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Fwd: [Mattotarim] Netanyahu-backed Demolition of Homes in Ofra has Begun:


Why are these homes in Ofra being demolished?

Then again, why were 40 families and over 200 kids traumatized and thrown out of their homes in Amona recently based on the same Bagatz Israel High Supreme Court miscarriage of justice?

We can all ask ourselves " Is my home next?"  

Why shouldn't my home be next?  Does the deed to my house carry any stronger proof of ownership than these homes in Ofra did to their owners before they were evicted? 

 These homes in Ofra were also given the proper permits etc. They were bought legally.  They are owned no different than your home and my home. 

This is downright scary.   What is stopping any bogus court from ruling that my home  doesn't belong to me. 

Hey maybe it belongs to the Migrants?   A bogus court could come up with a good argument.

Surely they need room and board.  Anyway, what is stopping Migrants from taking over neighborhoods? 

It's easy. I can think of several ways they can take over my home.  Have a generous gov't provide for their living accommodations. Welcome them into the neighborhood and provide for all their needs. 

Turn the other way when the crime rate spikes. Allow them to take over and then call the areas which they have taken over NO Go Zones making it dangerous for the natives to walk around. Isn't this happening in Sweden and other parts of Europe? 

The job of government is to protect the property rights of its citizens.  That is a basic fundamental job of government!

Not only is Israel not protecting the property rights of its tax paying citizens, they are engaged in intolerable acts of demolishing homes. The so called Palestinians can now point a finger at the Jews and say "SEE!  Even Israel says that your homes are illegal".

Now please tell me.  Why are Tel Aviv homes, and the homes of all the judges who ruled that Ofra homes are to be demolished  more legal than these Ofra's homes? 

I get it. It is because it is more legal to live in Tel Aviv than it is to live in Ofra? That is the "Rule of LAW" according to the Israeli Supreme Court.

What logically follows is to then punish and libel all the  settlers who dare to defy their rule of Law!!! Especially if they are the kids who see that the emperor, i.e. the Judical System operating under the Israel Supreme Court, is naked from Truth and Justice and Righteousness. 

It is a bogus court of law. Their decisions and laws are not transparent, nor subject to scrutiny of any honest and objective court of law, surely not to the Creator of the world nor consistent with G-d's law, the  H-ly Torah.  The Written Law and the Oral Law.  Is that beyond the scope of Israel's Supreme Court?  To turn a blind eye to Divine Law and perhaps equally as bad to turn a blind eye to the fact that we are turning a blind eye to the Torah.

Their treasonous actions, i.e. those of the Israeli Supreme Court,  serve those who do not accept Israel's right to exist at all. 

UNESCO holds that Jews have no claim to Temple Mount, the Kotel, East Jerusalemm territories captured in 1967 including Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Rachel's Tomb in Beth Lechem, and Josef's tomb in Shchem. UNESCO holds that Jews have no claim to own a home in Judea and Samaria since it is Palestinian. 

If that is so,  then nobody has a claim to their home!  Period. 

Ofra is part of Judea and Samaria the Biblical Heartland of Israel.

Much prized Tel Aviv property was built over lands once inhabited by Arabs albeit conquered in a fair and just war in 1948.  

Wasn't the 6 day war in 1967 also a fair and just war? Israel's was attacked on all sides by her enemies and fought a defensive war only to miraculously defeat her enemies in 6 days! Israel wins the war and then her Government gives the holiest site, Temple Mount to the WAQF?!?!  All the conquered territory, the Biblical Heartland was never annexed!  

This causes lots of confusion!

Let us talk about New York and about our rights to buy property in New York. The Native Americans were displaced. Surely according to the line of reasoning by the Israeli Supreme Court and undisputed, we should demolish all the skyscrapers in New York City so that the Native Americans, can  reclaim the Land that supposedly was once theirs.  We must demolish the skyscrapers whether or not we even know and trace the Indian who once owned the land once upon a time,  This is proper RULE OF LAW using the same logic as the Ofra demolitions  based on the fact that Native American preceded Europeans and the English and anyone else that settled America for that matter and the Supreme Court of Law ruled that this is the RULE OF LAW! 

And even if you follow this argument, that the ones that settled first are the true owners, Israelites clearly have indigenous rights over today's Palestinians who are not descendant from any Nation or cohesive Tribe. The Jews are direct descendants of 12 Tribes, the children of Israel, who inherited the Land when it was conquered by Joshua.  We,  most Jews of today, can trace our lineage to the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin and Levi and our inheritance to Judea and Samaria. 

The Palestinians in comparison do not come from any cohesive group or nationality.  But why confuse yourself with facts?

So you continue to argue, What about returning the Land to the Canaanites Nations? They preceded the Israelites.

Do we know who the Canaanites are today?

