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Fwd: AFSI Newsletter Sep. 17. 2015. Shamefully, "Palestine Lies Organization" Flag to be Raised at UN

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Thursday, September 17, 2015
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"State of Palestine" to raise flag at United Nations Wednesday, September 30


On September 10 of this year, the United Nations General Assembly voted to approve a "Palestinian" Arab request to raise the flag of "Palestine" at the U.N. 119 voted in favor, 8 voted against and 45 abstained.

Jerusalem Post:
United Nations website:

Now, we read that the flag raising will most likely take place on Wednesday, September 30.

Jerusalem Post:

The Palestinian Authority invited hundreds of world leaders to celebrate the raising of its flag for the first time at the United Nations headquarters in New York on September 30.
"It will be a glorious day, a proud day for us. We expect hundreds of leaders to be with [PA] President [Mahmoud] Abbas to celebrate that moment," PLO Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour told reporters in New York on Tuesday.

For years the Palestinian Arabs have hoodwinked a world that wanted to be hoodwinked, into giving them billions of dollars in aid money, of which a huge amount was secreted away, lining the the pockets of cronies such as Yassir Arafat, his wife Suha, the current "President" Mahmoud Abbas, and plenty of other Arab terrorists and terrorist enablers.

It is of course no surprise that the U.N. vote passed by such a lopsided margin, given the automatic majority commanded by the Arab and Muslim countries, along with the numerous sycophantic and anti-Semitic countries in Europe and elsewhere. As ex-Israeli U.N. Ambassador Ron Prosor stated, "The Assembly would vote to declare the Earth is flat if the Palestinians proposed it.", and "No vote can turn an empty symbolic gesture into a state."

As this event may be seen as a meaningless photo-op, it is in reality the continuation of "death by a thousand cuts". The steady drip-drip of the world's demands that Israel commit suicide by enabling a terrorist state to be carved out of its territory continue nonstop. Israel of course must remain strong against attempts to harm it, both militarily and politically. And we Israel supporters living outside of Israel must continue our battle to enable Israel to defend herself.

We do not have further information yet about this flag raising ceremony or whether a protest outside the U.N. during the ceremony is feasible. Please continue to check the AFSI daily email and other news sources. Also, please do not hesitate to write to us. Our email addresses are at the end of the email.

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Location: The United States Mission to the United Nations, East 45 Street between First and Second Avenues, Manhattan

The rally has been organized by Rabbi Avi Weiss, Spiritual Leader of the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in the Bronx and founder of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, and Rabbi Bruce Ginsburg, Spiritual Leader of Congregation Sons Of Israel in Woodmere, NY, who has served as president of the Long Island Board of Rabbis and as President of the Union for Traditional Judaism.

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