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5768.09.05 Action Alerts and News. ISRAEL THE LAND OF MY POSSESSION

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1. Let's Get Real!  Paul Eidelberg . Jewish Claim to the Land (
2. Rav Mordechai Eliyahu Shlita "I Was Up There..."  Miracle!
3. 29 Year Old Israeli Woman Jailed For Ideological Dissent Please Help Imprisoned Rivka Meirchik (
4. Palestinian Flags at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem  (  Womeningreen, Yisroel Medad)
5.   Fatah and Hamas use identical symbols to teach children hatred of Israel (
1. Let's Get Real!

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

What Justifies the Jewish Claim to the Land of Israel?

The Balfour Declaration?

The Mandate of the League of Nations (or San Remo Conference) that
affirmed Balfour?

The Holocaust?

The United Nations Resolution of November 1947?

Historical rights?  Natural rights?  Human rights?

The Arabs say "No" to all of the above, and any good international
lawyer or political scientist could make a case for them-which is not
to say the Arabs have a better claim than the Jews.

So let us add "God" or God's Covenant with the Patriarchs to justify
the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel.  Obviously, the Arabs reject
this claim in the name of Allah.

This being the case, or since no claim to the Land of Israel is
self-evident-like the whole is greater than any of its parts-it comes
down to a question of power.

Yes, I know there is a legal axiom that possession is nine-tenths of
the law.   Thus, when Israel regained possession of Judea, Samaria,
Gaza, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai, Israel's government might
have said to Israel's enemies: "Tough, fellows, you lost.  Better
luck next time. End of Story."

For once you engage in peace talk with the Arab, you have lost the war.

So let's downplay the legalisms, the histories, and the pieties.  If
Israel can't muster the will and the power to enforce its claim to
the Land of Israel, it will lose this land.  But to strengthen its
will and magnify as well as exert its power, Israel will need very
different kinds of leaders and very different kinds of institutions.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is not going to happen until Israel
raises up a leader whose fear of God is greater than his fear of
Washington, or whose love and awed-admiration of his people's
heritage is greater than his concern about Israel's reputation as a
democracy.  Period.

2. Rav Mordechai Eliyahu Shlita "I Was Up There..."

After an hour and 40 minutes of unconsciousness and undergoing
resuscitation, the first words HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu Shlita, said
upon waking up , "I was up there and returned to this world."

When the Rav woke up after head surgery, the Rav cried out loud "The
decree has been annulled." In another instance, when he was half
conscious, he revealed, "I'm in middle of being judged."

Professor Doctor Cohen, the Rav's doctor, said the following, "I
didn't believe we'll succeed. I felt as if a Malach  (angel) from
Shamayim performed the operation together with me. It is not possible
that a person that went through 2 heart attacks and head surgery will
remain alive even one minute.

I'll not be reporting this specific medical report because they will
say I'm lying. It is not natural; an angel was protecting him. I
believe there is Go.d."

A nurse who witnessed the miraculous turn of events said, "I didn't
know beforehand who this Rav is. But we all understand that what
transpired is a true miracle. This Rav is a Tzaddik and Shamayim
(heaven) helped him. Otherwise, I cannot begin to understand how he
stayed alive after all that he went through this month.

Medically, it does not make sense."

HaRav Shmuel Zafrani, Rav Mordechai Eliyahu's personal assistant,
added, "Two secular doctors that treated the Rav and witnessed this
great miracle are very seriously considering doing Teshuva. "

In a very short conversation, the Rav said the following about
Shavuot, "We must increase learning Torah, respecting Shamayim and
completely repent. A Jew that is suffering should pray by Kever
Tzaddikim and say, "Master of the Universe, in the merit of the
Tzaddik, accept my prayers.' One has to be extremely careful not to
pray to the Tzaddik, only to HKB'H (G-d) and ask HaShem to save him
in the merit of the Tzaddik. Also, we must increase in charity and
not be rude when giving charity."

The Rav also emphasized, "HKB'H wants us to authentically regret our
bad behavior and this should come directly from the heart. The
strength of Am Israel is learning the Torah and loving one another.
When Jews live in a land without Torah and unity, all the terrible
decrees arrive."

