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Our Place! 5k Run/Walk November 2, 2014, Floyd Bennett Field, Reception 10:30am, Men 11:00am, Women 11:30am


The Ticker Family has registered to run This Sunday morning November 2nd, 2014 at Floyd Bennett Field in order to support Our Place.   

The hour is late but we still have till Sunday to sign up.  After Sunday you can still donate... :)

Please register with the Ticker Team.  We have a good deal.  If you decide to be a runner on Team Ticker, we have been assured by Rabbi Arieh Young, Administrator of this run,  you will not have to commit to the goal even when you sign the commitment terms on the web page. That means if you do not reach your goal, they will not charge your credit card for the remaining balance.  You just need to try to get as many donations, sponsors or runners as you can and pay the individual registration fee which is $20 for over 12 years of age and $5 for 12 and under.  Arieh is hoping that the sum total $ raised of all the participants of the Ticker Team will cover the minimum committed goals of each individual.   For example, last year my husbands page and my daughters page generated enough income so that even if I didn't reach my committed goal, they exceeded their committed goals so it covered me as well. 

No, we cannot compete with New York City Marathon runners this coming Sunday November 2nd.  

But we know that we have what it takes to run an OUR PLACE 5k run! 

 Actually we are running for a group of fabulous kids.  

I went on OUR PLACE Website and I read what the website has to say.    Let me tell you that in all due respect I feel the description of the teenagers on the website does not do these kids justice.  

I know these kids.  I know that if you reach deep into their souls, you will understand why "troubled youth" is simply what you see superficially. This superficial and probably inaccurate judgement comes from lack of knowledge as per the bigger picture. And only Hashem has complete knowledge which we as humans are not privy. 

How society judges others is probably what got these kids into trouble to begin with.   If society would only understand that these kids are an integral and necessary part of society, a Jew, a member of Klal Yisroel, and an individual who is not dispensable, then society, whomever it is, Yeshiva, or even family, would never have rejected or abandoned them. 

Would one be willing to amputate one of his fingers because he has 9 others?  

Common Rationalizations: 
  • The finger looks diseased and might infect the other fingers. NO need to investigate.  Best to amputate! 
  • We barely use this finger.  Who needs it. 
  • We can compensate without the finger.
  • It hurts.  It's too much trouble to cure.  I'll just get rid of the finger.
  • I can't pay for a doctor to save it.  It's cheaper to simply amputate. 
  • if I keep the finger everyone will assume it's contagious and will distance themselves from me.
  •  It will ruin my reputation of having perfect limbs. 
  • Alternatively, I'll hide the problem, cover it up, so no one will know. 
  • It's too painful and I need to stop the pain.   (Sometimes out of despair one gives up too quickly to stop the pain). 
But more often than not, when one does not address the root of the matter, the issues that led to the diseased finger to begin with, will surface at a different location. Chances are that it already exists hidden elsewhere but surfaced here. With rare exception, amputation is not the answer. Surely not the on the scale at which it has been occurring.  The finger after all is an integral part of the whole and is needed....  The finger should not be confused with the disease. One day surely you'll miss the finger and understand that you were a fool to discard it so easily. 

Surely when  society begins to appreciate those whom they have cast aside, and address the issues rather than distancing, ignoring,  burying and hiding and marginalizing that which they can not hide,  it will begin the healing process not only of the individual but also of society. It's the long short road rather than the short long road. 

Our Place Kids understand the value of their bro's.  Ahavas Yisroel is where they shine.  

I had a discussion with Rabbi Arieh Young regarding the fundraising aspect of this 5k Run. I explained to him that it's too hard for each member of the team to commit to the individual goals. It creates anxiety.  One is afraid of not being able to raise the full amount nor have the means to pay the difference.   I am glad he has agreed to the Areivim Ticker Team Approach.  We compensate for each other and we all come out winners.  

I like the concept of Areivim. Let us live the concept of Areivim.  I am my brothers guarantor.    I truly hope the team brings in a lot of money for Our Place to cover all the members of the Team. Or at least cover the expenses for each runner.  Everything else is profit.  

However, even if it doesn't, we can always say we tried our best and that counts for something also.  We cared! 

Let us learn an important lesson from  the Kids at Our Place. 

We and our Bro's are one!  We are with you Bro!  We Love you Bro! Peace!

Mother Rachel is crying for her children!  
In the honor of the Yahrziet of Rachel Imeinu, this coming Monday  evening and in honor of the Youth of Our Place. Please Read Why is Rachel Crying for Her Children?

Also you are invited Monday night to RCRF Dinner (Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation).  I might be called upon to speak about Charlotte Wahle ob"m from AFSI since the AFSI Delegation is on a Chizuk trip in Israel.  They have amazing lineup of speakers including Rabbi Snow and Rob Muchnick from Manhigut Yehudit.  Evelyn always has a great buffet and the room is filled with amazing activists for Eretz Yisroel.  David Haies, Evelyn's son will be speaking about his experiences in the IDF.  Flakey Jake is being honored as well Maury Lipson.  Get Details at


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