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Jewish Terror Cells? Apparent “price tag” attack by Israelis was probably perpetrated by Arabs. Condemnation, Defamation of Settlers of Judea and Samaria. Can YOU now undo the damage?


Jerusalem Jane's thoughts on the attack in Duma.

Arabs claim they found the arsonist from Duma - except he has been in jail since last December; family plans to sue over dangerous framing.

'Settler' Pays Troubling Condolence Visit to Arab Village
Samaria resident visits Duma to express condolences over baby's death in terror attack ascribed to Jews, leaves with question marks.

Arlene from Israel: "Rush to Judgment"

ZOA: Stop Rush To Blame Jews For Attack on Arab Home, In Light Of History of Arab Lies About Attacks

"Jewish" Arsonist a Frameup? The long list of Arab Attacks over Shabbat following Demolition of Jewish Homes by the Gov't of Israel

Inflammatory, Shameful PRICE TAG reporting in the Jewish and non Jewish Media:

Price Tag and Extremist Attacks in Israel August 5, 2015
Since 2008, there have been repeated attacks carried out by extremist Israeli Jews against Israeli Arabs and Palestinians, often in reprisal for Israeli government action against illegal settlement activity. These attacks, which are frequently labeled "price tag" incidents, target mosques, churches, Arab and Jewish homes and property, Israeli military bases and vehicles, as well as other Israeli Jews. They involve the desecration of property with anti-Arab and anti-government slogans. Most of these attacks include the phrase "price tag" and are accompanied by hateful and racist slogans, the name of an illegal settlement, or a reference to an Israeli casualty of Palestinian terrorism, the implication being that the violent incident is the "cost" of Israeli government action on settlements or for anti-Israeli violence.
More recently, there have been a number of violent and deadly arson attacks carried out by extremists who, according to Israeli law enforcement, seek to destabilize the country and overthrow the Israeli government in order to establish a new regime to be based on Jewish law.

The Israeli police have established a special unit tasked with cracking down on those committing price tag assaults. The unit has thus far had minimal success.
[maybe there is minimal success because it is contrived by the Israeli Police. My comments RT]

AMI Magazine
Late last week, the Jewish world found itself horrified by two murders, both apparently committed by religious Jews.
The second murder came just hours after the parade stabbings.
Early Friday morning, two Palestinian homes were set ablaze in the West Bank town of Duma. The inhabitants of one, the Dawabsha family, stumbled frantically through heavy smoke to escape. The parents and four-year-old son finally managed to get out, seriously injured by the smoke and flames; the four-year-old suffered burns over 60 percent of his body. But 18-month-old Ali Saad Dawabsha remained inside and was burned to death in the conflagration. 
Graffiti on the house, written in Hebrew and mentioning "Moshiach" and "price tag," indicated that the attack was carried out by Jews, and the Shin Bet has since stated that it believes that members of an extremist religious Jewish group were responsible. 

Times of Israel
PM condemns suspected 'price tag' attack on West Bank mosque.  Police believe right-wing extremists are behind arson and vandalism in village near Ramallah; PA demands arrests

... Yesha settlers council head Danny Dayan also denounced the attack on the mosque, saying that anyone who took part in "price tag" attacks is "both a criminal and a fool." Dayan said that such incidents harm the settler cause and called out against those in the settlement movement who failed to condemn the acts.
Former Shin Bet deputy director MK Yisrael Hasson (Kadima) told Israel Radio that the attack was likely perpetrated by youths acting independently and not by people being directed by a central authority. 

PM condemns 'horrific, heinous terror attack' on Palestinians/ Army beefing up West Bank presence in fear of riots after baby burned to death; politicians denounce attack; Lapid: We're at war with an enemy within
(the implicit understanding is that we are talking about hilltop youth who were the alleged perpetrators rather than Arabs who don't get such condemnation for acts of terror against Jews let alone their own people. My comments RT)

Orthodox Union Condemns Arson Attack On Palestinian Home

The leadership of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America strongly condemns today's apparent "price tag" attack by Israelis on a Palestinian home near Nablus—burning homes and murdering an infant. Such a heinous act offends all people of good will and violates basic Jewish values.

[This is a good group but why were they so quick to condemn Israelis? I hope next time they will note that history has shown that indeed Israeli's are framed in many Arab "Price Tag" attacks.  my comments. RT]


Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said in the afternoon that the police force was at its highest alert level to prevent disturbances. He added that "a people whose children were burned in the Holocaust needs to soul-searching at a time like this."

