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Re: Gush Katif Museum Dinner - A beautiful success bli ayin hara!


To: Raanan Isseroff
Gush Katif Museum Headquarters in Chutz LeAretz,
World Lubavitch Headquarters - Crown Heights USA
Re: Gush Katif Museum Dinner

Dear Ranaan, amb"sh

 Yasher Koach, Kudos  to Rabbi Wolpo and to the entire Chabad team, your team,  who delivered Meyal Umeyeivar, above and beyond!  Rabbi Wolpo worked tirelessly for this event.  He had the courage to do it in the most honorable way that succeedied beezrat Hashem, beyond our expectations. The rest of us just jumped on his bandwagon. Rabbi Wolpo is not afraid to say that the Gov't of Israel is issuing illegal orders to relinquish parts of our Land, Land whose entitlement lies with the Jewish people,  to the Palestinians who consist of Fatah and Hamas. It is a known fact that they are a people who espouse Amalekite ideology, the demise and destruction of the Jewish People and the Jewish State..

From the greeting crew of girls when people came in, to the beautiful and very sad pictures of Gush Katif, we encountered as we walked in the building and down the steps,  the yummy sushi and bar, the  delicious meal, unbelievable speakers, violinist and video presentation and successful professional fundraising and delectable desert it all ran smoothly at least from the outside. It was the place to be and a star studded event.   There was much Siata Dishmaya, help from the One Above,  and Baruch Hashem, thank G-d,  we were Matzliach, successful! May we continue to go from Chayil to Chayil. strength to strength.  

The speakers were phenomenal yet their messages sobering. Rabbi Jacobson's address was electrifying and his words finally got the platform that it deserves.  He did not mince words when he stated that when we are talking about a Palestinian State we are talking none other than about Amalek  of our generation and we had better recognize this fact! It is no secret that their desire is to destroy and annihilate the entire State of Israel as well as all the Jews. He finally addressed the Number 1 question which is "To Whom does this Land Belong to??" He emphasized the Biblical and Divine Gift of the Land of Israel to the Jewish People!

Glenn Beck gave it his all and he did not disappoint the crowd who had very high expectations.  There were times Beck, on stage was literally in tears describing painful circumstances of the Jewish People and the sacrifices of righteous Gentiles to help them.  He clearly  had the courage to speak out against some self hating Jews like Soros who is NO FRIEND TO ISRAEL! History has shown that sometimes our worst enemies come from within and we need not be afraid to expose them.

Congressman Terry seemed like a very personable, sincere, caring and sweet guy and it made me feel good that such good and honorable people were representing the American people in Congress. He introduced Amb. Bolton. 

It took such a long time till we finally got to hear Ambassador Bolton speak because all the other speeches took a while but I feel his message hit home even stronger , because it was preceded with those who spoke before him. What a powerful and sobering speech! In every generation there are those who desire to destroy us and G-d delivers us from their hands.  It is through messengers like Amb. John Bolton and Glenn Beck that G-d sends to help the Jewish People. 

The violist was terrific  Perfect music to greet the new month of Adar.  I missed Jackie Mason's speech because I had left the room for a bit because the hour was late, but that's Ok because it came as an attachment to my email this morning.   

The crowd was beautiful! Not only in quality but in quantity!

 Raanan, you sent me an Excellent letter! I hope you don't mind that I am sharing it. As to suggest, it is painful that all people of Israel, are not yet on board and we do not want evil edicts like in Haman's time to finally get all Jews on board.  With Siata Dishmaya, the help of G-d, we will persist to nudge them and will not give up.  We need each and every person to stand together as one as it says KeIsh Achad BeLev Echad like one man and one heart as was at Sinai. 

Tons of media and politicians were there. The media has been phenomenal covering this event and publishing related articles.  I missed Arutz7.  Arutz7 has been there for Yehuda and Shomron all along.  WHERE WERE YOU????? Why hasn't your coverage of this fantastic event make it in the Arutz7 daily report or top in the google searches?  I don't quite understand.  

 We have given Chizuk to the entire Yishuv in Yehudah VeShomron and we must capitalize on it especially now!

A special honorable mention goes to members of the executive Committee of the World Committee of the Land of Israel, Dr. Joseph Frager, Dr. Paul Brody and his Eishes Chayil Drora, Rabbi David Algaze collectively  inspired by the very passionate Odeleya Jacobs.  They were instrumental in bringing in the media and the politicians.  Dr. Brody is a pro having much experience with promoting the Israel Day Concert in the Park.  Also much recognition must go to Sara Lehmann, a writer, a great team player, always elegant and dignified, eloquently presenting the case for Judea and Samaria in her wonderful press releases, reporting and Op Eds.  When we need something written well, she is the address. 

AFSI under the able direction of Helen Freedman must get the proper recognition it deserves.  They are The Organization in America where all the people in Judea and Samaria and the former Gush Katif head to when they need help, advice and encouragement in their fundraising efforts. AFSI  from the very onset, under the direction of Herb Zweibon z"l at that time, spoke against Oslo and a 2 State Solution.  I would urge all the media to find out about AFSI;s Chizuk missions to Israel and help promote them.  They are fantastic and I know this first hand!

