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Dear List, amv"sh

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From time to time I forward to you the Toronto Zionist Council weekly newsletter.  I happen to love it.  I would love if each and every shul would downloaded it, print copies and placed in shuls to be read after davening.  (It's dangerous to have it nearby during davening because people might get distracted).  I wish some mainstream newspapers would  incorporate it in their own newspapers.  As you can see it is jammed packed, 4 pages with no advertisements, just breaking news and expert analysis of current events that are often hidden items from the general Jewish public. The publishers are not beholden to anyone except their passionate love for Israel and their devoted volunteers and fans who run around Erev Shabbos making sure it gets delivered to the Shuls in Toronto.   No wonder Toronto has such a great love for Eretz Yisroel.   Yossi Winter, President of the TZC is the editor. His items are straight off the press.  My understanding of this newsletter was that the driving force was Izzy Kaplan of blessed memory a dedicated and Jewish activist for Israel par excellence!  If you are reading this on my blog and there is no attachment, email me at and I will email it to you or bertter yet send an email to "Yossi Winter" <>,  or "Toronto Zionist Council" <> and subscribe. 

Shabbat Shalom UmeVorach!

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Here is this week's Toronto Zionist Council Newsletter. Please print a few copies and take them to shul as well, forward it to those who would appreciate knowing what is happening in Israel, and to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the issues facing Israel and Israelis.


It is in PDF format and should display properly with Acrobat reader, which is a free download from It will print neatly on four 8.5x11 pages or two up on each side of 11x17 and then folded in half.


Thanks and Shabbat Shalom,


Paul Rotenberg

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