Thursday, February 02, 2012

Thank you for full page ad of Gush Katif Museum but did you have to feature the AFL (American Friends of Likud Dinner) on page 1?


Dear Editor, amv"sh

I am ):sad.   I know that the AFL (American Friends of Likud has advertised in your paper.  Couldn't they have picked other papers to advertise their Dinner.  Did they have to Davka advertise in the Jewish Voice, the most pro Yesha paper in my area as per my observation? My guess is yes.  They want to silence those who are critical of Netanyahus policies and they will davka choose the media of this audience.. 

AFL, especially Netanyahu, has received positive press in your paper that they do not deserve.  I want your readers to know that Netanyahu, the Chairman of the Likud and the current Prime Minister of Israel is not the best friend for Judea and Samaria.  So my advice to you is take their money and advertise but don't put in nice articles about them. Editorial decisions should have no clue as per who is advertising. Not practical?  May Hashem always provide you with Parnossa.  Next time they will take their advertising elsewhere and you will be better off for not supporting their policies and readers like myself won't be disappointed. 

 If readers don't read about happenings in Judea and Samaria in the Jewish Voice then where will they see it? 

Those of us that read Arutz7 or get emails from Mattot Arim or Women in Green, and not the majority of Jews living in Brooklyn do,  know what is happening in Judea and Samaria and are very displeased. See story entitled  

Officer: Army 'Heartless' When it Come to Outpost Demolitions

A top officer in the Israeli Police slammed the participation of Arab workers in the demolition of outposts.

Under Netanyahus administration, soldiers dressed in black have  literally come in the middle of the night,  to Mitzpeh Avichai,  3, 4 am to throw families out of their homes, including babies and children in the freezing rain. The parents were unable to spare their children from witnessing the cruel destruction of their homes. They contract Arabs to gleefully do this dirty work. They come with bulldozers and raze the homes. Looting was  reported.  In Givat Aryeh adjacent to Itamar, they confiscated Sifrei Torah recently dedicated and then proceeded to destroy and desecrate a shul and destroy living quarters of a  family living there. They also destroyed Itamar's newly installed security system.   Please understand that Givat Aryeh was built davka in memory of Tamar Fogel's family hy"d. Tamar Fogel age 12  said in an interview a week following Shiva that "at the Shiva Netanyahu consoled  me saying "they kill and we build" but I told him but we build and you evacuate all the time. We build and you evacuate." ,

 It took only 10 days from the dedication of the Synagogue in Givat Aryeh in memory of the Fogel Family hy"d for the Netanyahus gov't to destroy it.  Tamar, 12 years old predicted it.  

We build you evacuate? More like, "we build and you heartlessly expel and destroy" She and her peers have witnessed first hand and we  their supporters have watched enough of these disturbing videos on You tube to no  longer be naive or trusting of Netanyahu and his administration with Barak calling the cards in Judea and Samaria..

Even now on the eve of elections 

PM Appoints Panel to Write Definitive Report on 'Outpost' Status

A panel has been created to examine land ownership in Judea and Samaria and 're-evaluate' the much criticized Sasson Report

 it was previously reported

Report: Bibi to Sack Ministers Who Back Outpost Law

The Prime Minister will reportedly inform Likud ministers on Sunday that they will be out of a job if they defy him on the Outpost Law. .  Is this new panel because he sincerely cares about the status of the Outposts or is this merely a delay tactic. 

Do I trust Netanyahu not to raze any more homes or make deals resulting in more destruction of homes in Judea and Samaria while this panel is busy investigating?  No I do not.  Sorry. I have lost my  trust in what he says and in his panels of investigations.  I hope to be proven wrong.

 It is for this reason I was not thrilled to see the Likud Dinner featured on front page of Jewish Voice quoting Rumsfield  as saying how courageous Netanyahu is. The Jewish Voice  is usually a good friend of Judea and Samaria. Their business sense got the better of their editorial my opinion.

  Netanyahu is a leader who is bowing to international pressures to the detriment of Israel.  Many nationalists would not call him courageous.   He has lost sight of the broader vision, the dream of 2000 years of the Jewish People of living in our homeland while keeping the commandments bringing peace and prosperity to mankind.

 Netanyahu is fabulous in educating us as per our Biblical, historical connection to the Land and for that received countless standing ovations in Congress.  But then he shiftily, shifts his narrative by one degree and accepts the legitimacy of a PA State. This sends him straight to nowhere in outerspace missing his destination completely.   Please print this letter.  Thank you for listening

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