So Kudos to Rabbi Wolpo and his Chabad team, Raanan Isseroff and Mrs. Nechama Peles.  Also Yasher Koach to my friends and fellow activists for Sheimus Haaretz Aliza Karp, the author of BANISHED and Tamar Adelstein, for their activism in keeping the Land of Israel complete.  Thank you to the  fantastic supporting Chabad  crews for such a wonderful event!  And last but not least Yasher Koach to all the Donors who believed in Rabbi Wolpo and allowed him to fulfill this dream and make it a reality!
From: R Isseroff <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 05:30:43 -0800 (PST)

To our Event Crew,
You were magnificent!

A big "yashar koach" to all of you-
The dinner was a smashing success!

Please send me any press or links on the event that you come across. Hebrew or English-
Paper or otherwise.

None of this could have been done without any one of you.

It was completely a function of amazing people working together for one purpose-
As it says that we stood together by the Mountain: Ke ish echd be lev echad, like one person with one heart...

The Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that whole thing of the Purim story was that in the time of Esther and Mordechai, the Jews were split into two groups in Babylonia. 

The "Ivrim", the political Jews and the "Yehudim", those who followed Mordechai, the nasi of his generation.

The Ivrim were the political Jews who put their faith in the government to protect them. Haman had no problem with these Jews. They completely felt that their connections in the government would save them. He was good friends with them and they with him.

The Yehudim? 
They were those who followed Mordechai. As we say: "Tov Lev" (but no kessef!) They put their faith in G-d and Mordechai HaYehudi, the leader of their generation. 

When the decree finally came out, the Ivrim joined with Mordechai. It was with this unity that everyone was able to experience the miracle of Purim.

Today too. We have the political Jews who are looking to the United States, to its president and to foreign political leaders to and even the non-religious political leaders of Eretz Yisrael for salvation. They even look to the leaders of the Peace process and the leaders from the enemy side. 

They look and follow, while those very "leaders" are driving the Land of Israel and its people off the face of the political map as a Jewish country. While they turn the very name: "Israel", "settlement", "settler" and "Jewish Homeland" into abhorred terms in the eyes of the nations with their heart desire to dance to the tune of foreign interests.

How many Jewish soldiers and civilians have died in each war because the army was held back by Israel's political leaders who refused to allow preemptive strikes when they knew from their intelligence and from the military that an attack was imminent? When they knew it would cause thousands of Jewish deaths?

How much oil do we have to buy today that was our own? 
But Israel gave it all away. Suez Canal rights, water, gas and worst of all Israel's land. All given by leaders who are Ivrim, afraid of the non-Jew and "what will the non-Jew think?"

Each of these given away to satisfy foreign governments and terror. (It is hard to say where one begins and the other leaves off)

Today, Rosh Chodesh Purim, we stood together on this point. 
Even the non-Jews who attended enjoyed our message and parroted our positive energy. Because this is our blessing! "Tisbarchu becha kol goy ha aretz".  There will come a blessing through you for the nations of the earth!

When we, as Yehudim, (not as ivrim), come to the non-Jew and tell him without fear and with "iber gegebenkeit" (excitement) that Eretz Yisrael is the Jewish land as promised by G-d in the Bible, it gives them enjoyment. It gives them fulfillment-

In fact, when they are aware (as the Rebbe spoke of in 1969) that "ayn od milvado", "there is nothing besides Him (G-d)", so from the start, they don't even desire to war with us. In fact they join with us.

They enjoy knowing that just as in days of yore, we Jews still stand. Still are protected from above. Still live with miracles. This gives them a chayos. A positive energy.

Even we need to remind ourselves of this as well. 
That's right!

It is easy and seductive for one to fall into the same trap that the Ivrim found themselves in their generation. It is this same trap that is today leading Eretz Yisrael and leaders who could be doing something positive, even religious ones into a potential Holocaust as Glenn Beck pointed out so astutely last night. (Chas veshalom)

But the Lubavitcher Rebbe always says that a Jew has to "leben mit der zeit". Live with the parsha of the week and the events that unfolded in their time as their times of the year come up in our generation. These are times and moments that give a spiritual koach into our activities and enable us to overcome the spiritual and physical enemies today, just as we did in those times. 

If we act as Jews. 
If we act with the same spirit that engaged Jews of those victorious times.

We enjoy the holiday, but living through the national tragedy that the Ivrim brought on their generation in those times was no picnic. 

Today too, we have our Ivrim who claim to be our leaders and they are leading us into the abyss. It will only be with those of us who are the Yehudim, that G-d will bring about once again bring his great salvation and please G-d, the Ivrim will join us and become, as they did in Mordechai's time "Yehudim". With this great unity (as each of us is like the limb of a whole body that cannot lack even the loss of one part Ch"vs), we should all experience the final Geula. Bimhara beyamaynu amen.

I am attaching the Press release in case anyone has a use for it and for those who didn't get it. Thank you Sarah Lehmann for drafting it! 

Collect Post Event Press
Again, followup on the press response is so key after these events, so please collect and send me anything you find. - Thanks!

All the very very best,
Signing off from Gush Katif Museum Headquarters in Chutz LeAretz,
World Lubavitch Headquarters - Crown Heights USA
Raanan Isseroff

*Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Shneerson - from Likutei Diburim from the 1940's. The same idea is brought up as well in "HaKriah VeHakedusah" a paper that was printed during the war years from 1940 until 1947.

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