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Being thrown out of Park Slope Food Coop - BDS vs BSD

Bsd to combat bds

fyi  Videos of BDS disruptions of free speech....BDS supporters are teachers par excellence of strategies of disruptions of Free Speech. See the Pamela Geller video at Brooklyn College.  Their anger is obviously a projection of their own intolerance of free speech.  This is why pro BDS must be disciplined!!!  If others disrupt their presentations it is for good reason and they have only themselves to blame.
UT-Austin Anti-Israel Protesters Disruption -
Student Strategies for Stifling Free Thought (Brooklyn College Students Harassing Pamela Geller)

Allegations of Park Slope Coop against 4 of its Longstanding Members.  
The following allegations, the wording as written in a letter written by the Park Slope Food Coop Disciplinary Committee,  to 4 individuals charged with disruptive behavior at their April 28th, 2015 General Meeting:  
"AT the General Meeting at the Coop on April 28, 2015, during the presentation of the second item on the agenda regarding a boycott of Sodastream products, a group of Coop members got up from their seats, yelling at the presentation that it was false and must be stopped.  These disrupting members demanded that images being projected as part of the presentation be taken down and exhorted other audience members to join them to stop the presentation from going forward.  One member attempted to disconnect the power cord to the projector.....The Chair of the GM repeatedly asked the disruptive members to stop yelling and to return to their seats, reminding them that the appropriate time to voice disagreement with the presentation is during the time allotted for discussion immediately after the presentation when everyone would have a chance to make his or her voice heard.  The Chair's repeated requests for order and instructions to return to seats had little or no effect and the disrupting members continued to yell angry demands and sometimes hateful epithets.  Other Coop members, including members of the Board of Directors, also attempted to restore order reminding the disruptive members that what they were doing would be considered uncooperative conduct and could result in disciplinary action.  Despite continual appeals for order and reminders that there would be time allotted to voice dissent immediately following the presentation, the disruption continued for approximately 45 minutes.  During that time the GM was prevented from proceeding.  Even after order was restored enough to allow the presentation to continue, it was only after the images were taken down (under protest by the presenters), and even then, the presenters were subject to continued heckling from the disruptive members. In sum, our investigation revealed that a handful of Coop members prevented an entire GM from engaging in COOP business for three-quarters of an hour.  Despite the facts that (1) this presentation was a properly scheduled item on the agenda for the GM as approved by the Agenda Committee and (2) as with any agenda item, the rules of the Coop General Meetings allow for time after the presentation for those with opposing views to express themselves, the disrupting members effectively hijacked the proceedings of the April 28 GM, having decided that their individual beliefs in what was an appropriate presentation should trump the longstanding procedural rules of the Coop GM.  Perhaps most notable was that the disruption was not a brief emotional outburst, but was a deliberate and sustained disruption for the purpose of preventing a presentation that had been validly scheduled according to the procedures of the Coop GM.  Despite repeated calls by the variety of people for them to return to their seats, the disrupting members engaged in an unprecedented action of extremely uncooperative behavior by preventing a Coop GM from conducting its business for at least 45 minutes... 

