Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We clearly have to unite for our collective survival.

We clearly have to unite for our collective survival.
It is possible and crucial that we unite but not due to an individual charismatic leader but rather to unite with a common ideology.  
So what is our common denominator?  What defines us and our ideology?
Let me suggest that our common denominator is that Am Yisroel and only Am Yisroel has an entitlement from our Creator for the entire Land of Israel and the written source is our Holy Torah.  
If we were successful to unite and formed a theoretical right wing coalition, Tsafrir Ronen, Eldad, Benny Elon or Moshe Feiglin, Paul Eidelberg, Baruch Merzel etc.  may or may not be the leader at the helm.  All have their unique emphasis, areas of strengths and loyal constituents. Each is a leader. 
Mayor Moyal of Sederot noted in an address to a Chutz Laaretz crowd that the Arabs share a common denominator.  Their common denominator is that we the Jews are occupying the Land and that the Land belongs to them.  This is stolen identity.   The Kadima party had a common denominator. That was corruption.
Our like minded leaders who believe in our common denominator are sincere and dedicated and competent and each loves the Land and the people and our Jewish Heritage.    Each have the obligation to use their leadership abilities and be part of a team of our collective whole. Each must promote the other as well and take advantage of what each other leader or individual has to offer.
I would love to vote for a coalition of such leaders.  Who gets to be Prime Minister of such a party is not so important if each of the member leaders have delegated areas of expertise which will take advantage of their individual strengths.  The Prime Minister's job is a public service job. It's a temporary position and frankly I can't figure out why anyone would want the headache. Just, being President of a Shul is pretty scary.  You do tons of work and get lots of complaints. 
Each member of this unity coalition needs to join not for any job opportunity or perks or salary or honorary position but simply to unite for the common good, putting ego aside, to make an assertive statement regarding our entitlement to the Entire Land of Israel and assert our Jewish identity and our Jewish Heritage and Jewish values.  There is a strong need to revamp the justice system. The justice system is corrupt and a party based on our Jewish Heritage would have to be based on Mishpat Ivri. 
These altruistic motivations must govern the desire to be part of this coalition.   One should not join because it is advantageous politically to join. In fact, politically it might be disadvantageous but that shows one is a true leader with a heart and soul.  G-d, Am Yisroel, Eretz Yisroel and principles based on Torah comes first before any personal ambition.  That is precisely the antidote to the selfish actions of all those Knesset members that continue to keep this gov't in power.
And if there were a miracle and we get this new party off the ground, how do we propose that it NOT be declared racist and illegal?  There are some that see the sad reality and they express a legitimate concern. 
They say as follows;   All you have is "hope" that the establishment won't use the hammer that they already have in their hand.   If they think that the party is a threat, of course they'll use the hammer.  
Our answer to this is True, but we have G-d and each other on our side.
With all the competing parties that are like minded and decent and non corrupt, a real impediment to success is that the right is divided.  By worthy leaders joining as equals, rather than simply as one on top,  a better working relationship will be established  It is important that each and every player has that feeling of empowerment,  that their personal contribution is necessary and wanted and needed.
Again, the focus is our common message rather then on the individual leader. 
 If we all unite, it wouldn't be so easy for the hammer to be effective.  With faith in Hashem, I believe that all members in this new coalition will come out as winners.
However, if we lose and all stay divided so that there is no one that is really strong, it will only be because we didn't unite and not because we didn't have a majority.
Being Prime Minister is a tough job and the Prime Minister needs the full backing and support of those who believes as he does. We can't compromise on our foundation. It's best to work with people who share a common ideology.  Establishing a coalition whose foundation is a statement of Jewish identity and proclaiming entitlement to the entire Land of Israel as its mantra is a stronger coalition then a coalition with the exact same people but it's foundation was formed based on the leadership of an individual no matter how wonderful that leader may be. 
Kol Tuv, Robin

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