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Fwd: YEZIDI ""FINAL SOLUTION" Betrayed by Kurds. Save their Remnants-bring them as Refugees!

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Date: Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 8:25 AM
Subject: YEZIDI ""FINAL SOLUTION" Save their remnants-bring them as Refugees!

Mirza Ismail (living now in Ontario) - Chairman of the Yezidi Human Rights Organization - International wrote this on Nov. 13:
Mt. Sinjar is one of the holy indigenous  lands of the Yezidi People, a  monotheistic peaceful People , existing for over 6000 years!  Since the attack by ISIS in August 2014,  Yezidis have been holding off ISIS on Mt. Sinjar with no international help.  There were approximately 3500 fighters and 11,000 civilians on Mt. Sinjar.  This number has increase lately to approximately 17,000!! Why are they not in the news?
Last week, during the  Kurdish and Coalition attack in Mt. Sinjar, The KRG's terrorist/mafia organization killed a Yezidi fighter Mr. Dawood Kassem Khalaf Darwesh from the Sinjar Protection Forces (SPF/HPS) in Gula village that is located on the Eastern side of Mount Sinjar. The SPF has been fighting against Islamic State terrorists for the last year and three months, since the KRG and its terrorist/mafia organization betrayed the  Yezidis on August 03, 2014. The Kurds who were officially 'protecting' the unarmed Yezidi villages, used force to prevent Yezidis from fleeing to Mt. Sinjar as ISIS approached in late July  of last year.  Between midnight and 2:00 a.m. the thousands of armed Kurds disappeared and ISIS entered and massacred over 5000 mainly men, and captured over 7000 mainly women and children!  Even at that time many of the KRG militias as well as the majority of the civilian Kurds in Sinjar joined Islamic State and killed/beheaded, raped abducted thousands of Yezidis in Mount Sinjar.  One eye witness told of Kurds throwing live Yezidis into a huge bakery oven. 

Martyr Darwesh was killed by KRG's Mafia yesterday in Gula village, which is populated by Sunni Arabs supporters of ISIS. Those Sunni Arabs were settled on indigenous Yezidi land by the Saddam Hussein's ba'ath regime 30-40 years ago.  
The Sinjar Protection Forces and other independent Yezidi fighters had a heavy fight against ISIS in Gula village. on Wednesday,Nov. 11th.  Then the ISIS was defeated and the village was controlled by Yezidi fighters. Hours later the KRG sent its terrorist/mafia militias and told Yezidi fighters that Barzani issued a statement on TV  and he declared no flags are to be raised in Sinjar except for the Kurdish flag.
Then Mr. Darwesh- one of Yezidi fighters -  said "We Yezidis have been fighting against ISIS  all over Mt. Sinjar under our Yezidi flag since you KRG militias betrayed us on August 03, 2014." Then a Kurdish mafia militia shot Darwesh to death. But one Yezidi ordered Yezidi fighters not to fight Kurdish mafia because this would bring increased danger to the  displaced Yezidis in KRG camps where the Yezidis are being abused by these Kurdish authorities.   There was tension in Sinjar city too between Yezidis and Kurds, but no fighting took place there. On the other hand there are thousands of Yezidis who are being prevented   by KRG at the Tigers River from going to Sinjar region to help their Yezidi brethren! . The KRG terrorists/mafias are killing one ISIS in media and saving hundreds of ISIS behind the scene.   This is what happened in Gula village just yesterday.

 The Yezidis are now demanding the Iraq's Central government to request help and support from Russia, so those indigenous Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrians can survive as God created them.
Yezidis reported  by phone from Sinjar that around last Sunday November 15th.,  the KRG had escorted a convoy of 300 ISIS fighters and their families to safety away from Mt. Sinjar - a huge convoy that surely was known to the Coaltion forces who left it unharmed. 

However, it has now been a year and three months later since the KRG betrayed on the Yezidis and Chaldo-Assyrian in Mount Sinjar and Nineveh Plain; but unfortunately, now with the support of the US and UK is able to take its terrorist/mafia militias back to Sinjar and control the Yezidis region again; this time to wipe all the Yezidis out those who are resisting the Barzani's bloody "Kurdification Project" and to create another "Islamic State terrorist of Kurdistan on ancestral Lands of the most indigenous two nations (Yezidi and Assyrian) in the Middle East!" 
The Yezidis on Mt. Sinjar are in the news now - but it is largely about subjects such as  the sculls of  their mothers in mass graves.  The Media claim that that only now is the true extent of the Genocide becoming known.  This is a lie.  It was known to all who cared to see - at least since last August 3!  And now, the world concerns itself with Syrian refuges while - according to Yezidi leaders in Iraq and Canada and throughout the World -  a 'FINAL SOLUTION' to the Muslim hate of the Yezidis - is taking place:  The plan - with Coalition cooperation - is to allow the Kurds to take over the valuable Yezidi indigenous  land of Mt. Sinjar and to do with the Yezidis what they - the Kurds - wish. 
The Yezidis are the MOST endangered of all People in this world!  The Chaldo- Assyrians are next in the line of danger.  These two Peoples deserve our making them a priority for Refugee status!


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