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5769.09.22 Israel the Land of Our Posession. Itamar, Mattot Arim, Shas, OBAMA




22 Sivan 5768

June 24nd 2008


1. Itamar - AMBUSH of Yeshiva Students in Neveh Tzuf Shomron.  Sent by Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith, Mayor Itamar. 1 injured seriously. Tehillim Avraham Meir ben Malkah Chaya.


2. Action Items from Mattot Arim - Susie Dym  URGENT. 


3.  More Activism on behalf of Halamish Brothers, Fax the President of Israel,  

4. The Sanhedrin comes out with a Statement against the impurade

5. Government wishes to bribe Shas

6.  Obama  - Ruth Matar.


1. Itamar - AMBUSH of Yeshiva Students


Dearest Friends and family – today a group of boys that learn at our Yeshiva on Itamar were hiking near a community in Shomron called Neveh Tzuf. While enjoying the beautiful hills of Shomron they were ambushed by terrorist gun fire. Three of them were injured one of them seriously who I  happened to have taught for four years and am personally very close to him -  right now he is undergoing surgery! Please pray for the Refuah Shelema of Avraham Meir Ben Malkah Chaya. Make sure to have him in mind on Shabbat as well. The doctors are optimistic!


Thank you all!


Shabbat Shalom Moshe Goldsmith from Itamar


2.Action Alerts from Susie Dym


FLASH! Before you read about Samir Kuntar, Gilad Shalit and the "Hamas truce", please deal with the following political crisis (3 minutes):
THIS TUESDAY (in 2 days time - 24 June) an important law is supposed to PASS in the Knesset. The problem  here is unbelievable: after MKs not only in Shas but even in Kadima and Labor have promised to vote for this law,  dati Knesset Member Otni Schneller , of all people,  has been filibustering (intentionally delaying  the  vote) so as to help his "boss" (Olmert). This is a crisis that was reported only this morning, in Makor Rishon's Sunday morning edition. The law speaks of closing criminal proceedings against those who protested the Disengagement from Gush Katif and is a symbol of Knesset regret about certain aspects of disengagement. The law is supported by many MKs  from many parties . So,  we need to immediately contact Otni Schneller, who is usually a good MK, so he will stop this nonsense. For example, you can SMS to hi m and his aides   as follows: : STOP FILIBUSTERING - LET TUESDAY'S VOTE HAPPEN!  
Here are the cellphone numbers:     050-2067968  052-3808733    054-5550123 . Or, email to  oschneller@knesset.gov.il . Or, fax to  02-6496742. Or call 02-6408383. You can even call MK Schneller at home in Maaleh Michmash (yes -- he himself is a settler - amazing that HE would block this) if you have the number handy.
Arch-terrorist Samir Kuntar is supposed to be released soon - probably in return for soldiers' bodies. He has said openly, recently, that he intends to return to terror as soon as he is out. As the Jerusalem Post (unlike the Hebrew papers), recently reminded us: "Samir Kuntar... was sentenced to four life sentences in 1979 for the deaths of Danny Haran, 28, his two daughters and a policeman in Nahariya. Kuntar's gang took Danny and four-year-old Einat Haran hostageHaran's wife, Smadar, hid with her two-year-old daughter Yael ... Smadar tried to muffle the girl's cries, and accidentally smothered her.  [T]he terrorists pulled Danny and Einat out of the apartment building and down to the beach ...Kuntar shot Danny Haran at close-range and threw his body into the sea to make sure he died. He then bashed Einat's head on rocks and with butt of his rifle, killing her instantly. "  http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull&cid=1211872831853   
To deal with  the Samir Kuntar crisis, we urgently need reserve soldiers (miluimnikim) from Lebanon 2 who will sign a petition to Olmert. Relatives of soldiers are good too. The petition, whose Hebrew text is above in the Hebrew section, simply says that Samir Kuntar's release is exactly what  Hizbullah terror leader Nasrallah demanded. Giving Nasrallah what he wants, and making him a hero in the eyes of the worst elements of the Palestinian population, makes it clear that Hizbullah won the Lebanon 2 War  and Israel lost. This is extremely dangerous, both for morale and for deterrence.
So please URGENTLY forward this email to any miluimniks (or family members thereof) that you know, asking "your" miluimnik (or soldier's family member) to read the petition and forward full particulars (name, rank, Mispar Ishi, email address, cellphone, city of residence, relationship to soldier) to  victims1@gmail.com and also to sddym@bezeqint.net. Email''s subject should be:  "WILLING TO SIGN AGAINST NASRALLAH & KUNTAR".
