Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Re: Orthodox, liberal denominations unify around opposition to Trump ban | The Times of Israel

On Feb 1, 2017 1:00 AM, "Robin Ticker" <> wrote:

There must be a tainted money trail. Why is OU and RCA overly concerned with unvetted Muslim migrants potential terrorists but have yet to protest a horrific violation of human rights of religious Jewish settlers of Amona?

Forty beautiful families with more than 200 children living in Amona are now being forcefully expelled from their homes by a corrupt Israeli Supreme Court all in the name of the law and these Organizations have nothing to say!?! Will they "share in their pain" after the fact? Will they graciously raise money for psychological counseling wasting Tzedaka money.

(we should protest as well the horrendous GOI (Government of Israel) waste of funds for this shameful expulsion.. Who approved this funding?) ...

Those who are merciful to the cruel are destined to be cruel to the merciful...

Can anyone trace the money trail since these orgs are blind? Shochad Meaver Pikchim! Bribery blinds the wise...

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