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Must See: Brigitte Gabrielle video of ACT at anti Sharia Conference (it will also motivate you to support Gush Katif Museum Dinner)


Dear friends, amv"sh

Why am I sending this out now when I am so busy promoting the Gush Katif Museum Dinner?  Because this Dinner in Crown Heights with star studded speakers, Glenn Beck and John Bolton, is a window of  opportunity.  It is an opportunity to make a big Statement. 

Understand that YOUR involvement is as necessary as the wealthiest donors and their contributions.  

When the Temple stood in Jerusalem, each and every Jew was obligated to bring sacrifices and gifts for the Holy Temple as their offering to the Creator.  One with means brought gifts that were plentiful and lavish and one who was without means brought sacrifices of flour and oil.  But our sages teach us that each and every sacrifice was necessary, important, accepted, noted and appreciated as per the intent in the donors heart no matter what the amount.

This museum was established partially to document what happened in Gush Katif and in order to prevent it from happening again.  My guess is that a house in Gush Katif had the market value of at least $100,000. A very low estimate. How can I live comfortably in my house in Brooklyn when I know that my brothers house in Judea and Samaria is likely to be destroyed.  Behind the scenes, deals are in the making for further painful concessions for the greater "good" otherwise known as the "Peace Process". 

This time, let us do our part to prevent it from happening!  How can we let the refugees from Gush Katif continue to suffer when we did not do our share to help them before the gov't brutally destroyed their homes and communities.  At the very least, let us support them now and prevent further tragedies. Let our investments for this Dinner send a message to the World at Large and with G-d's help, stop our enemies from within and without! 

Eretz Yisroel is OURS and not Palestinian.  This is what is written in the Torah and this is the Divine will.  We are not the "Occupiers" and the Palestinians are not a people. No more expulsions! Yehudi Lo Megaresh Yehudi! Jews should not Expel Jews! Unfortunately, there are individuals who call themselves Jews, yet for whatever reason they empower our enemies. There are individuals who are not Jewish yet they empower the Jewish people and proclaim G-d's Law.

Don't let this fight be fought by others.  Make it your own.  The Holocaust happened and the Disengagement happened because good people stood by and didn't do their part. Saying Tehillim, Psalms, after the fact will not bring back the houses.  History has shown that when disaster strikes, good people come together to pool their resources and all of a sudden the money is no longer a consideration.  After all, when ones house is destroyed and all is lost, priorities of money,  time and  energies are totally reevaluated. Finally, what is most precious to us in life gets the attention it deserves.  

Why wait for a disaster before prioritizing.  Do it now when there still time and our assets are in tact.  And if you need a little more motivation of why you should come and/or support this dinner to the extent you can, watch Brigitte Gabrielle!  You will better understand the fight and why YOU too must join to combat this evil.  And if you ask why we depend on  non Jews to get our message across, it is because they are Hashem's messengers and they are influential and they will be the first ones to say that what is good for Israel and Jews is good for America.  The first line of defense for America is defense of Israel which can only happen by defending what is clearly, written in the Torah.  Thank you for listening.

(Thank you Ted Ackerman for sending)
Friends:Maybe you have seen this, maybe not, this woman is amazing!!! Send this to everyone!!! A must see video.  Very scary but informative.This is frightening, This is a very telling lecture. It hits at the root of what is happening in American Universities, and what is happening to our culture. This fight is as real and costly as any combat this nation has been through in the past. The battlefield is non-conventional, but so are the methods of our enemies. Please take the time to listen. Note: If the video stops partly through, just click on the blank section and it will continue. Click here: <;bclid=0&amp;bctid=1271237687001> 

and then read what Beth Gilinsky of NCJA sent out today which will validate that all the concerns of Brigitte Gabrielle are justified!

Beth Gilinsky
8:56 AM (3 hours ago)
to nationalconfer.

From NCJA Academia and Campus Life Task Force Chairman, Tammi Benjamin. Please circulate this to your lists and take action.


February 15, 2012

Please circulate and help publicize widely the egregious misuse of the resources and imprimatur of a California public university to promote an assault against the Jewish state.  This is not just a California problem: similar abuses are occurring in many universities across the nation, with the use of federal and state taxpayer money.

We need your help.


Largest Public University in U.S. Promotes Anti-Israel Speaker on its Campuses

Ilan Pappe is an Israeli Jewish academic who harbors deep animosity towards the Jewish state, has publicly called for its elimination, and engages in activities to harm its citizens, such as a campaign to boycott Israeli academics, which he helped to found. In addition, he openly supports the terrorist organization Hamas and falsely accuses Israel of "crimes against humanity," including "genocide" and "ethnic cleansing."
He will speak February 20, 22, and 23 on three California University campuses with official sponsorship and funding by University departments and administrative offices. In addition, on each campus the event has been organized and promoted by a faculty member or top university administrator who has publicly expressed his or her hatred of Israel and has participated in many anti-Israel events, including the campaign to boycott Israeli academics.
Although we are concerned about Ilan Pappe's talk per se, we are more concerned that the talks are organized and promoted by officials and faculty of the California State University system,  using the name, resources, and imprimatur of CSU, in order to vilify and harm the Jewish state and its supporters. In this way, taxpayers like us are subsidizing the promotion of hateful indoctrination in our nation's largest public university.
Please click here to view a letter the AMCHA Initiative has sent to university administrators.
You can also watch the following AMCHA video to learn more about CSU's support for Ilan Pappe's speaking tour by clicking here.
Please consider sending your own respectful letter to one or more of the following individuals, asking them to ensure that official university sponsorship and funding is withdrawn from Ilan Pappe's talks at the three CSU campuses:

Here is the full list of emails:

If you do send a letter, please copy or blind-copy us at:

Thank you!

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin
Co-founder the AMCHA Initiative
Leila Beckwith
Co-founder the AMCHA Initiative

To attend or contribute to the Gush Katif Museum, please call 718-989-2767, or mail your check to "Friends of Gush Katif Museum,"
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