Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fwd: Truth Provider. Love Israel Videos!THREE SERIOUS VIDEO CLIPS PLUS A FUNNY ONE


Yes it wouldn't be so terrible if Jews ran the world. 

Liturgy on Rosh Hashana:

Choose Life!

And G-d would be King over the Entire Land, On That Day, G-d Will Be One and His Name One!

This is the actualization of the Nation of Israel becoming a "Mamlechet Kohanim VeGoy Kadosh", a Nation of Priests and a H-ly Nation.

Compare that with the msg of death and destruction coming from Islam who wish to rule the world....

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Dear friends,

I present you with four remarkable short video clips. Three serious and the fourth hilarious.

Please make sure your friends and family will also watch, learn and enjoy these clips.

Do You Pass the Israel Test?

A Black South African on Israel and Apartheid
Made in Israel - Technology
If you happen to know any supporters of BDS and other crazy boycotts of Israel, please point this clip to them and make sure
they boycott each and every technological achievement by Israel mentioned in the clip. If they are honest, they would most likely find themselves back in the 19th century.
Klavan's One-State Solution: Give the Middle Easy to the Jews

Your Truth Provider,


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