Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vehaya Machanecha Kadosh! Banning the Lipa Shmeltzer Concert in Madison Square

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Vehaya Machanecha Kadosh! Banning the Lipa Shmeltzer Concert in Madison Square.
Why was this concert targeted rather than the Hasc Concert or others?  I understand that the fear was that Lipa adapts his music from Goyish Music and this might affect adversely on his fans, many from the insulated and sheltered chareidi community and will give them a taste for Goyish music. 
Which Mitzvah DOrayta, Biblical commandment, is being violated? According to the poster they quote the Mitzveh "Vehaya Machanecha Kadosh" , and your camp shall be holy. The source is Devarim/Deuteronomy 23:14-15  The Torah is referring to a military camp.  "You shall have a shovel in addition to your weapons, and it will be that when you sit outside, you shall dig with it; you shall go back and cover your excrement.  For Hashem, your G-d, walks in the midst of your camp to rescue you and to deliver your enemies before you, so your camp shall be holy, so that He will not see a shameful thing among you and turn away from behind you." (Stone Edition translation).
This verse is specifically referring to a military camp that needs to be free of sin in a time of war so that Hashem will find us worthy to rescue us from our enemies.
So why are the Rabbanim focusing on the Mitzva of " Vehaya Machanecha Kadosh?"  Perhaps this Mitzva is precisely the one they should be focusing on.  Our enemies are surrounding us.  There is an arsenal of weapons that is being smuggled and now openly being brought to Gaza and Lebanon.  The military will attest to this.  The Hizbollah has restocked in the north and Al Qaeida and Hamas have stocked up in Gaza.  Sederot is daily being attacked and  within close rocket range after the expulsion of Gush Katif and anti missiles are ineffective at such close range.  The Rambam states that a Milchemet Mitzvah, a war that is a commandment, is one which we are obligated to fight when we are attacked.  So perhaps the Rabbanim could be focusing on seeing to it that the Machana, the military camp, remains Kadosh, holy in a time of war.  Nachal Chareidi (the Chareidi battalion) does that.  Women are not  allowed in combat or in military positions that would compromise on Tzniyut (modesty) , distracting the soldier from doing his job.  There are the laws regarding covering excrement, etc. It is the job of the Rabbanim to advise us on the many Halachoth (laws) regarding these  matters.
Speaking out against the present Israeli Government, the American Foreign Policy and Bush's Roadmap and the 2 State Solution in a United Torah Roadmap Campaign signed by these same 33 Gedoilim seems like Daas Torah, a Torah perspective,  to me. In fact "VeHaya Machanecha Kadosh" is the perfect theme.  
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