Sunday, June 08, 2008

Fwd: unbelivable Obama video

I believe that G-d has given us a choice.  That choice is Obama or Huckabee.   Obama is evil and Huckabee is a mentch, a G-d fearing man.  Use your clout to convince McCain to put Huckabee as his running mate.  At the Aipac Convention McCain clearly feels that we have a peace partner with Fatah.  We know that Fatah and Hamas are synonymous.  Only Huckabee will speak out for G-d's Covenant with the Jewish People and that Israel is the Land of our Ancestors, our forefathers,  and that G-d gave Israel to the Jewish People.  Huckabee is a courageous man that speaks out against a 2 State Solution or rather he said let it be in Saudi Arabia.   
Even if McCain is chosen over Obama, People must lobby McCain to recognize that Oslo and the 2 State Solution is a dismal failure.  America  must cut it's losses and start over with a New USA/ISRAEL Foreign Policy that is based on G-d's Covenant, G-d's Promise to the Jewish People.  We must reject the 2 State solution for the sake of freedom and democracy and truth.  Huckabee has the right idea.  Israel must be allowed and encouraged to defend it rightful borders.  The gov't of Israel does not represent the Jewish people and therefore the Jewish people have no obligation to support the policies of the gov't of Israel which include Land for "Peace".  Such a statement from the National Mainstream Orthodox Jewish Organizations such as Agudath Yisroel of America, the OU and the National Council of Young Israel as well as Chabad Headquarters, supported by right wing political parties and spiritual leaders in Israel  will have a tremendous effect on American Foreign Policy. 
And even if one argues that we are powerless, we are still obligated to speak up for Torah and put our faith in the Almighty that  He will save us from our enemies and fight our battles.  But we are not allowed to sit by and expect miracles from G-d when we refuse to do our Hishtadlus..

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