Wednesday, September 30, 2015

PLO FLAG Raised at UN for the first Time. Abbas no longer honors Oslo Accords.


From Dan Friedman

Just a few hours ago at the UN, terror chieftain Mahmoud Abbas declared before the world that his Fakestinian nation would no longer honor the Oslo Accords. The Jews are probably the only ones on earth who don't see the golden opportunity Abbas has just handed them. Israel now has the perfect right (nay, the obligation!) to follow suit and relieve themselves of an absurd pursuit that in 22 years has never given them anything except war, pain and suffering.

But the betting here is that no such sanity will take hold in Israel. The Jews will reflexively cling to their fantasies of peace even as their peace partners have bluntly state they're officially backing away from negotiations. Is this an addiction, a fetish or some type of sadomasochism? Hard to say. Maybe all three. Whatever, Israel and its delusional leaders will still insist it only takes one Jew to tango – and that they can defy gravity forever.

This comes on the heel of the Palestinian Flag being raised in the UN.

Palestinian flag raised at UN

The Palestinian flag has been raised at the UN in a historic step, despite prior condemnation from Israel and the US.

PLO Flag Raised at UN For the First Time 

Irony: flag-raising comes minutes after Abbas cancels Oslo Accords, which had PLO removed from international terror lists.


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