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5768.09.23 Addendum- Israel the Land of My Possession - Do4Israel Media Watch on Yated and OU, ZOA.


23rd Sivan 5768
June 26, 2008

Shabbat Shalom!  Though I try to send out only one email a day. this email will be sent out today instead of tomorrow. Kol Tuv,

This is a collection of insights from members of Ait Laasot, do4israel, activists who speak out with clarity for Eretz Yisroel. and their dismay at major Jewish Organizations/MEDIA who do not speak out with clarity.

1.  AIT LAASOT! Statements of Belief with Clarity .

The JIDF  Jewish Internet Defense Force.

3. Jewish Media and Jewish Organization Watch - Ask the OU

Jewish Media and Jewish Organization Watch - Ask the Yated

Jewish Media and Jewish Organization Watch - Ask the ZOA

1.  AIT LAASOT! Statements of Belief with Clarity.

This Land is G-d's, G-d gave this Land to Israel.

The World is Blessed When the Jews Keep the Commandments in Eretz Yisroel.

The 2 State Solution and Land for Peace negates G-d's Covenant with Israel.

The Land of Israel only Produces for it's Rightful Owner, the People of Israel.

The Roadmap, Land for Peace, the Gaza Disengagement was/is a Disaster.  Let's cut our losses and start anew!

The Torah Roadmap is the only authentic Roadmap.

Let's start anew with a New US/Israel Policy based on G-d's Covenant/Promise to Israel.

Only Am Yisroel can fulfill the Commandments in Eretz Yisroel.

Each and every Jew Has an Inheritance in Eretz Yisroel.

Each of us can help settle Eretz Yisroel and be a partner in Yishuv Haaretz.

Mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim is not a political Statement

2. The JIDF 
The Jewish Internet Defense Force


40 Nations Pledge $242 Million to help aid and abet "Palestinian" terrorists

Certainly with the terrorist groups Hamas and/or Fatah in charge, these funds will not go toward the stated purpose, but rather, toward more war and bloodshed with the Jewish people. -The JIDF

Source: JTA (edited for accuracy by the JIDF)

Representatives of some 40 nations attended Tuesday's event devoted to planning for an independent "Palestinian" state dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

for more go to link above.

3. Jewish Media and Jewish Organization Watch - Ask the OU

ASk the ou! is it kosher? to support a two state solution
Is it kosher to be part of our  organization that supports a two state solution?
'We answer to a higher Authority not the ou'

1)The Torah gave the Jewish People the Land of Israel, therefore the OUR  claim that
it represents a orthodox view is ridiculous
2)The Torah put a great emphasizes on the survival of life and it is of uttermost importance
that even the shabbat could be desecrated to save a life (so what is the ou real agenda $$$$$$$$$$
or leftist backing)what other agendas could come first? don't be fooled by the wording by N.D. from the ou

(It is now a proven fact that the giving back of land causes loss of life)
3)According to international Law as Professor Eli Hertz has written in 'This Land Is MY Land'
 the Jews have clear entitlement to land of israel.
4)The ou and anybody that claims to represent or lead the Jewish must answer to GOD and The
Jewish people and the world

4. Jewish Media and Jewish Organization Watch - Ask the Yated

Shame on you, Yated for your editorial of Sinas Chinam

The hareidi-religious newspaper Yated Ne'eman published a scathing editorial attacking not only the rabbi's ruling, but the entire settlement movement to boot.  "We must remember that the settlements were born in sin," the paper wrote, "and they were established only to transmit a nationalistic message of provocation and taunting of the nations and, like the first Zionists, 'taking our destiny into our hands.'"

"It has now become clear," the paper continued, "that one sin leads to another... and some of them [the religious-Zionists] have now decided that the settlements must be built even on the holy Sabbath... This grave phenomenon reminds us once again that the 'nationalist religion' continues to break down barriers amidst a distorted scale of values according to which, nationalist and Zionist values take precedence over the entire Torah."

Dear Yated, amv"sh

It is your editorial that is a blatant distortion of our Torah.  Eretz Yisroel is Keneged the entire Torah.  Shabbat is Keneged the entire Torah.  It says Es Shabsosai Tishmoru in plural which also includes, Shabbat Haaretz.  How can the editors of the Yated explain how they will keep Shabbat Haaretz w/o the Land?  Do they really believe that giving the Land away to the Palestinians is the proper spirit of Shabbat Haaretz? How do they explain the first Rashi of Braishit?  How do they explain the Covenant that Hashem Promised to the Avot as an eternal Covenant for all generations? How do they explain all of the points of clarity mentioned in statement 1 above.  It is their distortion of the Torah that wishes to pick and choose the Mitzvoth of the Torah when they eliminate Eretz Yisroel from the Torah.  They deny the Nissim Geluyim, open miracles of our generation following the Holocaust in our return to Eretz Yisroel.

If the Torah Leaders would have jumped on the opportunity to instruct all their followers to Eretz Yisroel rather than stay in Eastern Europe, we would have by now had a Torah State rather than the memory of 6,000,000 Jews.

According to Dr. Michael Berenbaum, former director of the research institute attached to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, 50-70% of those murdered by the Nazis "were traditionally religious Jews." Not only were six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, but an entire thousand-year culture of Torah learning was destroyed. Only the Mirrer Yeshiva, of all the great pre-War yeshivos, survived nearly intact.
(Mishpacha 2006)

It's just too bad they didn't make Aliya when they had the opportunity. Isn't it misplaced humility not recognizing their inherent strengths to overpower with love of Torah and with reason and with Siata Dishmaya the chilonim.

Now  is the time to be  Metaken the Chait Hamiraglim and state like we do in bentching Nodeh lecha Hashem Elokein Al Shehinchalta Laavoseinu Eretz Chemda Tova Urechava that  this a Good Land and  we will possess  her and keep her Mitzvoth! 

And even if they do not like the psak that one can allow the non Jew to build on  SHabbos , have they come out with a Psak against  Gezel, stealing ones property, destroying ones parnassa, bashing young  unarmed kids and adults on the heads  with no provocation  whatsoever as in Amona?  What  is the point of learning all the  Gemorrahs regarding property rights if they are silent when there is blatant chillul Hashem in this area? How about all the Mitzvoth Dorayta that were violated during the disengagement and what about the  200,000  Jews to be expelled from Judea and Samaria or the security risks that will chas vechalilia model those in  Sderot  after the disengagement aka expulsion that will even affect yes, Bnei Brak and other Chareidi communities?

5. Jewish Media and Jewish Organization Watch - Ask the ZOA

From an undisclosed anonymous source who was at the ZOA conference today in Washington DC June, 25, 2008.  The following question was asked.  "Should we bring up the 2 State Solution when we lobby our congressmen?"  The answer given by ZOA organizers was not to mention the 2 State Solution but rather to speak about Iran.  A follow update question was "Isn't ZOA a Zionist organization????  How can you not speak out against a Palestinian State and still claim to be a Zionist.

Does the ZOA represent our yearning and desire for Zion or simply wishes to be the one of the players in the Lion's den, not remembering that they are the sheep.  Our only hope for Salvation is in Hakakosh Baruch hu and not in our involvement in the world arena of politics devoid of G-d's wishes and desires for the Jewish people.  Let ZOA first proclaim  the words of  our Holy Torah and  G-d's promise to our forefathers and speak out with clarity against the 2 State Solution.  Let the ZOA reflect upon our holy commandments that bring the blessings and promises for peace and then and only then will their lobbying in Washington carry weight and significance. 

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