Thursday, February 21, 2008

The best answer to anti-Semitism in France

Bsd, writes,

I believe, the answer is go back to Israel.

Hillel Levin writes,

Dear Faige,

I read with interest the letter that was received from Andy, the correspondent in France.

One thing that I see lacking in that letter is the fact that Today, unlike 75 years ago in 1933, when the Nazi Party began to grow, there is a refuge for the world's Jews.

While we have seen an increase in the number of French Olim, maybe it is time for all the Jews to bail out of France and come home to the Land that G-D gave to Father Abraham as an inheritance.

The members of the Religion of Peace can have France. Let the French deal with them.

Brothers and Sisters in France, come home. We are waiting for you.

Hillel Levin
Shiloh, home of the Mishkan for 369 yrs.
Connecting with my brothers!

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