Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fwd: For the sake of our Creator - read this and publisize it with all your heart!: RE: Yezidis Current Situation in Iraqnough?


This is beyond my comprehension. 

This seems obvious.

Shouldn't the victims of Islamic Jihad e.g. the Yezidis and non Muslim refugees get first priority when it comes to aid for refugees from radical Islamic terror ridden countries? 

Why are we allowing this to happen in 2017 when what happened in Aug. 2014 to the Yezidis was fully documented? Havent they suffered enough?

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Dear Doris, Renanah and Marsha,

Hope you and your families are well.

This is the latest news I have from my colleagues in Northern Iraq.


The Yezidis Current Situation in Iraq


On August 03, 2014, when the Islamic State terrorists attacked the Yezidis in Sinjar/Shingal, the ISIS attack cost the Yezidis more than 5,000 that including the beheading of hundreds of innocent Yezidi men. According to the Yezidi women and girls those I met in Northern Iraq in 2014 and 2015, the ISIS abducted 7450 Yezidis, mostly young women, girls and children; from the 7450 abducted Yezidis, about 4,200 have been able to escape from the ISIS captivity, many of them took risk and escaped on their own and many also were bought by different individuals and or organizations that paid sum and were able to get them back.


According to my colleagues who are following the Yezidi issues closely said "In late October of 2016, the Islamic State militias in Mosul transferred 150 young Yezidi those who are blond with blue eyes to Saudi Arabia and Qatar via Jordan; another 200 Yezidi girls from Mosul were transferred to Baaj city, which is about 34 KM south of Sinjar city and later were transferred those girls to Raqqa, Syria. This happened when the Iraqi army was heading to Mosul to overthrow the ISIS.


Some of my colleagues told me that last week between February 13 – 17, 2017, the ISIS militias have transferred 1000 abducted Yezidis from Mosul to Tal-afar and to be transferred to Raqqa, Syria. The Yezidi activists believe there are still more than 1,000 abducted Yezidis in Mosul, who are being used for human shields by ISIS.


I have close colleague, who lives in IDP camp in Northern Iraq; he lost 11 members of his family to ISIS; one of his niece still in Mosul and he was able to talk to her till end of last week, who explained the situation in Mosul is real nightmares and the abducted Yezidis are being used for human shields. Many Muslims are fleeing Mosul, but the abducted Yezidis are still under the control of ISIS and have not been able to flee or escape.


The world has decided that it is politically in their interests to allow the Yezidis to be massacred. Let the little girls be human shields. When their dead bodies are found, they won't be able to tell that they were slaves who we abandoned. . And so the conscious of the West will not be made uncomfortable by having to face that we allowed and participated in the murder of little girls while we made sure our own girls played in the best school yards and were protected from life's dangers at every turn!


The world has decided that it is in their interests to support the Islamic Jihad - not of ISIS apparently - but of the KRG government, and the UN Moslem-run camps for refugees where non-Muslim refugees are abused by the Moslem authorities there. The Iraqis and the world have decided that it is better to allow the Kurds or Iraqis to take the land of the Yezidis especially the oil rich Yezidi holy indigenous land of Lalish and Sinjar Mountain. The world has decided to appease the Islamic Jihadist of the Iraqi government and the Kurds who prefer that there not have non-Muslim Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrian Christians among them. And the world has decided that if these Islamists will do the West's dirty work of fighting ISIS, then we in the West are fine to let them enslave, rape, murder Yezidis, and all we ask is that our gentle sensitivities not be offended by having to read about it in the newspapers.

Best regards,

Mirza Ismail


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