Palestinians do not trace their lineage to the Canaanites. They don't trace their lineage to any Nation.

Anyway, Canaanites  come from Noah's son Ham,who was cursed by Noah to be a slave to his bother Shem..oh well, the property reverts back to the master. The Israelites descend from Shem. 

Hey! Maybe America should return America to England and not to the Native Americans? 

Following the same logic of those who decided that Amona homes are to be demolished...let us ask ourselves "was the Revolutionary War justified?"

We all learned in Social Studies in 5th grade that the  American colonies were justified to have an armed militia and fight the British because of taxation without representation. Remember the Boston Tea Party when they threw all the Tea into the River?

Hey, wait a minute.  don't the settlers of Judea and Samaria have rights? Don't they pay taxes to the GOI (Government of Israel}? But the gov't just demolished their homes?  Does that mean that they are justified in ceding from Israel and starting a revolution?  

Now we are talking! Let's start talking about a 2 State Solution.  There should be the State of Israel and the State of Judea and Samaria since they are not fairly represented in the State of Israel.  and you think I'm joking????  

In Nazi Germany it started in Poland. Jews were displaced....put into a ghetto..put into concentration camps.. My mother in law z"l went through 5 years of living hell, Gehenom.  My parents from Czechoslovakia suffered relatively little...only 1 year of German Occupation in 1944 but that year was enough to wipe out most of their families.

In Israel, finally after 2000 years Jews returned to their ancestral homeland and the GOI (govt of Israel) has the Chutzpa to demolish their homes and rendering them homeless all in the name of a nontransparent court decision of an Israeli biased court against Jews who has yet to come up with the Arab owners...

You tell me... Is this convoluted, crooked logic the basis to throw beautiful families from their homes and traumatize hundreds of kids many of them teens whose religious upbringing is being seriously challenged as their Rabbi's and teachers and even parents find themselves unable to stand up to the challenge? .  

Will we outsiders, remain silent and ignore the cries of Weissmandl as Jews did in the 1940s when we were aware of the atrocites. Will our silence be bought when this Chillul Hashem is happening under our watch?  

To be fair, we can not compare the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, Amona and Ofra to Nazi Germany.  However, the NGOs behind this terrible decree to expel Jews from their homes probably have their roots in individuals and govts who identify with Nazi Germany.  The Mufti of Jerusalem collaborated with Hitler Yemach Shemo... The expulsion from Gush Katif happened on Tisha Baav.  We can not allow the demolition of Jewish Homes in Ofra happen in Adar!

Evil happens when good people don't do anything!

Yasher Koach to Mattot Arim who is in the forefront of this battle.  They represent the salt of the earth. They deserve to be Israel's political leaders. 

Netanyahu doesn't quite see straight in spite of being very intelligent.  It's a case of blindness that afflicts wise and learned individuals when accepting sources of tainted funding which blinds one's vision... Netanyahu isn't the only one afflicted.  Anyone who accepted any deal to demolish Jewish homes falls victim to this affliction and that can also pertain to the settlers themselves who were blinded into negotiating and agreeing to a deal that has backfired.  The other side, never too trustworthy as having good intentions, reneged...  But their kids saw through it... They cried... Will we be traitors to our Land and to our G-d by giving away our rights to live and settle on our Land,G-d's  gift to the Nation of Israel, the Land of Israel. How can you even consider to negotiate? 

 Is this Land,  ours to give away?

No it is not!  ... as we learn from Shemittah...  The Torah says "Ki Li Kol Haarets." The entire Land Belongs to the Creator of Heaven and Earth and it is He who chooses whom will inherit the Land.  

The Almighty has chosen the Nation of Israel to inherit the Land of Israel and the  borders are delineated as a Heritage, as an eternal inheritance!

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תמונה: פעילי מטות ערים מפגינים בצומת בילו: PHOTO OF MATTOT ARIM STREETSIDE VIGIL

Netanyahu-backed demolition of homes in Ofra has  begun: 
PM Binyamin Netanyahu was supposed to have relied on the well-established "political question" legal doctrine     to save the 9 Ofra families from pro-Palestinian lawfare. Unfortunately, he has not been willing to do so. That's why – sadly - it's clear that anti-Israel radicals are going to continue their lawfare against PM Netanyahu's people and land.  
Therefore, street-side vigils in solidarity with Ofra will be held TODAY in a number of locations – in Carmiel, perhaps in Haifa, in Netanya, in Zomet Bilu, in Arad and at Zomet Plugot in the South. See contact particulars above for up2date info, plus a photo of a Mattot Arim streetside vigil.
Streetside vigils of this kind are fully legal and do not require any police permission at all.  Rather than standing helplessly by, we'd rather make a direct impact on public opinion.

Mattot Arim, Israeli NGO, working toward peace-for-peace since 1992

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