Wednesday, September 02, 2015

50 Reasons to Impeach... Oh Bomb Uh...


"50 Reasons to Impeach Obama." by anonymous

The problem is all inside our head
I say to all
The answer is easy if we
act and do not stall
I'd like to help us in our struggle
To be free
There must be fifty reasons
To impeach Obama...

I know it's really not our habit
To intrude
Furthermore, I hope my meaning
Won't be lost or misconstrued
But I'll repeat myself
At the risk of being crude
There must be fifty reasons
To Impeach Obama
Fifty reasons to impeach Obama...

The dollar will collapse, Max
Threatened by Iran, Sam
Navy Seals, in Benghazi, they killed, Neal
America's finest, abandoned,  that's clear

The Riot was fake, Jake
A filmmaker in jail, Gail
Take away guns, and our right to fight
Just let Evil Prevail

Illegals and criminals on our backs, Jack
Defending Muslims to attack, Mack
"depressed radical" ? shoots in Chattanooga, Tennessee
Obomba's true birth certificate please show me

Raise the minimum wage, rage
Obama's not on the same page
Cause these rates we can't afford,  Rob
So Hi tech robots will get the job.  

Obamacare, not affordable no care
Soros buys out coal industry, Dear
Russia takes over the Ukraine
Isis atrocities,horrific and profane

Iran inspects itself, Jeff
Iran funds Hezbollah, Beth
Buys weapons from Russia Hurrah, 
death threats for Israel and America, each day! 

Enriches Uranium for Nuke
to destroy Israel, dear Luke
Global warning most dangerous, my foot
Crossing red lines, chemical weapons Assad took

Saudi Arabia too
So scared of Iran, will Partner with the Jew
OH Bomb Uh, your partners are evil for sure
Leaving democracy out the door

Circumvents Congress a lot, Scott
does his own thing, Ming
Judiciary Tyranny the thing.
Now that Obama's the King

World is not safe no more
With be-headings and rapes galore
Islam wants to take over the world
"Peaceful religion with nukes", yeah right, for sure..

Playing golf during crisis', Jane
Michelle's lavish vacations, insane
Obama's says "rights" for young girls and gays 
But enslave, stone, hang them in Iran, that's ok..

American hostages we forget
The terms of Iran must be met
A secure deal for Israel,
 "believe Obama, trust Obomba, have faith in O bomb uh" bet

This list goes on and on, Wayne
Treason, big money, Jew Blame,
Being a "best friend" to Jews his claim
When Taquia is his game

Talking about paper money, honey
It's been so easy to print, Sonny
It's not such a big deal, Jameel
for the Federal Mint it's a steal

Take wealth away from the people
Is his mentor's, Ayers advice
Make Americans all poor
the Rich have no rights

America the great?
No need for that
No need to be exceptional
Just be a door mat.

Just give the UN the power
Is this America's finest hour?
With  human rights violations exploding
Our Hopes for Freedom eroding

Did we reach fifty reasons yet
there is so much more to expect
Monica Lewinsky's a breeze
in comparison to these...

Nixon's Watergate as well
was no major threat
to our national security, economy,health and wealth,
But from Obama, Now US, Please G-d, Protect!
=================end chorus

America, it grieves us so
To see you in such pain
I wish there was something I could do
To make you smile again
I thought you'd appreciate that
And do you need me to please explain
About the fifty reasons..

Let's say why don't we both
Just sleep on it tonight
And I believe in the morning
We''ll begin to see the light
And when we are rational it's plain as one can see
There must be at least fifty reasons
To impeach Obama
At least Fifty reasons to impeach Obama...



Karen McQuillan writes:  A friend had this explanation, which I thought was insightful.  The entire Democratic Party from top to bottom is made of niche interest groups who are bought off by having their narrow self-interest promoted above the interests of the country.  The feminists get abortion without limit at the price of infanticide.  The gays get gay marriage at the price of religious freedom.  The teacher unions get lifetime job security at the price of lousy schools.  The government bureaucrats get outsize salary/benefit/pension packages at the price of bankrupting the country.   The race hustlers get the President fomenting racial hatred, at the price of people's lives.  Those dependent on the government teat get more and more stuff and a blind eye to fraud, while the economy sinks under our debt.    The environmentalists and Silicon Valley get subsidies for green energy and EPA attacks on our energy industry, at the price of energy security and blue collar jobs.  The Hispanic activists get illegal immigration, at the cost of good salaries and jobs for citizens.  Hollywood and liberal Jews and academia get entry to the jobs and cocktail parties controlled by punitive, blacklisting, fellow liberals.  And they all get to feel superior and sanctimonious at the same time by libeling conservatives as uncaring, racist, morons. 


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