Thursday, October 02, 2014

Palestinian Entertainment at it's best! Fatah glorifies 9 terrorists, , Nasrallah welcoming Samir Kuntar upon release, At Samir Kuntar Birthday Party Release



Thought you guys would "appreciate" Palestinian Entertainment at it's best! This is a video from  PMW Bulletins entitled "In midst of Israel-Hamas conflict. Fatah glorifies 9 female terrorists"  Hope you "enjoy"!  The music is "uplifting" and the beat catchy! I can easily put some nice Jewish lyrics to the music. I could imagine amazing choreography as well!

Another "uplifting video"  Nasarallah welcoming Samir Kuntar.  Amazing music with cheering ecstatic crowds almost in a frenzy celebrating release of Heroic Resistance Fighter Samir Kuntar!!

Birthday Party for Samir Kuntar Gala Event.  Orchestra and fountains

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Apparently, the Signing of the Camp David Peace Accords led to one terror attack after another and to war.   The hijacking of the cruise ship and the murder of Klinghoffer was just one link on this violent chain of events.  Can't we get the hint?  Please read the letters of Prime Minister Menachem Begin and President Jimmy Carter where the first expulsion of Settlers  from Sinai was put into motion in the Camp David Accords. As a side note, let me mention that Menachem Begin was as right wing a Prime Minister as they come.  Let this be a warning to Prime Minister Netanyahu. 

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