Ghasan Gaghlas, a Palestinian official from the area, said Jewish settlers broke the window of the house and flung a burning object inside, "causing a quick and huge fire."

[MK Gilad Erdan is a good guy but why did he have to believe the Palestinian official and that Jews did it? My comments RT]



Palestinian Baby Burnt to Death in Suspected 'Jewish Terror' Attack By Harriet Salem 

July 31, 2015 

Israel 'Ignored Warnings' on Jewish Terror Cells Before Attack that Killed 18-Month-Old Baby By Harriet Salem 
August 4, 2015 
The existence of Jewish terror cells [fabricated existence my comments RT] capable of carrying out deadly terror attacks and seeking to topple Israel's government have been well-known to the country's intelligence service for years. Yet in the wake of an arson attack that killed an 18-month old Palestinian baby on July 31, it has emerged that security advice about the hardline groups was apparently ignored by politicians....

"The Shin Bet [security service] asked the government on several occasions for the capacity to use administrative detention and other intelligence resources against these [Jewish] radicals and it was denied," Lior Akerman a former Shin Bet division head of internal security in the occupied territories told VICE News. 
"These people, their names, where they are living and operating, their extremist websites and blogs where they write are familiar to security services… They are very fanatical and dangerous. They have no respect for the Israeli law, the police, Shin Bet; they don't care, they believe only in God's rules so they will do whatever is needed according to this fundamentalist interpretation of the religion [Judaism]."

My comments

I probably fit their description of being fanatical and dangerous since I have this blog which some might find offensive. Dr. Aaron Lerner  August 5, 2015 Weekly Commentary: Confusing bad taste for illegal activity counter productive teaches us how confusing offensive language with truly illegal activity is counter productive because this may serve to actually reduce the degree of unacceptability of 
truly illegal behavior. .  

Honestly, does the passionate Jewish dream of generations, to return to Zion as of Days of Old,  the daily prayers of our people, translate into lack of respect for the Israeli law, the police, Shin Bet and the desire to do whatever is needed according to this fundamentalist interpretation of the religion [Judaism}? 

Only when accompanied by unlawful acts of violence. 

Therefore, the blood Libel.   If one wishes to successfully discredit this group  of "fanatical and dangerous Jewish radicals" then they need to fabricate their acts of violence. 

This false implicit condemnation of the religious Zionist is replayed by news report after news report.  What is very disturbing is that not only do the leftist Jewish media rush to condemn the Religious Zionists but so do other religious leaders, religious orgs, MK's, religious magazines and religious and secular media. Condemnation almost cross the board even among the higher ups in the Nationalist camp.  Even though past history has shown that the trustworthiness of the initial police report based on an Arab's testimony is suspect. 

No fair hearing. No fair trial. No conviction of a Jewish Settler as hard as they try...But the defamation of the entire religious Zionist community by apparent conclusions of suspecting our own....... 

Even the Times of Israel, seemed by many as a voice of the Prime Minister allow their readers to believe that the Prime Minister finds the religious Zionist Enterprise at fault.   While the actual text of the PM's statement does not put the blame on the Settlers directly, by implication it does. Why did Times of Israel juxtapose the condemnation of the PM with the assumption it was the Religious Zionists??  They even quote Danny Dayan, a Yesha Council Head, condemning the arson.  In my mind that also makes Danny Dayan suspect. Am I paranoid? It was only 10 years ago that the The Yesha Council Heads corroborated with the Gov't of Israel during the Gush Katif expulsion or Churban as Helen Freedman described it at the annual  AFSI Jabotinsky Memorial event.

Why didn't Dayan stick up for the people in Yesha?  Why didn't he point out that there have been 177 incidences of violent murderous terror attacks upon Jewish children by Arabs and there was only 1 proven nonmilitary attack by Jews upon an Arab teen and after a full investigation the perpetrators were found to be secular Soccer thugs, a close-knit gang of Beitar Jerusalem fans known as 'La Familia' and not Religious Zionists after all.  We still don't know for sure what happened in Duma but I would bet my money that it was not Jews who burnt this Arab baby and family.

177 Jewish children murdered by known Arab terrorists (glorified and often compensated for their acts of terror funded by American taxpayer money. Please read Edwin Black Financing the Flames). Where is the same condemnation by Jews for these Jewish children murdered by Arab terrorists? It's never too late to rectify this omission....

