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5768.09.14 June 17, 2008 Israel the Land of My Posession. Newsletter Format

Sivan 14, 5768
Wednesday, June 17th 2008.   
Dear Fellow Friends and Activists, amv"sh
Thank you for subscribing and for reading these emails. Rather than sending you multiple emails daily  I am combining items so that the people on my list will bli neder get just one email a day with multiple line items rather than multiple emails. If you receive more than one email a day it's because the other emails are sent to you personally rather than as a result of being on my list.   Many of the line items are taken from you, individuals/organizations totally committed to Yishuv Haaretz.  It is my intention to promote and network heroic individuals and organizations whose essence represents love of Torah, Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel and to inspire healthy activism for Yishuv Haaretz with energies that we receive from each other. Thank you Rabbi Algaze for the title of this newsletter.  If you wish to endorse this newsletter please let me know by sending me your name and/or a picture of your logo and/or a description of your organization and it will be posted on the newsletter.  It is our collective contributions of material that makes this newsletter and has inspired me. Feel free to circulate line items.  Thanks. Robin Ticker.
1. RCRF - Evelyn Haze Anniversary of Dedication Rosh Chodesh Tammuz July 3rd. 2008
2. SOS  Rabbi Yaakov Yosef - calls for establishment of new political party
3. Women in Green - Halamish Brothers, Pidyon Shvuyim update



1. RCRF - (Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation) Evelyn Haze
10th Year Anniversary of  Dedication of Rachels Children RF Sefer Torah at Kever Rachel Rosh Chodesh Tammuz Thursday, July 3, 2008 in Beis Lechem,
Save the date.  More details to follow

RACHEL'S CHILDREN RECLAMATION FOUNDATION 60 West End Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11235 718-648-2610, <rachelschildren@gmail.com> .054-224-2649 and EMUNAH OF JERUSALEM cordially invite you to join us for our Tenth Year Anniversary of the Dedication of the RCRF Sefer Torah at Kever Rachel  Rosh Chodesh Tammuz Thursday, July 3, 2008,  Rachel's Tomb and Beit Bnei Rachel.

As Israel recognizes 60 years as a modern state, RCRF recognizes over 3600
years that the Nation of Israel was completed by Rachel Imeinu when she
gave birth to Benyamin on the way completing the twelve tribes.
We will celebrate the Anniversary by reading the Torah in Kever Rachel,
hearing our great leaders and remembering our past and so very worthy
participants. A buffet brunch will conclude this remembrance day.
Sadly we will recognize those who particpated in our historical event and
are not longer with us on  this tenth year anniversary .

HaRav Avraham Shapira, A'H hosted the seuda.
Rabbanite Tsifia Goren , A"H was recognized for  the reclamation of Rachel's Tomb, the keys given to her husband HaRav Shlomo Goren, A"H as he passed on the way from the liberation of the
Kotel on the way to Hebron.

We will also recognize Adir Zik, A"H our dear video producer.

2. SOS  Rabbi Yaakov Yosef  -Exclusive interview with Eretz Yisroel Shelanu  a MUST READ
"...It is high time for new leadership of people whose intent and purpose is for the sake of Heaven and will not sell the Jewish land or people down the river. "
3. Women in Green - Halamish Brothers, Pidyon Shvuyim Vigil
This coming TUESDAY JUNE 17th, 2008,Women in Green will hold a vigil in front of the "Third Annual  Conference on Quality of the Government" at Binyanei Hauma protesting the continued incarceration of Itzik and Danny Halamish, prisoners of Zion in Zion,and demanding their immediate release.

The fact that Itzik and Danny are in jail despite them having not done anything wrong, and their Arab assailants are walking around free, is the best proof that in Israel there is no quality of government and that the authorities are corrupt, rotten, anti-Jewish and anti-Zionistic.

We will hold placards and hand out leaflets explaining the Halamish case and demanding their release.  

The authorities want us to keep quiet and bury the Halamish case… A case of legal persecution of loyal Jews by the authorities and a case of capitulation to the Arab enemy-  

Women in Green will not keep quiet. At the contrary! Be there and make your voice heard! 

We will meet at 10:00am in front of the main entrance to Binyanei Hauma.

 Ruth Matar - Nadia Matar (0505-500834)- Anita Finkelstein (0505-777254)                                          Women in Green   www.womeningreen.org

4.  Asher Eder - Root and Branch

Summary from an essay entitled



By Dr. Asher Eder


The ruling wing of Islam has severed its original ties with the "Book" (the Tanakh, Hebrew Bible) and the "People of the Book", Israel. It plays out the idea of Jihad, and the quest of Jerusalem.

