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Obama Traitor, Members of Congress, American Citizens must ally against him, Application of force shows there is a serious price to pay


Updated: July 22, 2015

People have a hard time coming to grips that Obama is working against America aligned with a terrorist State. Obama's rise did not come in a vacuum. It was clearly foreshadowed in 2012. 

I wish it wasn't true and the problem was just with Iran.

Please watch this youtube from 2012!  5,215,361 hits! 

Is Obama a Traitor? The Navy Seals think so. You decide after watching this.  Let's send it out once again 3 years later. 

Published on Aug 15, 2012
Intelligence and Special Operations forces are furious and frustrated at how President Obama and those in positions of authority have exploited their service for political advantage. Countless leaks, interviews and decisions by the Obama Administration and other government officials have undermined the success of our Intelligence and Special Operations forces and put future missions and personnel at risk.

The unwarranted and dangerous public disclosure of Special Forces Operations is so serious -- that for the first time ever -- former operators have agreed to risk their reputations and go 'on the record' in a special documentary titled "Dishonorable Disclosures." Its goal is to educate America about serious breaches of security and prevent them from ever happening again.

Use of military ranks, titles & photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement of the Dept of the Army or the Department of Defense. All individuals are no longer in active service with any federal agency or military service.

Check out their website:  http://www.opsecteam.org/  

Time to spread the word, tell our friends, post on facebook, twitter, google etc. 


Foreshadowed in this article as well...November 1, 2012

Democrats Tap Radical Islamists for Cash. The Investigative Project onTerrorism by STEVEN EMERSON AND JOHN ROSSOMANDO 
Former Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi headlines Islamist fundraiser -   http://www.investigativeproject.org/3792/dems-tap-radical-islamists-for-cash 

Doing Very Stupid Stuff White House staffers have summed up Barack Obama’s foreign-policy doctrine as “Don’t do stupid s—.” Six years and change into his presidency, however, the stupid stuff has piled up so high—in Ukraine, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iraq and beyond—that some Team Obama alumni are now trying to subtly dissociate themselves from this charming formulation and its legacy.


Once upon a time the Iranian people were more or less normal under the Iranian Monarchy. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (Persianمحمد رضا شاه پهلوی; [mohæmˈmæd reˈzɒː ˈʃɒːhe pæhlæˈviː]‎; 26 October 1919 – 27 July 1980) was the king of Iran (Shah of Iran) from 16 September 1941 until his overthrow by the Islamic Revolution on 11 February 1979. Iran was declared an Islamic republic led by Ayatollah Khomeini

Too bad the people didn't recognize that the Ayatollah was so evil.  It would have saved the world much grief.  
Arlene Kushner: The Ultimate Challenge  http://arlenefromisrael.squarespace.com/current-postings/

It is Obama himself who has primary responsibility for having moved – traitorously - to empower a dangerous and radical terrorist entity (and more on this below).
But Obama doesn't operate in a vacuum: Those members of Congress who truly know better, but hesitate to stand up to him (because as Democrats they believe they must ally themselves with a Democratic president or for other political reasons) certainly also have responsibility for the current situation.   
And lastly, there are those American citizens who also know better, but have been too busy with their own lives, or too apathetic, to stand up and make their voices heard.  The  United States is a democracy, and so the people must assume a measure of responsibility. There is much to be done – and no time to be lost!  Elected representatives in Congress must hear from their constituents, calling for a resolute stand against the accord with Iran. They must know that they will be held accountable for what transpires.
Here are some suggestions of anti Obama chants for the Rally! (Sorry they don't rhyme) Why target Schumer if you can target the source of the evil thereby encouraging Schumer to distance himself and his fellow Democrats from Obama and (t)his deadly nuclear Iran Alliance.

"Obama is a Traitor!"

"Obama empowers Evil"

"Side with Obama and you side with the Devil"

"Obama circumvents Congress"

"Obama is betraying America"

Fellow Democrats If you side with Obama then "We won't forgive and we won't forget!"

United Against Obama!

Obama is the source of this Evil Deal

Obama is aligned with Iran

Obama and  Radical Islam are One

In G-d we Trust.   NOT OBAMA!

Congress needs to nuke bad Iran deal by Bruce Thornton
An incremental application of force in response to Iranian intransigence and stonewalling during negotiations––destroying the Arak nuclear reactor, for example––would have convinced Iran that there was a serious price to pay for their obstructionism, lying, and cheating on their obligations.

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