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Dolev An Amazing Place and Role Model for Educational Therapeutic Framework for Girls Needs. Watch Videos. Please make a donation and/or attend Benefit Performance next Motzei Shabbat in Yonkers Feb 25th.


Concert in Memory of Fallen Soldier Erez Orbach grandson of Mimi Tsadok director of development of Ulpanat Dolev. 

Benefit Performance for Ulpanat Dolev Motzei Shabbat February 25th 7:45pm - MIDlife Band
Northeast Jewish Center, 11 Salsbury Rd Yonkers, NY

Light supper.

Tax Deductible Checks can be made out to 
PROUD Partners Reaching Out to Ulpanat Dolev POB 1356 Riverdale Station Bronx, NY 10471  

or online 

Following the horrific truck ramming attack on IDF soldiers in Jerusalem,  active Cheryl Jacobs Lewin, chairwoman of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) Chicago region sent out the following email 

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From: "Cheryl Jacobs Lewin" <>
Date: Jan 9, 2017 8:14 AM
Subject: Fwd: the murders of our soldiers z''l has an AFSI connection
My Dear AFSI Friends -

The senseless murders yesterday of our beautiful soldiers - they are all our children - is beyond painful.
I am having an extremely hard time seeing thru my tears as I write this.

Erez Orbach z'l, May G-d avenge his blood, is the grandson of our friend Mimi Tsadok who many of you met when you went to Dolev homes. AFSI has spent time with Mimi on a few trips. She is the director of Development at Dolev.

If you want to reach out to Mimi, her email is

You may wish to make a donation to Dolev in Erez' memory. 

Mimi posted this on her facebook page:

How can I express in mere words the pain and agony of losing a wonderful grandson, son and symbol to so many friends and family of dedication, strength of spirit to overcome life's challenges with optimism and courage. Despite all odds our Erez volunteered to serve in the Air Force and was on his way to becoming a great officer. 
Such a tragic loss to our family and community and Am Yisrael. May HaShem grant our daughter Caryn and family to continue his memory with strength and fortitide.
Thank you to our family and friends all over the world who have expressed their sympathy.
Baruch Dayan Emet

Dolev and Ulpana Dolev

Ulpanat Dolev  B"H Dolev Ulpana, is doing wonders changing the lives of girls who have come from difficult circumstances and are in need of guidance and support. In this video director Mimi Tsadok explains about the activities for these girls at Ulpanat Dolev located in the settlement of Dolev in the western Binyamin region. Visit their website at or contact Mimi at 

Ulpanat Dolev High school

Ofek Vocational Tracks for Ulpanat Dolev high school students  We believe that everyone has the hidden potential to succeed. Our mission is to give disadvantaged youth the opportunity to succeed inlife by increasing their self esteem and teaching them life. Ulpanat Dolev is the only school for youth at risk that integrates its students on a weekly basis in the homes of Dolev families, where they experience a nurturing environment and positive parenting models. We are the only school in Israel that has a program for graduates who are not emotionally ready to enter society on their own & have no biological family to provide for them. The mission of Dolev Homes for Youth at Risk remains the same—rebuilding the lives of at-risk teens. The acclaimed success of the Ulpanat Dolev residential treatment centre for girls in Dolev has led to its expansion into a national network of 18 projects—under the banner of Dolev Homes for Youth at Risk,now serving 550 teenage boys & girls, religious & secular in Dolev also Jerusalem, Ashdod & Modiin.

  • Amazing hosting families
  • Individual curriculums that are customized for each students needs
  • A magical staff who gives of their Neshoma to these girls


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