Leo Alexander Sendler, age 5
Gabriel Sendler, age 3
Daniel Aryeh Viflich, age 16
Elad Fogel, age 4
Hadas Fogel, age 1
Yoav Fogel, age 10
Jonathan Palmer, age 1
Shlomo Nativ, age 13
Segev Peniel Avihayil, age 15
Yonatan Yitzhak Aldar, age 16
Yonadav Haim Hirschfeld, age 18
Neria Cohen, age 15
Yochai Lifshitz, age 18
Avraham David Moses, age 16
Roey Aaron Roth, age 18
Anas Awisat, age 18
Khaled al Ziyadat, age 12
Fathi Assadi, age 4
Eliyahu Pinchas Ashrai, age 18
Raviah Taluzi, age 6
Mahmoud Taluzi, age 4
Mazal Zaribi, age 15
Daniel Welch, age 16
Muhammad Hamudi Faoure, age 17
Dua Abbas, age 16
Amir Naim, age 17
Shaked Lasker, age 16
Omar Manasseh Visachov, age 8
Ella Abuksis, age 17
Rachel Helli Ben-Abu, age 16
Oz Yisraeli Ben-Meir, age 14
Nufar Hurvitz, age 16
Avihay Levy, age 16
Aviad Yehuda Mansour, age 15
Yuval Ababa, age 4
Afik ZahaviOhayon, age 3
Lior Azulai age 18
Aviel Yitzchak Atash, age 3
Khalil Zatunyah, age 9
Dorit Masrat Binsan, age 2
Ronnie Sarah Hatuel, age 6
Meirav Rachel Hatuel, age 2
Hilo Esther Hatuel, age 10
Hadar Simcha Hatuel, age 9
Binaya Yonatan Zuckerman, age 18
Lior Liorinkha Niv age 3
Gilad Giladi Niv, age 11
Qamar abu-Hamed, age 13
Shaked Avraham, age 1
Tomer Almog, age 9
Haviv Dadon, age 16
Benjamin Bergman, age 15
Avraham Bar-Or, age 12
Samuel Zargary, age 1
Noya Zer-Aviv, age 1
Liran Zer-Aviv, age 4
Erez Gizro Hershkowitz, age 18
Tom Hershko, age 15
Daniel Harush, age 16
Shmuel Taubenfeld, age 1
Moran Menachem, age 17
Yuval Mendelevich, age 13
Abigail Leital, age 14
Noam Leibowitz, age 7
Samich Sarsur, age 10
Muhammad Sarsur, age 12
Tehilla Natnazan, age 3
Elisheva Mashulmi, age 16
Elizabeth Liz Katzman, age 19
Assag Balondi Tzur Tzolinger, age 17
Smadar Firsteter, age 16
Assaf Shteir, age 10
Issachar Dov Reinitz, age 9
Tal Kerman, age 17
Shani Avitzedek Abotzedakah, age 16
Osnat Abramov, age 16
Matan Ohayon, age 5
Noam Levy Ohayon, age 4
Yael Ohana, age 11
Orly Ophir, age 15
Noa Auerbach, age 18
Dvir Anter, age 14
Yaakov Avraham Eliyahu, age 1
Lidor Ilan, age 11
Oriya Ilan, age 1
Gal Eisenman, age 5
Galila Bogela, age 11
Hodaya Hodiyosh Asraf, age 13
Noi Anter, age 12
Shoval Tzion Dickstein, age 9
Elmer Dazbrailov, age 16
Adi Dahan, age 17
Yehonatan Gamliel, age 16
Hadar Hershkowitz, age 14
Rachel Gila Teller, age 16
Gabriel Choter, age 17
Shmuel Efraim Yerushalmi, age 17
Atara Libna, age 15
Rachel Heli Levy, age 17
Shiraz Nechmad, age 6
Shaul Nechmad, age 15
Liran Nechmad, age 3
Avraham Eliyahu Nechmad, age 16
Baruch Asher Zvi Marcus, age 18
Aviha Malka, Age 1
Nehemia Amar, age 15
Lino Sarussi, age 14
Avraham Yosef Haim Sitton, age 17
Gaston Farfi Farfiniel, age 15
Ilan Perlman, age 8
Aharon Mordechai Eric Karogliak, age 18
Sinai Keinan, age 1
Tal Zvi Talik Kurzweil, age 18
Ran Korn, age 18
Gal Korn, age 14
Assaf Moses Tzfira, age 18
Abraham Neriah Shebo, age 16
Avishai Joseph Shebo, age 5
Keren Shatsky, age 14
Netanel Riahi, age 17
Erez Shlomo Rond, age 18
Ofer Ron, age 18
Yafit Revivo, age 14
Daniel Bat-El Shefi, age 5
Adi Shiran, age 17
Sarah Tiferet Shilon, age 1
Gilad Stiglitz, age 14
Tzvi Yaakov Yisrael Shebo, age 12
Hadas Turgeman, age 14
Michael Szerszevski, age 16
Assaf Avitan, age 15
Irina Osdetchi, age 18
Yosef Ish-Ran, age 14
Yossi Elezra, age 18
Yuri Gostz'inm age 18
Marina Berkovsky, age 17
Shoshana Rachel Shushi Ben-Yishai, age 16
Adam Weinstein, age 14
Israel Yaakov Danino, age 17
Jenia Dorfman, age 16
Ido Cohen, age 18
Maria Tegiltzab, age 14
Tamar Mesengiser, age 8
Jacob Koby Mandell, age 13
Aliza Malka, age 16
Mariana Medvedenko, age 16
Naftali Ben-Zion Lentzakron, age 13
Ronen Landau, age 17
Alexei Lufalo, age 17
Raya Sachiweschurder, age 14
Hemda Bracha Sachiweschurder, age 2
Abraham Yitzchak Sachiweschurder, age 4
Irina Nafomniastzi, age 16
Raisa Nemirovsky, age 15
Yerena Nemilov, age 18
Julia Nemilov, age 16
Avraham Nahman Avrum Nichni, age
Shalhebet Tehiya Pas, age 1
Yair Amar, age 13
Julia Yael Sklianik, age 15
Liana Sakian, age 16
Michal Sarah Raziel, age 16
Malki Chana Roth, age 15
Eliran Rosenberg, age 14
Simona Rodin, age 18
Menashe Manny Regev, age 14
Katrina Arias, age 15
Anya Aniota Kazachkov, age 16
Golan Turgeman, age 15
Yocheved Shushan, age 10
Judah Shoham, age 1
Ophir Rachum, age 17
Gil-Ad Shaar, age 16
Naftaly Frenkel, age 16
Adelle Biton, age 4
Yael Botwin, age 14
Chaya Zissel Braun, age 3 months