Translated from Ynet,7340,L-3551977,00.html

Rav Mordechai Eliyahu Shlita's health is slowly improving but is
still hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit. Please continue to
pray for HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu Tzemach Shlita ben Mazal Tov -

LIVING in Eretz Israel is the equivalent of all the Mitzvot of the
Torah (SifrI, Parashat Re'eh, TOSEFTA, AVODA ZARA 5:2)

3. 29 Year Old Israeli Woman Jailed For Ideological Dissent Please Help Imprisoned Rivka Meirchik
 KFAR SABA -- An Israeli judge has sent a Jewish dissident back to jail for another month after deeming the defendant's refusal to cooperate with the authorities an ideological crime.  
   Rivka Meirchik, 29, who was arrested two months ago, is being held until the end of judicial proceedings. She has refused to cooperate with authorities. Her next hearing is scheduled for June 19.  
   Ms. Meirchik was arrested on April 2 in the Jewish community of Shvut Ami in the northern West Bank after police ordered all Jews evacuated from the area. Meirchik was charged with trespassing, assaulting a police office and disobeying military orders after the area was proclaimed a closed military zone. For her part, she said that she was beaten by police. She has since been held in the Neve Tirza prison.
   Meirchik was brought to court appearances manacled and on April 14, Kfar Saba Magistrate Nava Bechor ordered her held in leg-irons and handcuffs throughout the hearing. Border policeman Nasid Sayad (an Arab) testified that Meirchik had assaulted him and resisted arrest while she was sitting on the ground.  
   Sayad, who said he bent down to touch Meirchik's bag, first said Meirchik bit him when she was sitting down and later testified that Meirchik also slapped him.  
   Her lawyer asked Sayad to demonstrate how a police office, over one meter tall, with a second police officer at his side, was slapped and bitten by a very slight young woman in a sitting position. Sayad refused to cooperate with the defense's request.
   Visoli said he will appeal to the Supreme Court to have Meirchik released immediately. He said that it isn't a crime in Israeli law not to recognize the authority of the court.  
   "It's shocking," Visoli said. "Her incarceration is illegal and so is keeping her in custody until the end of proceedings."

Please Call The Military Attache at the Israeli Embassy in Washington. Israel is sensitive to public opinion, especially that of American Jews.
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4. Palestinian Flags at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem

 From: Yonatan Adler
Sent: Thursday, June 05, 2008 2:14 PM
Subject: PLO Flags at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Inbal Hotel and... the
Palestine Liberation Organization?!?!

Last Friday, as I drove by the Inbal hotel in
Jerusalem on my way home from Friday errands, I noticed a number of large banner-flags hanging along the facade of the Inbal. There were flags from various countries - the United States, England, Germany, Spain, and... Palestine!!

I couldn't believe what I was looking at - a huge PLO flag draped on the front of the Inbal hotel in the heart of

When I arrived home, I immediately called the Inbal hotel to ask why they had a PLO flag draped across the front of their hotel. The answer that I received was that the hotel was hosting a conference, and that the organizers had requested that the PLO flag be displayed together with the national flags of various countries.

I promptly returned to the hotel in order to meet with the general-manager of the Inbal, Mr. Rodney Sanders to inquire why an Israeli hotel in the heart of
Jerusalem would think to fly a huge PLO banner. Mr. Sanders presented the same laconic reply as I had received on the phone.

Upon leaving the hotel, I found more PLO flags displayed in the lobby, which I photographed (see attached photo - please note the Inbal insignia in the background).

At this point, the security in the lobby quickly escorted me outside, and I was unable to photograph the banner outside.

I believe that the Inbal hotel should be taken to task for this provocative behavior. The general-manager of the hotel, Mr. Rodney Sanders may be contacted at the following ema
il address:


Jonathan Adler

  5.   Fatah and Hamas use identical symbols to teach children hatred of Israel (

May 25, 2008
Palestinian Media Watch

Fatah and Hamas use identical symbols

to teach children hatred of Israel

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
Teaching children that all of Israel is occupied "Palestine" is a backbone of Palestinian Authority education for both Fatah and Hamas. 

Both Hamas and Fatah recently broadcast TV programs featuring children with giant keys hanging from their necks, and  names of Israeli cities written on the keys. The key, a symbol of ownership, is a prominent Palestinian symbol indicating their claim of ownership over all Israeli cities and all of Israel. It also represents their demand that residents of refugee camps be settled in these Israeli cities.

The Fatah children's keys include the names of Israeli cities Haifa, Ramla, Acre, Jaffa, Beer Sheva.
The Hamas children's keys include the names of Israeli cities Haifa, Ramla, Acre, 
Beit Shean, Jerusalem.



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f: +972 2 624 2803

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