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An open letter to Moshe Feiglin following the election


Dear Manhigut Yehudit  People under the Direction of Moshe Feiglin, amv"sh

You are a dedicated, loyal, sincere passionate and devoted group. You gave it your all yet things didn't turn out as you hoped and expected. 

 I myself was inspired to campaign for you against Netanyahu.  My inspiration was partly sparked by the example of Bob Turner a New York Republican who defeated a Democrat who happened to also be an Orthodox Jew in a largely Democrat district,. Turner succeeded in winning much of the Democratic Jewish vote. How did this happen? Democrat Leaders such as Ed Koch made convincing arguments that simply said that a vote for RepublicanTurner was a loud statement against Obama and the direction of the Democratic party. Non stop telemarketing calls of Rabbanic endorsements for Bob Turner told the religious voters that a vote for Turner was a Jewish and moral statement against gay marriage.

This campaign strategy worked for New York, yet this logical campaign strategy didn't work for Manhigut Yehudit.

 I  myself figured that the masses of Nationalists would see this as a golden opportunity to vote against Netanyahu and his settlement bashing. But it wasn't the case. (Incidentally, I'd be curious to know what percentage of blank protest votes there actually were.The actual percentage of the people voting for Netanyahu would then be that less than 75%. )

Surely it is easier for me than for you to say Gam zu LeTova.  (This too is for the good)

I will share my thoughts and I hope it makes you feel somewhat better and hopefully convince you to reconsider your direction. I thought to myself.  Moshe Feiglin is too good for Likud.  If he would have won, Likud would not be the proper vessel for him.  Maybe Hashem did him a favor by not allowing him to win under the umbrella of Likud.  Likud would not have been able to contain his message.  Likud is too flawed. They have too much baggage to carry around for any wholesome and idealistic leader.

 I found this beautiful story in Lazer Brody's web site that I'd like to share with you.

Rabbi Yisrael Salanter of saintly and blessed memory was an immensely pious man, but a he lived a life of poverty. His wife once heated up some milk that they could barely afford; the milk came to a vigorous boil, overflowed, and spilled onto the floor. A person with no emuna would have likely yelled at his wife, "Stupid! Why are you so careless?" One can imagine how a bit of spilled milk could trigger a domestic war…

No, there was no war in the Salanter home. Rabbi Yisrael asked his wife, "Sweetheart, what do you think we did wrong to deserve the milk being spilled?" His wife pondered for a moment and remembered that she forgot to leave the payment for the milk in the prearranged hiding place for compensating the milkman. If the milk hadn't spilled, she would have forgotten to pay him entirely. Negligence in paying a debt is a serious violation of Torah. What's more, the milkman – out of respect to Rabbi Yisrael – might have been embarrassed to claim what's due. Then, the Salanters would have been guilty of swindling the milkman, G-d forbid. As such, they were happy that the milk spilled because it saved them from serious transgressions.

The Salanters' story has a happy ending because of emuna. Without emuna, little stories with happy endings become major dramas with tragic outcomes. Walking the path of emuna is like walking in a flowering botanical garden where one flower is prettier that the next. The path without emuna is a perilous jungle of negative emotions -- snake-pits of anger, quick sands of depression, poison spiders of anxiety, and torturous nightmares. Isn't it better to choose the garden?


Dear readers of this post: Nationalists for EY are comprised of many political parties.  Some are fans of Feiglin and others are fans of National Union or whatever party. Let us learn from the lyrics of a popular song from production of "Oklahoma" entitled  "Oh the Cowboy and the Farmer Should be Friends......Territory folks should stick together...."  

May all of us who love Eretz Yisroel Hashleima stick together and  unite under the common umbrella of Torah and with Hashem's help find the key to victory.



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