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War of Gog UMoGog and ISIS DASH Yalkut Shimoni


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ISIS Prophecy Hoax Fools Thousands on Social Media. Passage was from Rav Edni's Sefer Eretz Chemda and not Yalkut Shimoni.
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz November 26, 2015 , 11:30 am


This says "Dash" in Hebrew is abreviation Hebrew words for "Asev Spills Blood"
Hebrew "Achishena" meaning "In its time" (a term refering to the time of redemption) is numerical value "Dash"
Behold the "klipa" (evil force) called 'Dash" will fight and make a great war with the 70 nations. They will kill one another as it says "God will fight for you and you will remain silent. (Exodus 14:14). Because of this "klipa" your "mazel" (Divine providence) will now be strengthened. Because of these the redemption will be hurried as these ("Dash") will make so much trouble among the nations of this Isiah says "I will set the Egyptians fighting each man against his brother, each man against his neighbor" (19:2) THIS IS THE SECRET OF THE WAR OF GOG AND MEGOG
There is also this one ; Concerning this period in the Midrash Yalkut Shimoni on Isiah 60 we find this :
"Rabbi Yitzhak said: The year that Melech HaMoshiach will be revealed, all the kings of the nations of the world will provoke each other. The king of Persia (now called "Iran") will threaten the king of Arabia (now called "Saudi" Arabia) and because of this the king of Arabia will go to the king of Edom (USA-the west) for advice.
Afterwards the king of Persia will destroy [most of] the world. The remaining nations will be hysterical and frantic and fall on their faces and will be seized as if by "birth pains".
And the people of Israel will be frantic and hysterical and they will say, where will we come and go? Where will be come and go?
And God will say to them: Do not fear my children, do not fear. All that I have done I did only for you. Why are you afraid? The time for your Redemption has come!

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Orit Esther Riter
For those who can read Hebrew, this comes directly from Yalkut Shimoni, written about 1000 years ago. It specifically names Da'ash (ISIS) as the impure husks that will bring in the war of Gog u'Magog.


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