Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rabbi Mazuz, Leading Sephardic Rabbi to Shas: Tell Your Leader the Truth!

Besides, Rabbi Mazuz, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, Rav Ovadia's oldest son also urges Shas to leave the gov't.
If you know anyone with influence within the Sephardic Community, please urge them to voice their concern regarding the possible expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Judea and Samaria, the constant barrage of rockets on Sederot, the influx of ammunition into the hands of terrorists and their opposition to the most recent talks regarding Jerusalem. How can we remain Silent when our brothers and our lives are on the line?

If you have not yet written to Shas, please do so.

If you have already written to Shas, please do so again!

 Here are the simple steps:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1.)  Open a second email window

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2.)  Copy and paste the following email addresses to the address line:,,,,,,,,,,,,

<!--[if !supportLists]-->3.)  Copy and paste the following to the Subject line:
Israel is Discussing the Division of Jerusalem – Leave the Government Now!

<!--[if !supportLists]-->4.)  Type your name, city and state (in the U.S.) or name, city & country in the text of the message.  Then send it.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->5.)  Forward this email to everyone on your list, and urge them to do the same.

Please Note: If you have already written to Shas, but have not received a thank you from me, please send me an email with your name, city & state/country, so I may add you to the growing list of pro-Israel activists. 


Buddy Macy

Little Falls, NJ


More Shas Contact Info:
Tel: 02-675-3550
Fax 02-649-6543
Current Composition
Chairman Yakov Margi
Number of Seats 12
Shas Members of Knesset:
1. Chaim Amsellem Tel:  02-649-6457 02-675-3474  fax 02-649-6527
2. Ariel Atias  Tel: 02-675-3220  Minister of Communications
3. David Azoulay Tel: 02-640-8184 02-640-8185  fax:02-675-3908
4. Shlomo Benizri Tel: 02-640-8196  02-640-8197  fax:02-675-3747
5. Amnon Cohen Tel: 02-640-8372 02-640-8373 fax 02-640-8927
6. Yitzhak Cohen Tel: 02-640-8397  02-640-8398 fax: 02-670-6157
7. Yakov Margi Tel: 02-640-8187 02-640-8188 fax: 02-675-3759
8. Avraham Michaeli Tel: 02-640-8128  02-640-8129 fax: 02-675-3961
9. Meshulam Nehari Tel: 02-640-8446 02-640-8447 fax: 02-649-6447
10. Yitzhak Vaknin Tel: 02-640-8106 fax 02-649-6027
11. Eliyahoo Yishai Tel: 02-640-8406 02-640-8407 fax: 02-666-2909 
      Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
12. Nissim Zeev Tel: 02-640-8151 02-640-8152 fax: 02-649-6549
 The voice from America also makes a difference! 
Please  call influential Sephardic Leaders.  The following information may be helpful.
SFC  Sephardic Community Federation - President Sam Sutton
Some of the many Sephardic community leaders  includes Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie, Morris Bailey, Joe Cayre, Stanley Chera, Sam Sutton, Haim Dabah, David Hidary and Ronald Tawil.
David Greenfield is the Executive Vice President of the Sephardic Community Federation (SCF), the umbrella governmental relations and public policy organization of the Sephardic community. In that role, he works every single day with public officials at every level of government to improve the lives of not just the Sephardic community, but the entire Jewish community. He is also an experienced attorney who is an acclaimed community advocate.
Greenfield's inaugural fund-raising event for his City Council run was hosted by Paulette and Morris Bailey
In his remarks to the large crowd, Greenfield quoted from Rabbi Tarfon in Pirkei Avot who said, "while it is not our responsibility to solve the problem, we must still work towards solving it."
Before joining SCF, Greenfield served as Deputy Director of Finance to Senator Joe Lieberman's presidential campaign. Prior to that, he served as Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Dov Hikind.
The Jewish IMAGE Magazine is the official publication of Sephardic National Alliance - a non profit educational organization.
Ben-Gurion Matsas Publisher/Editor  Rochelle Matsas  Editor in Chief
P.O. Box 290-642
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Tel (718)627-4624
fax (718)627-4284

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