Sunday, February 05, 2012

Jewish Press Exclusive - Likud Elections Exposed - fabricated results By: Jeremy Saltan


Ani Maamin BeHashem.  I believe in HaKadosh Baruch Hu! 

Dear Knesset Members, amv"sh

Calling for a Motion of No Confidence on Netanyahu and his Administration and to dissolve this leadership in Israel's Knesset

If I thought a recall election in Likud would be trustworthy I would suggest it.

  I don't.  They have betrayed the Jewish People too many times.

 If Likud purposefully fabricated the election results, it's clearly time to dismantle Likud, They have betrayed their members and voters big time!  They have been unfaithful to the Jewish People. They have lost credibility. Who will bring them to Justice???????

Time to create another party and vote for a new Gov't.

Here is a great name!  "Zocher Habrit". Remembering the Covenant. I would call upon all believers of all the parties to join

In Selichos we say Vayikra 26 Pasuk (42) "Vezacharti as Brisi Yaakov, Veaf as Brisi Yitzchok, Veaf es Brisi Avraham Ezkor, Vehaaretz Ezkor". I will remember My Covenant with Jacob and also My covenant with Isaac, and also My covenant with Abraham will I remember, and I will remember the Land. (43)The Land will be bereft of them; and it will be appeased for its sabbaticals having become desolate of them; and they must gain appeasement for their iniquity, because they were revolted by My ordinances and because their spirit rejected My decrees.  Please read 

Lichvod HaRav Eliashiv: re: testimony that will help stop destruction of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria


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