In Islamic view, a Jihad can end only with a complete victory - or else with an unreserved admittance that waging it was wrong from the start.

The Koran itself suggests such a change of attitude which can help paving the way to mutual understanding, trustworthy peace, and co-operation:


1. It stresses the continued validity of the "Book" – Jonah 38; Table 52;   Cow 172; Believers 56;

    Bee  45-47; and others;

2. it recognizes the teachings of the Prophets, even of the rabbis - Table 48,

   (notwithstanding Repentance 30-35);

3. it recognizes the peculiarity of Israel and the unparalleled gifts to its people  (incl. the Land) –

    Hobbling 15;  Cow 44,  116; Smoke 30;

4. the Holy Land prescribed for Israel - Table 23;

5. Israel admonished to stand firmly on the Torah – Table 73, et al;

6. it was Allah who settled the Children of Israel there – Jonah 93;

7. Israel rebuked for not fighting for her land - Cow 60, 247;

8. David's kingdom (Zion), and Psalms, confirmed, and he being acknowledged as a Divine viceroy

    and judge on earth – Zad 19, 25, 28; Cow 252 [cf. Is. 28:16];

9. the Psalms and the Prophets speak of Israel's return to the land and to Jerusalem, and so does the  

    Koran – Bani Israel 8, 105;

10. Israel often harshly rebuked in the Koran, but there is no cancellation of the Covenant or of the


11. on the contrary, the words of the Prophets shall surely be established – Greeks 5; Hobbling 31;

     Believers 76;

12. Abraham is called a true believer, i.e. Moslem - Imram 60; Pilgrimage 77;  Cattle 162; and so are

     the Prophets – Table 48, notwithstanding their keeping Shabbat and their direction of prayer

     toward Jerusalem;

13. Abraham established

      a) Mount Moriah in Jerusalem for Israel - Gen. 22:2; 2.Chron.3:1;

      b) the Kaaba in Mecca for Ishmael - Cow 119, 123;

14. Quiblah (direction of prayer) for Muslims to Mecca, and for Jews to Jerusalem

     (Cow 140,143) - yet see also Cow 171, and 1.Kings 8:41-53!

15. Koran admits different religious rites, and urges us to emulate in good works - Cow 143;

      Table 53; Pilgrimage 66;

16. the God of Israel and the God of Ishmael is ONE GOD – The Spider 45; Counsel 14;

17. Allah wants to be honored by forgiveness and love - Table 15-17; Woman Tested 7; Counsel 14.

18. Rassul Mohammed, as the "Seal of the Prophets" (Confed.40), confirms them!


It is the words of the Prophets which provide the base for true peace

(Democracy being merely a form of a people's government but not its soul,

should be guided by them)



Dr. Asher Eder, Jewish Co-Chairman, Islam-Israel Fellowship,

                        Root and Branch Assoc. Ltd,  Yerushalayim/Israel

The essay which carries a supportive foreword by Prof Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi, is available by request from: 


  rb@rb.org.il ; or: www.rb.org.il  ; or: avrason@netvision.net.il


If you wish to stop receiving this newsletter please let me know. This will be posted on http://shemittahrediscovered.blogspot.com/ so at your convenience you can review the newsletter there.

ENDORSEMENTS: This newsletter is honored to be endorsed by RCRF(Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation   Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation is a 501c3 formed in 1995 to
reclaim Jewish Identity, the Midos of the Matriarchs and Patriarchs, to
save Rachel's Tomb from Oslo Redeployment, to reclaim Kever Rachel for her
Children, Grandchildren and her Jewish Generations. It has initiated
writing contests, written a song, did Twinning Ceremonies, acquired a Sefer
Torah for Kever Rachel and another for Beit Bnei Rachel, the only Jewish
owned property within the walled Rachel's Tomb complex of which Rachel's
Children Reclamation Foundation is the majority owner. It is in the process
of establishing a post-Ulpana Midreshet Chaya Rachel and Ruth, a Museum of
Jewish Aliyah, a Beit Medrash, a Simcha/Bas Mitzvah Center and Biblical
Garden with a Replica of the Old Kever Rachel with four columns and a dome
which will be as a Chuppah, Dais, Bandstand for events in our Grand Garden

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