternative: blame the Jews, and of course today, blame Israel, the Jew of the nations. Their moral bankruptcy was plain to see as they resorted to name-calling, racial slurs and epithets. 


We held our position and shouted back. We had to because WE WILL NO LONGER BE SILENT. We may not convince the other side of the moral efficacy of our position, but we put them on notice that we are here. And we are not going away. And that we have power and right on our side. And we are not afraid to use it.


Not anymore.




PLEASE: Call Senator Schumer (212-486-4430) and let him know that we thank him for this. WE must make clear that it is not only his vote on the rejection of the deal, BUT ALSO HIS CONTINUED SUPPORT IN VOTING FOR AN OVERRIDE of an EXPECTED VETO that will assure his place in history. He is still a leader in the Senate who is able and should be working to get other lawmakers on the side of right! We are counting on him!


As we have so blatantly seen, he is already encountering flak from the extreme liberals in the Democratic party with threats that he should be discounted as a leader and that all contributions benefitting him should be with held




Also, don't forget to call Kirsten Gillibrand! 212-688-6262.

Tell her that we understand the intense partisan political pressure being exerted on her from the White House BUT THIS PERILOUS TIME IN OUR HISTORY IS NOT THE TIME FOR POLITICS AS USUAL!  Her constituents deserve better than that! It's not too late to change her mind!




Calendar of Events


Tuesday, August 11, 1:15 PM - 3:00 PM
Proclaiming Justice to the Nations presents: Addressing the Rise of Global Genocidal Anti-Semitism and Vatican II's Nostra Aetate
Because global genocidal anti-Semitism is on the rise internationally, the goal of this forum on Human Rights Violations is to promote an environment that prevents such negative seeds from flourishing and shares a common vehicle...education, faith and action.
This forum further seeks to expose the evidence of this growing threat and present sustainable ideas and solutions to confront this worldwide movement for this and future generations.
At the United Nations 1st Avenue & 41st Street - Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, Conference Room 1

Thursday, August 13, 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Webinar: Spotlight on Iran: Secretary Of Energy Ernest Moniz

First of a four-part webinar series on the Iran nuclear agreement. This program is with Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz. Secretary Moniz was the number two lead negotiator for the United States in the Iran nuclear agreement negotiations.

Register: http://jewishfederations.org/sec-moniz-webcast


Thursday, August 13, 3:30 PM Eastern Time
Christians United For Israel (CUFI) invites you to a Conference Call with the Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles David Siegel about the Iran Deal
RSVP to:

Wednesday, September 9, 8:00 PM

On Wednesday, September 9th at 8:00 PM, before the scheduled vote in Congress on the "Iran Deal", at Congregation B'nai Tikvah you will have the opportunity to hear from the esteemed law professor, Thane Rosenbaum. He is a Distinguished Fellow at NYU School of Law, where he directs the Forum on Law, Culture & Society.


Thane Rosenbaum is a novelist, essayist, the author of the critically acclaimed novels, How Sweet It Is!, The Stranger Within Sarah Stein, The Golems of Gotham, Second Hand Smoke, and the novel-in-stories, Elijah Visible.


His articles, reviews and essays appear frequently in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Daily Beast, among other publications. He moderates an annual series of discussions on culture and politics at the 92nd Street Y called The Talk Show.
Cong. B'nai Tikvah: 1001 Finnegan Lane, North Brunswick (www.bnaitikvah.org)

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