The DC (Disciplinary Committee) picked out 4 of those disrupting and they have been temporarily suspended and if they haven't responded to the charges against them by 5pm November 10, 2015, they were warned as follows: 
"if you do not respond by this date, you will automatically be permanently resigned from the Coop.  Pending a Hearing or Arbitration, the DC has imposed an immediate disciplinary suspension which affects your entire household.  During this time, you and your household will not be able to enter the Coop for any reason, including shopping, nor may you enter as a guest of another Coop member.  In addition you may not have other Coop members shop for you.  Entering the Coop during this suspension is prohibited conduct under the Coop Disciplinary Procedures (Article II, Paragraph C.11).  You are also barred from Coop activities such as attending the GM.   (the underline was their emphasis)
My comments:
Who decides on the Agenda of the GM meetings at the Food Coop?  Do they realize that they are subjecting their membership to LIES and more LIES?  What would you say if the Park Slope GM had approved on their agenda a pornographic presentation and this presentation was a properly scheduled item on the agenda for the GM as approved by the Agenda Committee?   Let's say that many of the members attending the meeting would have yelled and disrupted the presentation and yes even tried to unplug the projector because they felt the images were poison and must be stopped.   Along comes the disciplinary committee who bullies the protesters, threatens disciplinary action and follows up by suspending them or even permanently throwing them out of the Coop and sends them threatening letters demanding that they apologize for their disruptive behavior.
This is the scenario here. The BDS presentation approved by the Agenda Committee was no better than a pornographic presentation and needed to be stopped! It was poisoning the minds of all the listeners planting poison in their minds feeding them with nourishment far worse than GMF (Genetically Modified Foods)!  Anti-Somatic Material as Scouting Eagle (see letter following) so aptly put it.. From what I know about the way these BDS imposters operate they effectively hijacked the proceedings of the April 28 GM, having decided that their individual beliefs in what was an appropriate presentation should trump the longstanding goals and purpose of the Coop which is all about eating healthy and organic food (and probably have much to learn from the Zimerman Farm in Itamar about Organic Farming) and opted to impose longstanding procedural rules of the Coop GM to promote and enforce their own particular poisonous agenda. 

Subject: One of the 4 thrown out of Park Slope Food Coop writes about this meeting on April 28th from her perspective!BTW this member was one of the founding members of Park Slope Coop #42 out of 16,0000 members

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Please call me......... This is a very important issue I've been trying to connect to organizations. That can help me rally against the park slope food co-op. I and three others stood up against the BDS at the general meeting. We were thrown out of the co-op they said that we were disrupting. The meeting. When the BDS was disrupting the meeting by putting up these traumatize unexpected offensive images. They were images towards Israel soldiers. They were malicious propaganda and lies. I got up with others and said take the pictures down. They threw me out of the co-op with others saying that I was disrupting the co-op when the BDS were the disrupted ones by putting up these photos we reacted to the disruption. The BDS was told not to be part of the co-op and yet they have made themselves part of the park slope food co-op. Right now they are winning. I joined the co-op so that I can afford healthy organic vegetarian vegan foods that I believe in. The BDS does not belong in the park slope food co-op or in Brooklyn or anywhere even though this is a stupid small community in Brooklyn they should not be in the co-op that's how Crystal Nacht started it in Germany. I consider the BDS a terrorist organization you don't have to be on to be a terrorist organization.   They are saying that they are throwing me and the others out because I disrupted the co-op know they disrupted the co-op I reacted to their disruptions. It has to be pointed out in the media that the park slope food co-op  are anti-somatic and support the BDS. They won't stop until Israel is brought to its feet they don't give a damn about the co-op so should I stay or should I go?...Personally I can walk away from this virus, the park slope food co-op,  it will be somewhat of a hardship because it's going to cost me a little more money for the things I believe in. That's why I really would love to take this to court and expose them for who they are in a court room. The scumbags want me to go in front of their discipline committing hell I won't go I just walk away from them they are like a virus.  One of these people who work for Camera in Boston told me you been trying to stop them for the last five years,  give yourself a break go on vacation,  they are a virus do you really need them in your life. Yes and no... he also said they all are like something on the bottom of your shoe that you are trying to scrape off. He tells me that he goes to meetings and deals with these hateful BDS terrorist organizations. And has to sit there and just take notes and then he will write about it.  Should I leave or should I go...Is it worth fighting for?

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Subject: Park Slope Food Coop BDS


A letter in defense against the allegations of 4 long term members from  Park Slope Food Coop meeting due to "disturbance" at the General Membership Meeting in April to the Park Slope Food Coop from another one of the 4 who was suspended from the Coop. 

Robin's comments again...

