Monday, August 08, 2016

Moral Compass. Hillary vs Trump. Responsible for the Death of a Gold Star Soldier vs offending the Religion of the Mother of a Gold Star Soldier. Which is worse


Talking about Moral Compass...My comments:

Everyone is up in arms as per Trump's statements to Khzir Khan family. Remember that it was then followed with a pretty brutal personality attack on Trump. 
Khizr Khan: Trump has a 'black soul'. "He is a black soul, and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this country," Khan said.

Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith had a real grievance against Hillary Clinton. Hillary was incompetent and even purposefully negligent.  This then led to her son's death and to add to the wound,  HIllary lied and blamed it on a video.. Talking about losing one's moral compass!

Compare that with Khzir Khan's grievance that following Khzir's verbal attack on Trump at the DNC, Trump offended his grieving wife's religion by questioning her silence. The height of insensitivity to Islam and a grieving mother! This gives him a black soul.and says that he is totally unfit to lead this glorious country.  And Hillary gets away with murder.... The American people are appalled by Trumps insensitivity clearly proving that he is totally unfit to lead the  Nation. They don't seem to be overly sensitive to Patricia Smith's grief because she doesn't overplay her role as victim. The media bends over backward to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt even now. 

Because of the Media biased spin on this episode, taking responsibility for indirectly killing a Gold Star soldier is not seen as bad as offending the religion of the slain soldier who was responsible for the soldier's death.  

Rudy Giuliani: The Media Ignore Hillary ‘Lied to a Gold Star Mother’

Giuliani said, “I think her comments, Hillary’s comments, just don’t get the same attention that Trump’s do. For example, she lied to a gold star mother. She lied to Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who was killed at Benghazi, I believe, because of her incompetence. Her incompetence in failing to secure that mission. She lied to her on September 14, 2012, right at the coffin. She said, it was due to a video. So,I think that’s far more serious or at least it should get as much attention as all the attention that was paid to the comments that were made about the Khan family.”

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