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Top Jewish Leader Hier Calls on Obama to 'Name, Apologize for and Repudiate' Anonymous Official Who Called Israeli PM Netanyahu 'Chickens##t'
OCTOBER 28, 2014 8:03 PM

My Comments:

The time has come for Netanyahu, backed by a strong Rabbinic endorsement to speak out for Israel's Biblical Birthright of all of Israel including Judea, Samaria and Temple Mount.  

Then he as the leader of the Jewish Nation, living in the Sovereign Land of Israel, will definitely prove to the World that he is not "chickenshit"! 

Allow me to explain:

Jews observing the Shemittah as described in the Torah Parshat Behar, demonstrates that we understand that the Land belongs to Hashem as it says Ki Li Kol Haaretz, that Hashem owns the Land. 

 Hashem chooses to whom He wishes to give the Land.  (1st Rashi Breishis).  "Proclaiming Truths in Face of Lies"  http://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/2014/10/proclaiming-truth-in-face-of-lies-first.html
 In Hebrew:  להשמיע את האמת מול השקר http://chabad.org.il/Magazines/Article.asp?ArticleID=10926&CategoryID=1896

Maybe with calling Netanyahu "chickens##t", Hashem is telling Netanyahu not to continue the false narrative of the "Peace Process" and the Two State Solution.  Netanyahu is being "chicken" by not proclaiming truth in the face of lies.

 Netanyahu knows fully well that Abbas and Fatah have no legitimate claim to any part of Israel, and have a terrorist mentality whose agenda is to ultimately destroy Israel.  Surely their joint Hamas/Palestinian unity gov't has made it crystal clear that they have terrorist ideology linked to Hitler and Nazi Germany.  

Netanyahu is afraid of world opinion. He is afraid of American backlash especially the White House and State Dept.  Who can blame him?  

 "Chickens##t" is actually an appropriate reference to  the Peace Process and the Two State Solution" which Netanyahu has yet to denounce.

Hashem Oz LeAmo Yiten, Hashem Yevarech es Amo Bashalom! May Hashem give courage to His people and Bless His people with peace.-- 

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