Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Fwd: Take a Breath; Action Alert - Contact Nadler

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Subject: Take a Breath; Action Alert - Contact Nadler
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015
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Take a Breath

Last night's Stop Iran Now rally in front of Senator Schumer & Gillibrand's offices went off without a hitch. The evening was filled with Inspirational speakers, and the NYPD informed rally organizers that 7,000 people were in attendance, making this the largest rally ever in front of a senator's office. Kudos to the ZOA and others who helped organize and run the event. Hope was in the air as speaker after speaker highlighted the dangers of the deal, yet cautioned against defeatism. Retired Senator Joe Lieberman stated that even if Obama got the votes to override a Senate veto, the battle would not be lost, and we should certainly stay true to the cause.

Today, of course, we read that Obama got the votes; 34 was his magic number and he reached it. A short while ago we heard that even 'friend of Israel', Hakeem Jeffries, who was originally leaning against the deal, will support it and not vote to override. Hakeem Jeffries Says He Supports the Iran Nuclear Deal

Who knows how many more will unfortunately join the rolling snowball. Yet, as Lieberman cautioned, a lot can happen between now and the vote in Congress, so we should continue opposing the deal and certainly not give up.

It is time to take a breath and follow Senator Lieberman's sound advice. Please reference AFSI's Calendar of Events below for a list of Stop Iran Now rallies, marches and speaking events during this and next week (Apologies if we omitted an event that you are aware of; if so, please contact us.)

For detailed reporting on last night's rally please click on the following link to the Queens Jewish Link newspaper:

Here are a few photos from the rally. 

Action Alert

This week's paper edition of The Jewish Press contains a full-page color ad of Congressman Jerry Nadler, with the heading,

"How Do You Spell BETRAYAL? N-A-D-L-E-R"

It continues:

"For years Congressman Jerry Nadler came to our community and promised he was Pro-Israel.

He LIED to all of us!

Call Jerry Nadler and tell him that he BETRAYED our community when he made a deal with Obama to vote for the Iran nuclear deal."

Please call Jerry Nadler at 800-962-0442 and tell him to stand with America and Israel - NOT Iran!

You can also e-mail his office at:

Calendar of Events


It's Not Over!
Stop Iran Now - Be Involved!
Flyering is a key component in getting the word out.
Do something hands-on and meaningful by distributing flyers at
key commuter locations. 
The personal connection makes a real difference.

A quick and easy way to help the cause is to hand out flyers at railroad stations, subway entrances, bus stops and other busy locations.

AFSI member Mike Chenkin has been doing this daily.
But just one person is not enough. We need more of you!
Just by being there you can influence hundreds in just one hour!

The Iran Sellout is the test of our generation. TAKE ACTION NOW!!!
For information and to get flyers,
please contact Mike Chenkin at:


College students who oppose the Iran Nuke Deal:
- JOIN National Letter Writing Campaigns
- ATTEND Rallies in NYC, Washington, D.C. and other major cities
- LEAD and PARTICIPATE in "Parlor Meetings" for any and all political, social and religious groups

Parents, Neighbors, Friends -- Everyone Knows A College Student -- Pass the Word
Thursday, September 3, 7:00 PM
Stop Iran Rally and Appeal to Cory Booker in Livingston NJ

Thursday, September 3, 7;30 PM
Advocates For Israel Salon Meeting in NYC
Kenneth S. Abramowitz, Founder of will speak on: "What the Iran Deal Means to Western Civilization"
Don't miss this discussion of the key challenges facing Western civilization, focusing on Iran and the nuclear "agreement".

Tuesday, September 8, 11:00 AM
A Communal Call to Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) to Stop Iran Now
Press Conference Open to the Public
With Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
1 Center Street, Newark, NJ
Register at:

Tuesday, September 8, 12:30 PM EST - WASHINGTON, DC
Iran Deal Press Conference, featuring Members of Congress, Americans effected by Iranian terrorism, and luminaries to speak out against the Iranian Nuclear Deal.
Sponsored by EMET - The Endowment for Middle East Truth
AFSI is proud to be a co-sponsor of this very important event.
Where: Washington DC: "West Grassy Area," facing the ellipse, in front of the Capitol building.

Wednesday, September 9, 9 AM - 7 PM
March To Save America - in Washington, DC - West Front of the Capitol
There will be two important rallies occurring this day on Capitol Hill:
1) Rally with Rabbis and Shul Leadership, 12:15 p.m., North Side of the Capitol
The Orthodox Union is bringing hundreds of our communities' rabbis and shul leaders to Washington to show Congress that we are united against the Iran deal. Please join your rabbis and national OU leaders at this important rally on Capitol Hill and help amplify our collective voice as we urge our Representatives and Senators to reject the deal.
For more information, contact or 202-513-6484
2) March on the West Lawn of the Capitol, 2:00 p.m.
Following the OU sponsored event, a coalition of organizations including the ZOA, CUFI, Heritage Action and more will gather at 2:00 p.m. on Capitol Hill (on the West Lawn) for a broader gathering which we encourage you to attend as well. This rally will be addressed by, among others, leading Members of Congress who oppose the deal.

Theses bi-partisan rallies of people from all across America to convince Congress to reject this dangerous deal will take place in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.
Speakers include Democrats, Republicans, businessmen, politicians, scholars, retired generals and such presidential candidates as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

There is a bus leaving from Fairlawn, NJ. For info: 201-773-3788 or 201-562-3787 or

Wednesday, September 9, 8:00 PM - NEW JERSEY
On Wednesday, September 9th at 8:00 PM, before the scheduled vote in Congress on the "Iran Deal", at Congregation B'nai Tikvah you will have the opportunity to hear from the esteemed law professor, Thane Rosenbaum. He is a Distinguished Fellow at NYU School of Law, where he directs the Forum on Law, Culture & Society.
Cong. B'nai Tikvah: 1001 Finnegan Lane, North Brunswick, NJ (

Sunday, September 20, 12:00 Noon
A Call to Conscience: The Rabbinic-led Rally for a Better Iran Deal
Call upon Senators and Congressional Representatives throughout the nation to speak truth to power by demanding a diplomatic solution which precludes rather than facilitates, Iranian nuclear intimidation, regional hegemony, human rights abuse and international terror.
At the United States Mission to the United Nations
East 45 Street between First and Second Avenues, Manhattan
The Committee of Participating Rabbis is in formation. Rabbis who would like to join the committee may email their affirmation and contact info to: or call 516-374-0666



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