Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why are you keeping this girl Tsivia from Elon Moreh in Jail?




Dear Sirs,


Why are you getting rid of a fly on a forehead with a sledgehammer?  This girl's "crime" was threatening to throw stones at what she felt was a provocation and danger to her own security.  It's like locking up a 4 year old kid in her room for days for "hitting and threatening" her older much stronger and armed brother who is bullying her. And here we are not even talking about an older brother that is bullying but a neighbor who is with her brother who acts mean and threatening. 


Your definition of justice is quite the opposite.  In addition, it's an act of bullying and cowardice.  Picking on a young girl because she dared to rightfully question the legitimacy of those who are supposed to protect her (aka IDF) who in fact demonstrates the exact opposite by bringing to her territory, strangers and aliens from a people who have shown in the past the desire to harm her people and her loved ones.  Shame on all involved!!!!  Well you and the IDF showed her all right.  You sure did a suburb job of protecting her.  Now she is convinced that your motive as well as the motive of the IDF was pure and their desire and your desire is truly to protect her and her family. 


This girl is being sentenced in jail without even a trial.  Another proof of a bunch of bullies masquerading as law officers and representing a corrupt judicial system.


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