I wish it was a joke.  Bds had seriously infiltrated the coop hijacking the Coop's agenda of eating healthy organic food. I have their newspaper called Linewaiters and they are subtle.  They have an article entitled "At Next Wordsprouts, Coop Members Tackle Government Surveillance" where at their meeting they had an event titled "The Surveillance State and What it Means to Be a Muslim in America" held Fri November 13 at 7pm PSFC member featuring Moustafama Bayoumi prof of English at Brooklyn College and his acclaimed book "How does it feel to be a problem? Being Young and Arab in America". The article was written by Brian Gresko, Co-curator of Wordsprouts, the Park Slope Food Coop Reading Series.  The other speaker was to be Hodge PSFC member Roger Hodge, national editor of the online news magazine "The Intercept" about US Border Patrol and other agencies searching for undocumented immigrants and smugglers.  "If you live 100 miles of US border everything u do is potentially subject to an extraordinary degree of of surveillance,..." Coop. Members interested more about the effect of US government's Big Brother-like practices have on Muslim Americans... should come to the  Wordsprouts meeting...

Why must the 16,000 members of Park Slope Food Coop be subjected to the poison being fed to them by these BDS agitators? What has this to do about eating healthy food organic food?  But they have Chutzpa that know no bounds!  These BDS people are outraged at LineWaiters for refusing to print their anti-somatic letters.

 Mondoweiss is a very antisemitic publication.  They are protesting censorship of their letters on BDS in Lineswaiter the Park Slope Coop Newspaper.  

The truth be known that Lineswaiter, at least the edition I saw,  had a statement that they do not publish any letters re: BDS temporarily since my guess is that most letters are Pro Israel not  Pro BDS.  However, they do publish and promote pro BDS events and speakers.  Of course I didn't see any Pro Israel events on their agenda. I wonder if Wordsprouts, the Coop's reading group, would entertain a Pro Israel meeting giving Israel's side of the story.  Perhaps after the wave of terror in Paris, they can have a presentation that Islamophobia is justified, and there is a valid concern of allowing Syrian migrants to flood this country as they have flooded Europe. Europe is reeling under the tidal wave of migrants many of whom are dangerous and believers in Radical Islam and see Mohammad as their role model.  That justifies beheadings and sex slavery etc and being a pedophile as Mohammad practiced all of the above.  That is why Surveillance is absolutely necessary especially from those of the Islamic so called faith. Europe has seen a marked increase in crime especially crimes against women, rape, killing etc. Islam, the religion, the theology is violent especially towards women.  I have seen many documentaries by Arabs, former Muslims who testify the horrors that Islam is imposing on their own people not to mention the infidels.  By not publishing any letters re: BDS they are stopping the voice of those protesting the BDS promoters and thereby subtly hide the fact that the COOP is indeed very anti Israel. 

Park Slope Coop does allow pro BDS events and education and with all their talk about freedom of expression will not allow any expression that will call Islam a false religion or Mohammad a false prophet. This they label as hate speech and inflammatory.  Yet pictures against the IDF who must protect its people against Radical Islam is worthy of expression and those who  disturb and as a healthy reaction  to such inflammatory pictures in a non violent manner, members of the Coop for over 20 or 30 years are thrown out of the coop with no due process.  

Park Slope Coop and BDS Googled :

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Debra Nussbaum Cohen (Haaretz)May 23, 2015

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I just love this piece by Sultan Knish! 
Crymobs, Crybullying and the Left's Whiny War on Speech

About Islamophobia

Six Jews murdered with over 170 attacks mainly in Judea and Samaria in one week alone!  Fri Nov 13, 2015 -Fri Nov 20, 2015  Organic farming and life goes on.... 

Update of over 270 terror attacks Fri. Nov 20, 2015- Fri Nov 27, 2015 

Many of the attackers were teenagers....FREE FREE ISRAEL FROM PALESTINIAN TERRORISTS!

Just in case you are unfamiliar with what the poor Palestinian children victims of the "occupation" do in their playtime here is a telling video entitled Hide and Go Stab!

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