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Nominee Ambassador to Israel David Friedman's grueling Senate Session. How I would like him to respond. Why Antisemitism seems to be on the rise with Trump's ascendancy..


I understand that David Friedman's priority is to get nominated.  

This explains why he stated that the 2 State Solution is a goal to strive for and achieve.  

I don't believe he really means it because he knows better. 

His campaign remarks were clearly against the 2 State Solution and as his adversaries point out, David Friedman is a strong supporter of Settlement in Judea and Samaria.   

Our enemies insist that we are Occupying Palestinian Land.  This is not based on fact and is disinformation. 

Please note that David's beliefs and values are not coming from his own intellect.  They are Truths based on Torah.   They are consistent with what the faith based community voted for. 

Let us not forget that 75 percent of the Evangelicals voted for President Trump and that is because of their commitment and faith in the Bible. 

fyi Here are news items and a video of the Senate nomination confirmation hearings of David Freidman. 

Haaretz on Menendez hearing where he asks David Friedman about dual Loyalty.

When it was Marc Rubio's turn, he bashed J Street yet  at the same time emphasized that the 2 State Solution is the ideal but emphasized that the Palestinians are not a working peace partner.  Rubio succeeds in getting  David Friedman to say that he will subjugate his own views (even if he believes it is not in American's best interest?) with what President Trump wants. 

Rubio, a strong Israel advocate, is personally against a Palestinian State. He is a politician. Rubio probably feels that this is the best approach to soften the opposition to get Friedman nominated. 

However I personally would differ with this approach and take the high road.

Dear David, amvsh 

I understand that your main objective is to get nominated. 

At the same time it is imperative that your statements are not misunderstood or taken out of context so that  in the future you will be not be held hostage to these words and it will be very difficult for you to backtrack. 

Therefore, please emphasize that US is One Nation Under G-d.  Don't leave G-d out of the narrative. 

Even the President of the United States of America, is subservient to G-d.  David amv"sh, You are an Orthodox Jew and there is no reason to be apologetic about it.  Your beliefs are consistent with the beliefs of the Judeo Christian voters of this great Nation, and the belief system of the founding fathers.  We believe that  all leaders including the Jewish King must subjugate his will to the will of G-d. Does that open oneself to accusations of Radical fundamental fanatical religious dogma.  Not under Judaism.  The Jewish King is not a despot.  He works with a Sanhedrin and Kohanim the Priests and Levites, a religious Judicial court and spiritual guidance and cannot unilaterally dictate the law as did Mohammad. . 

Case in point.  A Jewish King is required to wear a small Torah  that he himself personally wrote with his own hands and it must be worn on him at all times as king.  Please note that this commandment is for the King of Israel alone and not a requirement for the people.  Being in a position of Kingship can lead one to arrogance and haughtiness and false sense of power and entitlement leading one to ignore Divine Will.

Trump was elected to a large degree because he appealed to the Evangelicals who voted for him.  According to John Hagee, it was his strong stand for Israel and faith in the Bible that  got him elected.  

Our nation was conceived with Judeo Christian values. Every hotel and motel room has a Bible. 

It is very clear from the Bible that the Land of Israel was Promised to the Nation of Israel. Israel in turn is required to keep commandments in the Land. 

Will the Palestinian people keep Shemittah for example and take a Sabbatical every Seven years and let the Land lie fallow to demonstrate that in truth the entire Land belongs to the Almighty and we are merely the caretakers?

The Bible promises peace when Israel has Sovereignty and keeps the commandments.

Why are we pursuing the heresy of a 2 State solution which annuls what is clearly written in the Bible in the Covenant G-d made with Abraham Isaac and Jacob? This is a basic fundamental truth of the Torah repeated numerous times in the 5 Books of Moses and the Prophets.  It is for this reason Israel is called the Promised Land.  Promised to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the inheritors of the blessing and to no other nation.  This Biblical right is supported by legal, archeological, historical and military rule of law.  The Palestinians never were the rightful occupiers of the Land of Israel by any stretch of the imagination!   If one repeats a lie often enough it will be believed.  

