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Enougt! LIKE PARTIES UNITE!!!! SURVIVAL!!!! No more each for oneself

Why wasn't Moshe Feiglin invited to speak at the Jerusalem Conference?  I would email this to all the participants that are like minded and ask them this question.   What's with the New Jewish Congress that was initiated on the Day of Annapolis?????? (see attached)  There are those out there that would like nothing better than to see the right divided.  It is perhaps their intentions that the internal politics will hopefully destroy one another.  I am afraid that they are chas vechalila succeed unless we take serious intervention. They will fund each party separately and it is their interest that there be strong opposing forces in the right camp in order to destroy themselves.  Perhaps their strategy is, let the right fight it out and neutralize each other. 
Why can't Benny Elon, Moshe Feiglin, Tsafrir Ronen, Paul Eidelberg, MK Eldad unite in a unified voice for Eretz Yisroel. This is an appeal to Women in Green and Matot Arim to insist that like minded parties unite because that is our only hope for a collective survival. 
Each wonderful Settlement, Yishuv, Yeshiva, Organization must stop working only for themselves.Let us focus on the source of the evil confronting us rather than simply go from symptom to symptom that is manifested.  Why is Sderot only talking about Sderot?  Why are the people for Gush Katif only promoting building up the lives of the people of Gush Katif?  Why is Hebron only talking about Beit Hashalom.  Every Dinner promotes their own institution. True each organization has their particular focus.  But each is based on our rights to Eretz Yisroel based on Torah, our common denominator.  
There is American Friends of Beit El, and American Friends of Hebron, and the American Friends of Itamar and the American Friends for Gush Katif, and the American Friends for Sderot etc. etc. etc. yet they have yet to join together and make a joint statement based on the Torah for our collective survival.   Why is there a Tsafrir Ronen talking about the "Land of Israel"  but fails to unite with Moshe Feiglin of Manhigut Yehudit that basically agrees with him as well as Benny Elon from NRP or visa versa.    
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Jerusalem Conference – What a Waste!

by Steven Shamrak.

I visited and reviewed an official website of the Jerusalem Conference which took place last week. The only thought that came to mind was "What a waste!" The waste of time, human and financial resources and the waste of opportunity to set the agenda for reaching a Jewish National Goal and uniting Jews and our true friends around the world behind it.

The site stated: "The Jerusalem Conference openly deliberates core issues that will determine Israel's future as a viable modern democratic Jewish State. The Jerusalem Conference provides a broad public forum for diverse viewpoints to freely discuss issues of national importance. Topics range from national affairs and security to social welfare and economics, from Jewish education to Aliyah, Israel as a Jewish State to its functional relationship with its neighbours and nations of the world."

Very fine words, but only words!  While I was reading an itinerary of the conference, I recalled the conversation between Alice and scarecrow in "Alice in Wonderland". She asked him which road to take, but did not know where she was going. His answer was: "Take any, it will get you there!" For many years, the leadership of the Jewish people has lost the vision of the modern Zionist pioneers and, unfortunately, has been pushing Israel toward self-destruction!

The Jerusalem Conference discussed wide range of topics: Strategic Threat from Iran, Syria, Lebanon & Gaza; Importance of Aliya, Jewish migration to Israel; Israel's and the World's Economy; even the possibility of the World War III was discussed. Arab terrorism, the Palestinian Media and Education, The Winograd Commission, the new wave of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel Media bias also were mentioned.

I was surprised that one subject, which has been completely neglected and even sabotaged by governments of Israel for decades, was correctly defined: "Hasbara: Just Confused or Deliberately Non-Existent?"

Nobody booed Tzipi Livni or left in protest when the foreign minister of Israel told participants that she talks with Palestinians with "tears of paratroopers at the Western Wall" in her mind. "Time is not on Israel's side, and we will eventually have to concede parts of the country" she said. I wonder, were they crocodile tears? It is her government which, by exhibiting a total lack of self-respect and an absence of any determination to pursue the Jewish National Goal, has made "Time is not on Israel's side" a current ugly reality. She has no interest in and is completely ignorant of the fact that any reality can be changed by the setting of objectives and an enduring determination to achieve them!

Livni continued with her scare-mongering tactic saying that Israel would be faced with giving up its identity as a "Jewish, democratic and secure state" if it does not agree to a land-for-peace deal with the PA. She and all of those political hypocrites dishonour the memory of the Israeli paratroopers who liberated Jerusalem!

There were many distinguished people at the conference. Some of them tried to impress others with 'innovative' idiocy such as US Senator Sam Brownback who advocated a confederation of Judea and Samaria, historical Jewish land, with Jordan. He does not care how detrimental it would be for the future of the Jewish people to lose all hope for reunification of Eretz-Israel. No one had pointed out to him that neither Jordan nor the PA is interested in this stupidity, but they are quite focused on the destruction of Israel. Alternative ideas like the Sinai Option or organising a transfer of all of the hostile population from all Jewish land to Arab and Muslim countries were not even raised.

How can we reach our goals if we are not even setting them? How can we find the best solution to a problem if we are not considering all options? So many important people attended the Jerusalem Conference – What a Waste!

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