Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BEIT OROT Promotes JMINTHEAM who promotes Malcolm Hoenlein who promote Palestine

Hurrah!  THERE IS A NEW FLOOR AND CONSTRUCTION ON HAR HAZEITIM.  I would love to believe that this is all good.  In fact there was a super crane overlooking the area showing to all that there is now construction going on in this part of Jerusalem.   And JMINTHEAM deserves a lot of the credit for bringing Yerushalayim into the minds, hearts and souls of all of its listeners.  Shlomo Zwickler could not say enough good things about JMINTHEAM.
I too promote JMINTHEAM for their wonderful Jewish music and wonderful promotion of worthy Jewish Institutions such as Hebron and Beit Orot, Rachel's Children and for wonderful speakers such as Rabbi Benjamin Yudin etc.
Every year for the past several years my husband has been sending in $72 to JMINTHEAM in honor of my birthday. I love their T shirts and wear them all the time (they are long sleeves and comfortable and were for free) I love their free CD's.  There is lots that I love about JMINTHEAM.  Nachum Segal is a fantastic host and promoter and the entertainment is first class.
Yet, I am not blinded to other very serious matters about JMINTHEAM that I find very disturbing and dangerous to Am Yisroel.  They have been quiet along with mainstream Jewish Media about being critical of the American Foreign Policy in promoting the establishment of a the Two State Solution in accordance with President Bush's Roadmap Plan and the policy of the State Department.  So while Nachum Segal will promote Hebron and Beit Orot, he will at the same time promote Malcolm Hoenlein who will speak out against anti-Semitism yet is busy negotiating for a Palestinian State Chas Vechalila which has been the number one cause for anti-Semitism throughout the world. 
I was at the Beit Orot Dinner where Nachum Segal was honored and was the MC.  While we all stood at attention singing Hatikva yet there was not one mention at that Dinner regarding the dangers of the establishment of a Palestinian State and the evil destructive policies of the Olmert Administration to the settlers and the girls from the hilltop youth that were in jail. I don't remember them being critical of the Israel gov't for allowing the Kassam rockets to continuously fall on Sderot.  Why mar an elegant dinner?
Also the Hebron dinner was MC'd by Nachum Segal.   We saw the Mesiras Nefesh of all the Jews living in Hebron and in Beit Hashalom.  Who in America could even compare the Mesiras Nefesh for Eretz Yisroel than the Jews in Hebron and the Jews Beit Orot.   I myself included can not compare with the Mesiras Nefesh of these Holy Jews in Hebron.
Maybe we can say the Young Israel is the best of Jewish Mainstream groups in the States to speak out for Jerusalem.
Yet none of these organizations have united to publicly condemn American Foreign Policy and the establishment of a Palestinian State.
Yes, Beit Orot has a nice new floor and a big crane showing everyone that yes there is now construction going on in East Jerusalem, Yes, finally Beit Hashalom now has windows and the women and children and babies don't have to freeze anymore and they can now save the $30,000 a month on heating bills. And yes the Young Israel just accepted a large donation from the Jewish Agency for their educational programs.
And yes the Silence regarding the establishment of a Palestinian State and the two state solution "Roadmap" continues.  So what will having a new floor and several new buildings in East Jerusalem and even a warm Beit Hashalom building accomplish, if within the year there is the establishment of a Palestinian State and we know from experience that the bulldozers can destroy new and old construction within a few hours.  It doesn't even have to take a bulldozer.  An earthquake can be equally as effective. 
What about the Torah Roadmap?  If I was on the dark side I would say to myself, whatever the price for installing a temporary  new floor for Beit Orot and new windows for Beit Hashalom and the new educational programs for Young Israel, it's a steal in order to SILENCE all opposition to the greater goal of establishing a New Palestinians State (hurrah) (hu ra).  Cause once WE get into power, there will be no Beit Orot and no Hebron.  When we Silence the Pioneers themselves, then effectively we Silence them all.

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