It is terrible that Israel has effectively signed a truce with this terror organization.  For example:
Please email to everybody at Prime Minister's office and simply tell them so.  This takes only 2 minutes. How to do it? See below , after paragraph on Gilad Shalit.  
The Hamas has sent us Israelis a threatening letter demanding the release of many bloodthirsty terrorists. To make us feel like giving in  to the letter, it  is  dubbed  in the media  "a letter from Gilad Shalit" -- as though Gilad Shalit was really the one to decide what went into that letter!! The letter does not, of course, mention the  price of Gilad Shalit's release -- terrorists who the security establishment are almost sure will kill again. If you can read Hebrew, here's some unofficial information about the price:  http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-3558382,00.html.  
The Gilad Shalit problem should also  be mentioned in your email to Olmert's office. Here's how to email to Olmert's office:
a. Use these addresses:
 b. Write a   suitable letter, such as:
Dear Mr. Olmert and all senior employees of his office,
Re: The Olmert truce with terrorism + Endangering lives of many soldiers, and children -- for Shalit
- One cannot and must not enter into "truces" with terror organizations. Politically, these only serve to make the terror organization seem both legitimate and important. Meanwhile, militarily, the terror organization utilizes the "truce" time to build up more arms so it can kill more soldiers and shoot more rockets. Once it is ready, it breaks the truce, and the soldiers and people of Israel lose out yet again. Many experts -- from right and from left -- have pointed this out over and over again.
- One cannot and must not let dangerous terrorists out into the street, all ready to kill hundreds more Israelis. Even if the result is freedom for our one soldier -- beloved Gilad Shalit -- one simply cannot do this. It is completely irresponsible. Kindly act responsibly and prevent this disaster.
(you can also CALL  Olmert's office -- about the truce with terror, and about releasing terrorists ostensibly for Shalit: 02-6705555)  
An important and interesting police brutality trial will be held this Thursday 26 June, at 10 AM in Jerusalem. A policeman who trampled a rightwing demonstrator (grandfather with several grandchildren) with a horse will be on trial. Please try to attend -- it's important to be there, if we want to eradicate police brutality to rightwing demonstrators. Go to Russian Compound (Migrash haRusim). Ask for Bet Mishpat haShalom - courtroom of Judge Rivka Freedman-Feldman.
There are sometimes last minute changes, so please call Evelyn 0524831905 that morning or the evening before, just to check.

3.  More Activism on behalf of Halamish Brothers, Fax the President of Israel,  

From: Anita Finkelstein [mailto:anita.wig@gmail.com]
Subject: Fwd: dani and itzhik halamish- IMMEDIATE ATTENTION NECESSARY

 Dear neighbors and friends,

 i am putting out this message as a call to each member of tekoa , efrat and the rest of gush etzion(and requesting that everyone pass on this message to as many of your friends/family/etc)!

we must do all that we can do to help our neighbors from maaleh rechav'am, Dani and Itzhik Halamish. They have already been sitting in prison for a month without having committed ANY crime, in fact the opposite is the case.They should have been awarded a medal for defending all of us in eastern gush etzion. (anyone whois not familiar with all the details of their case  can contact me or i believe simply 'google' their names-but i will be pleased to pass on all the details!!)

The Committee to Free the HAlamish Brothers calls on all of us who have not yet taken any action to help them( or have taken action already, but want to do more), to :

- sign the petition to free them at:

 -  CAll and/or FAX the President's HOuse/Office and request/demand(however each person wishes to phrase the request!) that the brothers be released/given pardon ASAP!

    (The requests for their pardon/release was made officially as soon as their appeal was rejected). We know that the President is supposed to be making a decision in the next

     few days so that the more he hears the 'people's voice' the better and right away!!!

