Monday, November 16, 2015

Call from Sarah Litman, Orphaned daughter of terror victim Ya'akov Litman to stop Terror Attacks and to stop the Bloodshed: Alternative to Netanyahu Administration Approach: Moshe Feiglin: End Occupation by Annexing Judea and Samaria, Women In Green: Sovereignty, Rabbi Gerliztsky: Declare 2 State Solutuion Null and Void. Donate and Contribute to Judea and Samaria Economy


Refreshing Alternative Approach to Address Recent Terror Attacks in Israel:

News Coverage following attack on Litman car from Kiryat Arba including interview with Orphaned daughter who chastises leaders: 'we don't deserve this!'  Sarah Litman, whose father and brother were murdered, says: 'The Land of Israel belongs to us; we should be able to live here proudly.' Fri. November 13th 2015: Ya'kov and Netanel Litman from Kiryat Arba Were Killed on way to the future son-in law's Ofruf.

Nov 5-Nov 12th, 2015 Silent Intifada Weekly Summary and Full List of attacks: Over 20 injured  FULL LIST OF ATTACKS Nov 7-Nov 12

Is Netanyahu's approach helping?  It seems to many that pushing the 2 State Solution contradicts Torah and perhaps that is the problem...

Alternative approach!

Moshe Feiglin: Israel Does Not Need US Aid.   End Occupation by Annexing Judea and Samaria..

Women In Green: Link to Latest Sovereignty Journal no. 6. Netanyahu's Visit with Obama: Before the collision with the two-state iceberg.

Declare the Two State Solution Null and Void as did head Shaliach to Tel Aviv, Rabbi Joseph Gerlitzky
Central Chabad Tel Avivk, in Front of 4,325 Emissaries in Brooklyn, NY

Hakhel, Sunday November 29th.  Let us stand in Solidarity with Judea and Samaria: Mayor Daniella Weiss and Mayor Malachi Levinger coming to Toronto to commemorate 40 years of Jewish Settlement in Judea and Samaria!

Help support Hebron Fund, One Israel Fund and American  Friends of Itamar who are all raising Funds for the residents in Judea and Samaria for much needed Security Equipment as well as projects in their communities. Each community is basically on their own struggling to protect their residents physically and economically. 

-Bullet-proof vests for security personnel at schools &  houses of prayer
-CCTV camera systems at schools, houses of prayer, Ma'arat HaMachpela,  Kever Yosef and other holy sites
-ATV type vehicle for security personnel, to provide adequate safety
-ALS and BLS & other Emergency Medical Equipment
-Counseling & therapeutic activities to provide relief and comfort for the emotional trauma faced by the children

Hebron Fund: For the funds to got specifically for the above security items, Write "emergency Campaign" in subject line: 

One Israel Fund: - Marc Prowisor Vests 4 Israel

The best way to help the Settlers of Judea and Samaria is to go directly to the community itself!

A perfect example is the Avodas Kodesh of Lea and Moshe Goldsmith of Itamar. Moshe Goldsmith was a former Mayor of Itamar and they are raising money for the many necessary projects that they need for their communities' very survival.   Itamar has been the target of many terrible terror attacks and with their close proximity to Shchem they are dangerously close to many terror cells nearby. Itamar and all of Judea and Samaria are also the target of the evil BDS Movement spreading Europe.  May Hashem continue to protect them and reward them for their courage and tenacity in holding on to the Land, settling the Land and building the Land with their very fingertips. They truly are the salt of the earth. 
Here are various projects in Itamar that you can help make to become a reality
Meet Our Farmers: We are apart of something much bigger. 
To Donate to the residents of Itamar
Or be in touch directly with Lea and Moshe

Shemittah. Support Israeli Products, Especially support the Economy of Judea and Samaria and fight BDS! But be careful of Kedushat Shviit!

In this merit, may you be a worthy partner in the building and developing of our precious Land, the Land of Israel! 


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