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Shoftim and Shotrim: In Defense of Meir Ettinger, Hilltop Youth and Jews Who Yearn to Restore Our Judges as They Were of Earliest Times i.e. the Sanhedrin...


Shoftim in a Nutshell
Deuteronomy 16:18–21:9

Moses instructs the people of Israel to appoint judges and law enforcement officers in every city. "Justice, justice shall you pursue," he commands them, and you must administer it without corruption or favoritism. Crimes must be meticulously investigated and evidence thoroughly examined—a minimum of two credible witnesses is required for conviction and punishment.

In every generation, says Moses, there will be those entrusted with the task of interpreting and applying the laws of the Torah. "According to the law that they will teach you, and the judgment they will instruct you, you shall do; you shall not turn away from the thing that they say to you, to the right nor to the left."

Jewish nationalism and 'the settlements'
The link between Jewish nationalism and Jewish settlements is crucial.

Jewish nationalism, Zionism, the reestablishment of a Jewish state in Eretz Yisrael, the homeland of the Jewish people, rooted in Torah, the Bible and Jewish history, echoed in prophetic and rabbinic writing and in prayer, is the most invigorating dynamic in Jewish life in modern times. The uniqueness of Israel as a Jewish state is not only that it is connected to the Bible, documented history going back four millennia, but that it is the vehicle for the third Jewish commonwealth, a modern expression of Jewish civilization.

Mishpat Ivri:  FYI
Nahum Rakover (Hebrew: נחום רקובר b. 13 November 1932), professor emeritus at Bar-Ilan University, is an Israeli former Deputy Attorney General in Israel,
Rakover is a leading researcher in the area of applying traditional Jewish rabbinic law to Israel's state legal system.[1]
He is a prolific author on Jewish law and associated with the Mishpat Ivri movement, and is the author of over 30 books and 200 articles.[1] In addition to important monographs, he has compiled several bibliographies on the use of Jewish law in Israeli judicial opinions, legislative deliberations, and scholarship.

Return of the Hunt 
By: Donny Fuchs

My comments: [RT])

 I  highly doubt the arson in Duma was perpetuated by Jews.   Why do I suspect a frame-up?
  • The simple fact that "Nekama" and "Yechi Melech Hamoshiach"  are conflicting msgs coming from different Jewish circles and were both graffiti-ed at the site of the arson, are reason to suspect a frame-up. (conflicting Nuances)
  • Also, kind of fishy is the time it takes to graffiti these words in the center of an Arab Village and not be caught. It would take a suicidal Jew to enter the center of an Arab village, set a house or two on fire,  and paint graffiti on the walls... and Jews generally aren't the suicidal types.  However, a suicidal mindset Arab would easily conceive of such a frame-up.
  • After all this time, there is not a shred of real evidence to my knowledge, let alone 2 Jewish witnesses at a minimum,  linking any hilltop youth to these crimes other than the testimony of Arabs
 The outrageous criminal hunt for "Jewish terrorists" have violated their civil liberties not to mention libels them and the entire Judea and Samaria settlement enterprise.  Sadly, this libel has been perpetuated by our own,  right wing politicians and Rabbis  who rushed to condemn "Jewish Terrorism"

Op-Ed: 'Jewish Terrorists' - The Long View by Lenny Goldberg 
There have been "Jewish terrorists" before. Today we consider many of them heroes, says this writer, who gives the side of the hilltop youth.

My Comments: [RT]
Apparently, the more I read, the more I think it is a problem of the Israeli government being threatened by the concept of Judaic Law, also referred to as Hebraic Law. 

The existing Judicial System in Israel is comprised of a hodgepodge of British and Turkish law. Is it only Meir Ettinger that wants a Judaic Legal System?   
  • Each and every Jew who prays each day, repeats Hoshiva Shofteinu KaRishona,  Restore Our Judges as they were of Earliest Times, a reference to the reestablishment of the Sanhedrin G-d Willing in Our Times,  3x in the Shemoneh Esreh. 
  •  Millions of Jews will be reading the Parsha each and every week. This week is Parshath Shoftim (Appointing Judges and Law enforcement officials to apply Laws of Torah). 

Let Meir Ettinger's points be heard and addressed.  Don't assume that Meir Ettinger is advocating taking the law into ones own hands until you have actual evidence.  

How about a lively open debate in the Batei Midrashoth open to the public re: Practical, Halacha LeMaaseh, how do we interpret certain portions of the Torah for example portions in  Parshath Reeh  dealing with the 7 idolatrous Canaanite Nations upon entering and settling the Land of Israel,  How is such a discussion  relevant today and how can we change the existing Israeli Judicial System so that it  incorporates and hopefully one day morph into a Judaic Legal System as we pray for each and every day?  

One who is so afraid of having this discussion, to the point of silencing and incarcerating, probably does not have confidence in Torah Shebaal Peh, the Oral Law of the Torah.  They probably interpret the written Torah literally as a license to burn and target innocent Arabs,  according to their own understanding and wisdom and projects their personal interpretation upon Meir Ettinger as well and convicting him in their mind as guilty. That's the only explanation I can think of for Administrative Detention of these Hilltop Youth. 

Once someone is incarcerated, if they are classified unfairly as a terrorist and treated as a terrorist, there is a likelihood that there will be attempt for them to be tortured into falsely incriminating themselves while incarcerated as a terrorist. That is why In America, people plead the fifth...

Outrageous administrative detention- [Nashimbyarok-WIG]  מעצר מינהלי שערורייתי and my comments.
This link includes a Translation of MK Bezalel Smotrich's letter see belowSubject:  We are not fighting with Jews: Unfortunately it seems that in recent days the Israel Police and General Security Services have lost all restraint in an attempt, which is important of itself, to locate the perpetrators of the severe incident in Kfar Duma.

Fundamentally Freund: Administrative detention and the assault on civil liberties

סמוטריץ' ליעלון: לא נלחמים ביהודים MK Bezalel Smotrich's letter in original Hebrew
"במשטרת ישראל ובשירות הביטחון הכללי איבדו כל רסן בניסיון לאתר את מבצעיו של האירוע החמור בדומא", כתב סמוטריץ'.

ZOA: Stop Rush To Blame Jews For Attack on Arab Home, In Light Of History of Arab Lies About Attacks

Morton A. Klein, president of The Zionist Organization of America issued the following statement:
It is inappropriate to rush to cast blame on Jews for the fire at an Arab home in Duma in last week in view of the minimal, contradictory, and questionable evidence reported thus far — and in view of the numerous instances in which Arabs have fabricated attacks or blamed Jews for Arab violence against other Arabs.  

ZOA slams those who 'rush to blame Jews' for Duma attack

9 Jews Arrested in Israel Security Hunt for Duma Terrorists: Aug 9, 2015

Nine Jews were arrested overnight as Israeli security forces continue hunting for the Duma terrorists.
Nine Israeli Jews were arrested by security forces overnight in two small Jewish communities, Adei Ad and Givat HaBladim, as Israel continues its hunt for the terrorists responsible for the attack on Duma 10 days ago.

The tiny communities are nestled in the hills of Samaria near Shiloh and Kochav HaShachar respectively. The Honenu civil rights legal organization is working to determine the reason behind the overnight raids in these specific villages.

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