     Tel: 02-6707211

    Fax:02-6707274 (dept. of pardons of the president's house) or 02-5671314

 -  Anyone who wishes to make a financial donation to Dani or Itzhik or their families can contact me and i will give you all the details.

 We must ACT now to help! Remember, any of us could be in the brothers' situation!!

 Thank you for your attention and actions!!

 anita finkelstein


 4.The Sanhedrin comes out with a Statement against the impurade

5 Government wishes to bribe Shas


However, Olmert has yet to give up on his efforts to block the dissolution motion. Earlier in the day he met with Shas Chairman Eli Yishai to try and persuade the religious party not to vote in favor of the Knesset dissolution bill.

 Olmert's office said that "the prime minister is opposed to providing child welfare stipends based on professional research proving that increasing payments maintain poverty and societal gaps. The incentives presented to Shas can remove many people from poverty and Olmert will not increase the child welfare payments."

 As part of his efforts to appease Shas, Olmert offered Yishai a budget increase of over NIS 1 billion for the low-income population but not through child welfare payments. Yishai rejected the offer and discussions between the sides are expected to continue until Wednesday's vote.

6.  Obama warning.



Letter from Ruth Matar (Women in Green) Jerusalem
Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Friends,

I received an e-mail on June 19 from my friend Patti DiBella who lives in Florida, the United States. In this e-mail she asked me to "keep telling the truth, the land of Israel and the U.S. is depending on it!"

Dear Patti, I am very intent on presenting the whole picture truthfully. I spend much time each week researching information for the week's article. I am therefore going to give exact sources so that you can check them for yourself! For example for this week's article I found a video which can viewed on:

The Obama campaign has made much of Senator John McCain's advanced age. (McCain is 71 years old.) Obama has even commented that "McCain is losing his bearings as he pursues this nomination!" This was in response to McCain's comment: "If Senator Obama is favored by Hamas I think people can make judgments accordingly."

Actually, I think that it is Obama who is losing his bearings!

As an example: You are probably aware, that Senator Barack Obama recently "lost his bearings" when he said on May 9, 2008, in Beaverton, Oregon, that he had campaigned in all 57 states:

"It is just wonderful to be back in Oregon and over the last fifteen months we have traveled to every corner in the United States. I have now been in 57 states …I have one left to go… Alaska and Hawaii I really wanted to go but my staff didn't allow me to visit."

Where did Obama get the number 57?

It is more than shocking that a candidate for the presidency of the United States does not know that there are only 50 states in the U.S.!  It is even more shocking that he specifically uses the number 57! My further research on the Internet indicates that there are 57 Islamic states!

The following article from the Internet is possibly an indication of why Obama incorrectly thought the number of U.S. states to be 57.

How the Islamic states dominate the UN Human Rights Council. http://www.iheu.org/node/2546

Every year from 1999 to 2005 the Organization of the Islamic Conference, representing the 57 Islamic states, presented a resolution to the UN Commission on Human Rights, called "Combating Defamation of Religions." …By 2005, the Commission for Human Rights had become widely discredited. In the words of then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan ".. the selectivity and politicizing of its activities [were] in danger of bringing the entire UN system into disrepute". The Commission was abolished by vote of the UN General Assembly in 2006 and replaced by a shiny new Human Rights Council which met for the first time in March 2006. Of the first four resolutions passed by the Council, three were resolutions condemning Israel. Whatever breaches of human rights law Israel may have committed, it beggars belief that these were the only violations of human rights on the planet worthy of condemnation by the Council. By way of contrast, the Council adopted a resolution which inter-alia congratulated the Sudan for its efforts to bring peace to Darfur!

Was Obama's use of the figure "57" to describe the number of states in the U.S. just a Freudian slip? Many friends I have spoken too feel that this is most likely the case.

However, this "Freudian slip" has made me worry more than ever about Obama becoming the first Arab-American president.

With Blessings and Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar

P.S. The definition of "Freudian slip" according to the Encarta dictionary - psychologically significant slip of tongue: an accidental mistake, usually the use of the wrong word in a sentence, thought to betray somebody's subconscious preoccupations http://encarta.msn.com/dictionary_/Freudian%2520Slip.html

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