Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fwd: Shared a post - Shabak threatens Meir Ettinger to stop his Torah classes.


In Hebrew.

I am curious as per what Meir Ettinger is teaching that is so threatening so as to stop him from being  in contact with 96 of his friends and family as part of his administrative detention sentence.  

Meir Ettinger has yet to be accused and prosecuted and convicted of a crime.  Last year for Purim I put together a 31 page document entitled Megalillat Dam on the Shabak blood libel targeting hilltop youth especially targetting Meir Ettinger, Rabbi Meir Kahanas grandson. 

Even today, JDL gets an undeserved bad rap portrayed no different than Hamas and Hizbollah and banned even from Facebook. 

 It is all a blood libel based on false misrepresentations and not on facts.  Our enemies see a reflection of themselves and use that to define and project their own perceptions and perspective on Meir Ettinger and the hilltop youth. Nothing is further than the truth.  The hilltop youth excel in Ahavath Yisroel, Ahavath Torah and Ahavath Eretz Yisroel. Read what Meir Ettinger writes and decide for yourself.

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Outrageous! Now the evil, erev rav medinat israel is forbidding the teaching of Torah??
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רכז השב"כ איים: "אל תעביר שיעורי תורה" | הקול היהודי
כעשרה חודשים לאחר ששוחרר ממעצר מנהלי וכחודשיים לאחר שהסתיים צו מנהלי-דרקוני שאסר עליו ליצור קשר עם עשרות מחבריו, הגיע נציג שב"כ אל מאיר אטינגר והבי...

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