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How the Jewish People have been Betrayed by Israel's Supreme Court by Prof. Paul Eidelberg


How the Jewish People are Betrayed: 

Behind the Policy of "Land for Peace"

Paul Eidelberg


Have you ever wondered why Israel's Knesset has tolerated judicial imperialism?  To answer this question we must bearing in mind that the centerpiece of Israel's policy is "land for peace."  That said, consider the following facts:    


(1). Israel's political elites, predominantly secular, have tolerated the judicial imperialism of the nation's Supreme Court because this ultra-secular oligarchy is the easiest way to prevent the political ascendancy of Israel's religious population, which, in principle, is opposed to the policy of land for peace.


(2) The ruling elites – politicians and judges – support the futile and fatal policy of land-for-peace because this policy effectively nullifies the venerable teachings of the Prophets of Israel concerning Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem.  These teachings are deeply ingrained in the memory of religious Jews and inspire them to oppose the land-for-peace policy.


(3) The ruling elites oppose any institutional reform that diminishes the elites' political power, which power is linked to the policy of land for peace, a policy that effectively nullifies the people's timeless veneration of the Land of Israel.


(4) Conversely, the ruling elites have opposed any institutional reform that would increase the political power of the people, such as making Knesset Members individually accountable to the people in geographic constituency elections.


(5) The ruling elites have psychologically emasculated the people (1) by incrementally yielding their birthright to their Muslim enemies, and (2) by using a parliamentary system of proportional representation that so much multiplies the number of parties as to make it almost impossible to form a ruling majority party.


In short, the system is rigged and the Jewish People have been betrayed!






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