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Yesha Action alerts- Rivka Meyerchik, Chazon David, Mishmeret Yesha, Baruch Rofeh Cholim


1. Pidyon Shvuyim. Demonstration Rivka Meyerchik.(Nadia and David Matar)

2. Chazon David outpost rebuilt for the 33rd time. (Nadia and David Matar)

3. Support  Mishmeret Yesha. (Helen Freedman)

4. Baruch Rofeh Cholim. Yosef Chaim ben Mazal Tov of Kiryat Arba  (Tehilla Shimoni)


1. Pidyon Shvuyim. Demonstration Rivka Meyerchik

Prisoner of Zion in Zion

Tomorrow Thursday, June 5th 2008, at 2:30pm there will be a demonstration at the Shalom Court in Kfar Saba (Tchernechovsky street) to demand the immediate release of Rivka Meyerchik, innocent of any crime, who was arrested at the outpost of Shvut Ami and is in prison for the past two months in the neve Tirza prison.

The justice system, the police and the prison authorities are abusing and persecuting this young womanfor her refusal to recognize the authority of the justice system.

 Her  basic human rights are trampled and non-existant.

When brought to court  she is taken out of her cell hand and leg cuffed and she is not allowed to talk to family nor lawyers.

All human rights groups and all lovers of Israel are called to come and protest this grave travesty of justice done against a young Jewish woman in Israel only because she represents those who love the land of Israel.

0505-246770 or 0505-777254

 2. Chazon David outpost rebuilt for the 33rd time

 As we told you, On the eve of the liberation date of Hebron, 29th of Iyar, the IDF has destroyed the Chazon David outpost for the 33rd time.

This time, because of the IDF's lack of sensitivity, destroying the outpost on the day Hebron was liberated, the residents of Kiryat Arba – Hebron decided to rebuild the Chazon David synagogue and make it much bigger. With nightfall, with presence of Rabbi Dov Lior and head of the Kiryat Arba council Tzvi Katzover, a truck unloaded building materials. Throughout mincha and ma'ariv, the afternoon and evening prayers, the sounds of hammers could be heard mingling with the cantor's voice.

After just a few hours, a new synagogue was raised, bearing a massive Star of David.

The elation the builders just intensified when we heard from a trusted source – that Olmert told Condoleezza that "We have taken down four outposts", only to have her tell him that "No, you have taken down only three. Chazon David has been rebuilt".


A drive has been organized, in which every citizens will be able to buy blocks in order to rebuild the outpost, hopefully boasting not only a synagogue but also a neighborhood center.


