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Last night, ABC aired yet another Hollywood awards ceremony in which incredibly wealthy, attractive and privileged celebrities congratulated themselves on being oppressed and misunderstood. They again left the walls of their gated mansions with their armed security guards and traveled past heavily-armed police into the walls of the Kodak Theater, where they hectored us about how terrible guns and security walls are. This year included an extra layer of lectures on open borders and welcoming all migrants to come on in, from people who won't let you get within 200 yards of them unless your name is on the VIP list.

As expected, aside from a brief, welcome appeal to calm bipartisan outreach from host Jimmy Kimmel…

…the Oscar telecast was filled with liberal virtue-signaling. From all the anti-Trump speeches and wisecracks to the blue ribbons on many gowns and lapels, signaling support for the ACLU for suing over Trump's immigration order, the message was that Hollywood is bravely standing up to that fascist dictator Donald Trump, who's stripping away our civil rights by enforcing the immigration law passed by the Democratic Congress in 1965.

Two points: First, if they really believe Trump is an iron-fisted, vindictive dictator who's taking away their civil rights, why do they feel perfectly secure in constantly mocking and attacking him on national television? Think anyone would dare do that in North Korea or Cuba? How about in Iran, the nation that won Best Foreign Film? The celebrities roared their approval when a statement was read from the Iranian director who boycotted the ceremony, about the injustice of Trump's temporary immigration ban on Iranians. Do any of those clapping stars realize that Iran is the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism, and that they were applauding a lecture on human rights from someone who lives in a country whose leaders oppress women, kill gays and want to commit genocide against the Jews?

Second, liberals accuse Trump of being sympathetic to the KKK with no evidence of that ugly charge. Do these celebrities realize that the ACLU has repeatedly defended the Klan and other extremist groups that surely would never merit an Oscar invite? Unlike today's liberals, the ACLU believes that the First Amendment applies even to those who say the most unpopular and abhorrent things, not just to people you agree with. Free speech wouldn't be very free if it only applied to government-approved speech. So by their own guilty-by-association standards, the Oscar attendees are more closely tied to the KKK (they openly support the Klan's attorneys!) than Trump is. Shame on them!

Granted, I didn't watch the whole show (did anyone?), I just read some of the highlights and lowlights. But then, since the Best Picture winner has made only $22 million in theaters, I think it's safe to assume a lot of people had very little interest, continuing a trend that's been going on for years. Last year's "Best Picture" winner had a total box office gross of only $45 million. Do you even remember what it was? I'll give you a hint: its title was "Spotlight." I'll bet you still don't remember it, do you?

There was a bit of Divine humor at the very end, though, when the wrong card was put into the Best Picture envelope. The producers of "La La Land" were already making their acceptance speech when it was announced that "Moonlight" had actually won. My first thought was that it was reason #10,943 never to trust Hollywood accountants. My second thought was that after all that posturing on how they knew more than the President about foreign policy, immigration, national defense and every other difficult subject, in the end, they couldn't even hand out a trophy without screwing it up.

And my final thought was that maybe "La La Land" really did win, but Hollywood didn't like the results of the fair election, so they just changed the rules after the vote was already in and gave it to the more PC choice.


Mike Huckabee


Message from Huck PAC:  

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And in case you missed these:  

Remember Joy Villas

By Mike Huckabee

Remember Joy Villas, the indie singer who dared to show up at the Grammy Awards in a pro-Trump, MAGA evening gown? Her music sales leaped from zero to high enough to score the Billboard #12 album slot, thanks to Republicans who wanted to show support for an artist who had the guts to stand up to the lockstep liberal bullies of the entertainment industry. Jackie Evancho had a similar experience after she ignored the angry leftists' howls and sang at the Trump Inaugural. And just check out the Amazon sales figures for Ivanka Trump's perfume after she was hit with a childish boycott campaign.

With the Oscars looming, I often wonder why so many entertainers think it's good for business to insult and belittle half their potential audience, and why so few realize how much it could boost their careers if instead, they appealed to all those millions and millions of Republicans (the kind of honest people who actually pay for CDs and movies rather than stealing them off the Internet). It's just common sense that the best way to succeed is to fill an unmet need for a large, underserved market.

At the link is a very interesting article by an independent record producer about the response to Joy Villas, and how it doesn't just show the backlash against leftist overkill, but also heralds the end of the media gatekeepers and the rise of a new business model that doesn't require artists to kowtow to the liberal elite to sell their music. In the very near future, all those limousine liberal record executives may be switching to Priuses out of economic necessity rather than virtue signaling.

The New DNC Chair

By Mike Huckabee

The Democrats finally elected a new DNC Chairman: the establishment preference, former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Price. But it wasn't an easy choice. The first vote deadlocked between Price and Rep. Keith Ellison, the angry left's darling with an entire 747 cargo hold's worth of baggage, including an association with Louis Farrakhan and combative, racially-incendiary, anti-American comments. But to today's left, that's not a bug, it's a feature.

A couple of interestingly ironic – okay, gutbustingly funny – twists: they tested electronic ballots, but went with paper instead (Were they afraid of voter fraud? I can't keep track: is this one of those times when Democrats believe voter fraud is rampant or it doesn't exist? Oh yeah, I remember; they lost the last election, so it's rampant, except in states they won.)

Then, after Price won 235-200, the leftwing activists became furious, began chanting "Power of the people, not big money," and stormed out. So now, liberals can't even accept the results of an election when nobody but Democrats is allowed to vote!

This bodes well for the party's future. I have to wonder whether Price is really happy he landed this job.


Message from Huck PAC:  

HUCK PAC NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP: Support conservative Republicans in 2017 and beyond. Help us raise $15,000 by TOMORROW at midnight by chipping in $5 today. We are $5,705 away so please help us reach our goal with a donation in the amount you can afford! Thank you!


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