Thank you Joe Settler for this comprehensive list!

The Jewish hilltop youth have no history of proven criminal murderous violence against Arab children. 

However, there IS is a long history of trying to convince the public that they are dangerous and violent and unlawful especially following immoral and illegal demolitions of settler homes.  

So I ask, is there really a need for a special commission to target the Jewish hilltop youth?  

Let me suggest that this is done to rationalize and/or justify Jewish violence perpetrated against thriving communities of Judea, Gush Katif, the Shomron  by the government of Israel who betray(ed) their own by  destroying their homes and communities and continue to do so sparking a wave of Arab violence.

LeHefech, On the contrary. This  community, representing Religious Zionism have been exemplary in transforming their pain and suffering into positive action of rebuilding. and to their credit have not engaged in violent acts of terror even when their accusers almost wish it upon them, in order to perhaps alleviate their own Jewish guilt and psychological suffering in being complicit in acts of property violence, and even personal violence against their own fellow Jew.  How sad....

Moral of story is MKs, Rabbis, Jewish Organizations and Newspapers, Don't believe the Police and Don't believe the Shin Bet nor the Arab who testify when it comes to Price Tag reports and allegations! Don't rush to condemn your fellow Jew and especially not the Torah observant Jews or their youth, living in Judea and Samaria. 

It makes perfect sense for Arabs to project their interpretation of revenge, set up a false narrative and proceed to slander/ libel Jews .  It works!  It provides a convenient excuse and sickening cover and backdrop to then terrorize additional Jewish  settlers in Israel while Israel's elite, government officials, etc. world Jewry, Jewish media are sidetracked and can't act fast enough with apologetics and self righteous moral equivalency condemnations of  their own people.  Implicit in such condemnation is that the "Jewish religious fanatics, the settler community, the religious Zionists are guilty until proven innocent.  

The Arabs and Israel's attackers have a hey day.  See, Israel too have their terrorists...  

Our enemies probably derive much satisfaction from seeing how Jews verbally attack fellow Jews based on false allegations and narratives. ... "Hamas had already declared Friday a "Day of Rage" to protest the deaths of several Palestinians by Israeli forces in the past few weeks, and demonstrations were expected to escalate into violence."

Jews of Judea and Samaria know that rebuilding is the best kind of Revenge against the evil decrees that demolished their homes at the whims of those beholden to the likes of Obama.   They do not and have not engaged in terrorism as do their enemies who destroy and uproot as their Modus operandi


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