For contributions and information  contact Yehudit Katzover

at 02-9961292 or at


Attached are pictures of Chazon David partially rebuilt already this morning


link to the arutz 7 Hebrew article with more pix

 3. Support  Mishmeret Yesha

By: Helen Freedman
            Israel is reputed to have one of the best armies in the world. The army, navy, and air force of the IDF have been victorious over and over again in so many miraculous defensive wars. Noting that, one would ask why it is necessary for Israel to have rapid response teams made up of members of the individual communities in which they live. The answer is supplied by an IDF spokesperson, Rabbi Moshe Hager-Lau, a reserve colonel who serves as assistant division commander for reserve forces in Judea and Samaria . He says, "It takes at least ten minutes for the IDF to respond when an infiltration incident occurs. An armed terrorist can kill a whole lot of people in ten minutes."
            What happens in the time it takes for the IDF to appear on the scene of a terrorist attack? If the community is lucky, and the men have been trained by Mishmeret Yesha's crack trainers, the rapid response team drawn from the residents of the community will identify the terrorists and subdue them. In situations where such teams don't exist, horrific murders have taken place.
            It has been my privilege to enlist the services of Israel Danziger as a tour guide for the Chizuk (encouragement) missions conducted semi-annually by Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI). I and the members of the group are continuously amazed at the depth of Danziger's knowledge about the land of Israel . Wherever we travel, he knows the hills, the communities, the farms, the vineyards, the people, and the trees. Mishmeret Yesha  and their groups have planted thousands  of these trees and vineyards. It is his conviction that this is one way of holding onto the land of Israel . We've stopped at some of the rocky hillside areas that Danziger has found for us, and with rudimentary tools, we've dug away at the hard soil, planting our saplings. We've also admired the huge fields of vineyards planted by Mishmeret Yesha. We look forward to drinking the wine from those grapes, and seeing it exported to the U.S.
            Danziger has also taken us to the "factory" in Beth-El where he personally has designed the bullet-proof vests that are provided to the reservists called to active duty. His expert workers – six work full-time – carefully cut out the patterns and sew up the vests which contain pockets and belts and loops of all kinds, anticipating the needs of the soldiers. Of course, there is a sleeve for the bullet-proof shield.
            When Danziger took us to the target practice field where the 12 man team from Yitzhar was being trained, I was moved to tears. Here were Jews practicing with the M-16 rifles supplied by the IDF, so that they could protect the lives of their families and friends. Their instructors were driving them hard, and they were training hard. Life and death matters were at hand, and they were taking it all very seriously.
            The MIshmeret Yesha training is primarily for the threatened communities in Judea , Samaria , Hebron hills, and the former Gush Katif. Here there are communities that are small and largely unprotected by the IDF. Over 100 settlements like Shavei Shomron, Kfar Tapuach, Adei Ad, Shvut Rahel, Bat Ayin, Yitzhar, Itamar, Otniel, Esh Kodesh, Sde Boaz and more, are forced to deal with the constant threats from Arab terrorism that confront them daily.
            Today, as a result of terrorist infiltrations into yeshivas throughout Israel, such as the Mekor Haim high-school yeshiva in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, in Atzmona (before it was destroyed), in Otniel ,and at Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav Yeshiva on March 6, 2008, where eight students were murdered and nine were seriously wounded,  Mishmeret Yesha has been called upon to train rapid response teams in the schools. The organization is ready to do this, but there is one stipulation. There cannot be any Arabs working in the schools – or for that matter in any of the communities – in which training will be supplied. There is the belief that Arabs will either participate in terrorist attacks themselves, as in the case of the Arab driver who worked for the Jerusalem Yeshiva, or they will supply information to others, thereby enabling successful attacks.
            Another outgrowth of the success of Mishmeret Yesha is a plan to arm young men who have completed their army work with M-16's and handguns in order to neutralize terrorists who infiltrate urban facilities. This would be in addition to the guards who are typically posted at all urban public buildings and businesses.
            My question to Israel Danziger is, "Who pays for all of this?" How can enough money possibly be raised to cover the expenses of the training, the vests, the night vision scopes, the communications equipment, the tree plantings, and all the many activities in which the organization is engaged? It costs $18,000 a year just to train one 12 man team. Mishmeret Yesha now trains 30 teams, at a cost of over half a million dollars. That doesn't include all the other costs, and the demand for more training, more equipment, is increasing.  
            Organizations like Friends of the IDF do NOT contribute to the rapid response program of Mishmeret Yesha, and neither does the IDF, except to supply the M-16's for training. At present, the burden of payment is on the shoulders of the organization.
Anyone wishing to share in this burden is encouraged to do so. Send your tax-deductible contribution, to: Mishmeret Yesha  1412 Avenue M , Suite 2363, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11230 . Those wishing to contact Israel Danziger directly can reach him by email at: or by cell phone: 011-972-52-468-9991.
In Canada contact Toronto Zionist Council,
cell phone 416 824 2858
Kol Hakovod to those who respond to this need.

4. Baruch Rofeh Cholim. Yosef Chaim ben Mazal Tov

My name is Tehila Shimoni. I'm 27 years old, the wife of Yosef Chaim Shimoni 28 years old, and mother of Itai, two and a half years old. I would like to tell you about my young family.

My husband and I both were born in Kiryat Arba. He went to the army, to a special unit, "Egoz"- that fights terrorists in Judea and Samaria and against" Hizballah" in Lebanon.

When we married 5 years ago we chose to live in "Giva't Harel"-in the Binyamin Settlements.  This settlement is named after our loved brother in law, Harel Ben Noon, who was murdered by an Arab terrorist on the same hills.

My husband Yosef works in a company that ensures that the Arabs will not take over more lands in our holy land.

A few weeks ago Yosef wasn't feeling well. We went from doctor to doctor and then from one hospital to another, and they told us that it's just an infection. On Israel's Independence Day he was accepted for emergency surgery and unfortunately diagnosed with a very violent cancer that spread in his stomach.

After counseling with doctors, we were told that the treatments in Israel are limited.

My husband and I were raised on the laps of our ancestors: Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rivka, and Ya'akov and Leah, all of whom refused to give up hope.

After searching all over the world we found a clinic in Germany that treats successfully such cases They combine chemotherapy treatment with other unique treatments. We sent a family member to Germany to examine those clinics and we understand that we have to be quick and arrive as soon as possible in order to improve our chances of success.

The estimates of the expenses are 150,000 Euro (almost $250,000) which we don't have, even after opening all our savings.

My uncle, Ofer Ochana, who some of you many know from the Gutnick Center Restaurant in Hebron, suggested that I write and tell you my story. Therefore I ask any of you that can help me save my husband's and the father of my children's (I'm two months pregnant) life!

As it is written "whoever saves one life, it is as if he saved an entire world."

Funds can be donated via the Hebron Fund in NYC,  at 1760 Ocean Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11230 or via internet at Please note on the check or web donation that the funds are for the Yossi Shimoni Fund.

In Israel checks can be deposited in Bank HaPoalim, Branch 695, Account number 595954. Please fax the deposit slip to 02-9944521. More information can be received from Efrat at 050-628-5603 or Moshe at

Also, your prayers are very much needed for: Yosef Chaim ben Mazal Tov.

Thank you very much.


Tehila Shimoni





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