Haven't we all witnessed terrible destruction and painful attacks,once Jews left Gush Katif? It should be obvious that the 2 State solution is in opposition and a nullification of what is clearly stated in the Bible.

We wear the Tefillin close to our heart as a reminder to be subservient to serving our Creator. Trump has chosen his policies and advisers whose values and belief systems are consistent with the Bible. This was clearly indicative of the Republican platform which you yourself helped write and applauded by the Republican national Convention and consistent with the belief systems of many of Trump's close advisers. 

There is no reason to be apologetic. It is this path that the people of the USA chose. Granted the pressures are quite debilitating. 

Trump is not Jewish. But he clearly abides by the 7 Noahide laws. These are the laws of Universal Morality which is the obligation of the entire family of Nations. Suicide bombings on innocent civilians is a violation of Universal morality as is the practice of using human shields. Non Jews residing in the Promised Land, the Holy Land must abide with 7 Noahide laws. Otherwise, Israel must reject them. All Arabs are welcome to live and prosper in the Holy Land and many do, receiving health benefits, education and jobs far superior than their surrounding neighbors. However, they too are obligated to live a moral life, accepting One G-d and the Sovereignty of Israel.  A perfect example of this is MK Ayoob Kara. Israel should be involved in policing and enforcing a lifestyle for all residents Jew and non Jew alike,  that is consistent to the 7 Noahide Laws.

David, the Truth is eternal. Lies do not have a foundation upon which to stand. Brace yourself for a backlash.  There are hovering angels standing by to protect you. Do not deviate from the truth since it will simply cause a Chillul Hashem and issues in the future.

I am not in front of a firing squad like u are. Please in such situations close your eyes and imagine hosts of protecting angels by your side. Hashem Tzevaoth Imanu Misgav Lanu Elohei Yaakov Sela. Hashem Tzevaoth Ashrei Adam Boteach Bach. Hashem Hoshea HaMelech Yaaneinu beYom Koreinu.

Bracha VeHatzlacha!

Chazak Veematz! We all know that staying true to Torah will shower America with much Blessing!

Please ignore those among us who are fearful to express the Raison etres of the Jewish People and the Nation of Israel. They too are fearful of the backlash and antisemitism such statements bring. But don't be afraid to speak truth as the anger of our enemies will dissipate in the wind with the help of the Almighty! 

This leads us to the million dollar question why Antisemitism seems to be on the rise since Trump came into office.  Let me suggest the following explanation based on life experiences.

A bag of rice and other grains in my pantry got infested. I noticed a moth or two flying around.  Nothing major.  I investigated and sure enough my pantry had an infestation of worms and moths.  I tightly closed all grain packaging, got rid of any signs of infestation and changed the paper in my pantry.  I noticed that once i started the cleanup process the amount of moths flying around grew substantially.   I understood that the reason was because I displaced them and now they had no place to hide.  They came out in force.  The situation got worse before it got better, lasting a few days until I completed the cleaning process.  Now a month later, I am glad to report that the moth infestation has been eliminated. BH!  Mission accomplished.

The anti Semites are being displaced.  They are coming out of the woodwork.  That is a good thing. They are on life support. Do not try to protect them since they will simply lay low and hide, and return with a vengeance. Rather we must not be afraid to eliminate those who are intent in destroying G-dliness in the world. As it says in Tehillim, Psalms...

Psalms 149:8 
To bind their kings with chains and their nobles with fetters of iron.   ח לֶאְסֹּר מַלְכֵיהֶם בְּזִקִּים וְנִכְבְּדֵיהֶם בְּכַבְלֵי בַרְזֶל:

I believe this is a reference to the Obama and Clinton Administrations.

We can take comfort in the story of the Exodus. When Moses approached Pharoah and told him Let My People Go, things did not get better. They got worse. But G-d was on their side and all this was merely a prelude to great miracles. . 

David, Please also seek counsel and strength and partner with Mike Huckabee and John Bolton true believers and defenders and protectors of Judea and Samaria...KT Ivanka and Jared Kushner surely will agree with all that is written here as they are Orthodox Jews.


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