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Women In Green: Link to Latest Sovereignty Journal no. 6. Netanyahu's Visit with Obama: Before the collision with the two-state iceberg.


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Promoting the vision of the application of Israeli sovereignty over the entire Land of Israel. 
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Another article from Womeningreen...

Before the collision with the two-state iceberg 
Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, Women in Green, editors of the
Sovereignty Journal

Our prime minister has traveled to the United States for a visit with
Obama. And after the agreement with Iran, it was logical, and indeed
we all expected, that Obama would pay with a benefits package for the
agreement that he signed with the Iranians. But do we take into
account that we will also have to pay for this benefits package?

The great fear is that in exchange for promises in the area of defense
we will also have to pay by surrendering land. Prime Minister
Netanyahu is indeed the only leader that has stood up courageously to
Obama on the Iran issue, but let us not forget that the American
president has never made a concession to Israel. The worrying
conclusion that arises from this is a serious fear that Obama will
continue tremendous pressures on Israel and demand to enter into the
process of talks and concessions on the Land of Israel.

It is not difficult to imagine that with the pressures aimed toward
this dangerous channel, the Israeli media, and of course, the world
media, backed up by the radical Israeli Left, will stand by Obama's
side and at the service of Obama, who is striving to end the

The "knife intifada" will serve as a tailwind for the calls to
"separate from the Arabs", to go back to erecting walls, but would
that really lead to an end of the attacks? Why, we separated from
Gaza, we gave up land there with great pain, and despite this the
Arabs of the Gaza Strip continue to be a security, political and
economic millstone around our necks. We surrendered 97 percent of the
city of Hevron; by doing this did we separate from the city's Arabs
and the terror that they produce? Should we not have returned to areas
A and B in Operation Defensive Shield? Did we reduce at all the Arabs'
aspiration and hope to return to Jaffa, Acre, Haifa and Ashkelon?

And before we became a country were there not attacks? Have we
forgotten the horrible years of 1929, 1936 and 1939? And while we were
still in exile, were there not also then "storms in the Negev"? It
seems that there is an answer to at least one question, even if it is
painful: indeed, we shall always live by the sword, but now what
remains is the question of what approach we will take in order to cope
with that sword that is threatening to destroy us – a position of
weakness and retreat or one of faith and recognition of our destiny as
a People in its Land.

Rabbanit Henkin defined it with the words "We did not come into the
world to get free vouchers to stay in a hotel". Our role as a people
is to unite for the great objective of our being a kingdom of priests
and a holy people; to bring divine ethics to the world by virtue of
the existence of the Land as one that brings love and kindness to the

We are on the way! And on this road, as with all other roads, there
are ups and downs.

Unfortunately, we indeed did not take advantage of the miracle of the
Six Day War to settle in all areas of our Land; we did not apply
sovereignty upon it, but nevertheless it is always possible to amend
this, especially at special points in time when the Almighty again
blesses us with his mercy.

Every wave of terror that strikes us forces us to return and think
about our role and our contribution to the world. We have progressed
tremendously and the entire world has progressed along with us. The
People of Israel has brought and still brings great benefits to the
world in Science, Technology, Medicine, Agriculture, Hi-tech, and
more. In this way, G-d willing, we will continue to bring welfare and
benefit in many additional areas, if only we continue to progress in
the way that the Almighty leads us.

We must take advantage of the present wave of knife attacks and
anti-Semitism to apply sovereignty over the Land of Israel, because
only when we declare once and for all that this Land is ours and that
we will never surrender it, will we cut off the hopes of the enemy,
the hope that expands the circle of the Arab terrorists who dream of
having their own state in the heart of our Land.

These days, Women in Green is publishing issue number 6 of the
political journal, Sovereignty. The goal before us is to promote a
revolution in consciousness that will turn the ship's wheel of the
Israeli public, which is sailing straight into the iceberg of two
states, and is bound to sink us, sharply to the Right to a Zionist
banner, to restore the basic values of the People – the Land of Israel
is destined for the People of Israel.

It is known that the People of Israel is respected in the world and
within itself only when it takes a strong stand, when we believe in
the justice of our cause and extend our rule to the full extent of our

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