Monday, July 20, 2015

Obama and Kerry do not represent Congress nor the American people at the UN!


Obama and Kerry DO NOT represent Congress or the American People!!!.

Congress did not approve the Iranian Deal and the American People do not approve of this Iranian Deal. 

Therefore, the United Nations Security Council adoption of this Iranian deal is meaningless.  It has no validity now nor in the future. 

Obama's kinship with terror and Radical Islam is not the voice of the United States of America. 

Let us the people raise our VOICES!!!

Obama and Kerry are acting in a dictatorial fashion and they empower tyrannical regimes.  Obama is an elected official and should not act like a dictator doing what he wants, when he wants where he wants,  unopposed. That is not the American way. It is not Democracy and circumvents the checks and balances put in place for a good reason by the Founding Fathers of America.  Any good American must fight this bogus Iranian Deal that Obama and Kerry are forcing down our throats.

Any elected official who votes/supports the Iranian Deal is on the side of  Obama and Evil.  The Obama deal is a red line.  Every elected official needs to choose which side of the line he or she is on.  They can not wait for another leader to lead the way.  Each elected official will be held accountable for their personal choice.  

This puts Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Gillibrand on the side of evil.

We will not forgive nor forget any elected official for choosing Obama and evil. All of you up for reelection just wait and see how your choice will be a deciding factor for your constituents in the next election. 

Any leader who is passive and does not use his/her resources as a leader at his disposal to fight this Iranian deal, empowers evil and empowers Obama. Such individuals must be rejected as leaders now and for any future election.  They are personna non grata and worthless since they stand by idly. They discourage others to fight evil as well.   

However, if they change course and takes the side against Obama publicly and with heartfelt desire to do what is right, they have earned that right to be a leader.  

This goes for Senator Schumer and Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah and all major Jewish Organizations and leadership who have yet to come forth with strong leadership against Obama and this deadly deal.  

Every Media and newspaper, journalist, Rabbi, Askan can choose to be on the side of those who are passive or those who fight evil in this Public Relations War.  Each individual will be held accountable for their choice. 

Will you put the blame on your religious or civic leader for your inaction after a Nuclear attack? It's irrelevant then. 

Each and every individual is a soldier on the battlefront in whatever capacity he or she is capable.  Put pressure on your religious and civic leaders to do the right thing regarding Obama and Iran and fight them with all their might. We are all facing an existential threat!

Message to the Moetzet Gedolei Hatorah: 

Elef LeMateh, Elef LeMateh is the way the Israelites fought Midian in the Desert (Parshat Matot).  They fought a war and they killed hundreds of thousands of men and women who were out for Israel's destruction.  They captured spoils and they did so in a G-dly way.  There are clear guidelines as per how such a war is fought.  No random acts of anarchy and lust allowing individual soldiers to do what they want how they want.  Israel  won the war with Midian with military might, by armed soldiers using real weapons combined with heartfelt prayer and righteous actions and purity of heart and soul. 

There is no doubt in our minds as per Obama's intentions.  He has a proven track record in support of Terror Regimes and Radical Islam.  One doesn't need to be a Gadol Hador to see this very clearly as one didn't need to be a Gadol Hador to see that the expulsion of 10,000 Jews from Gush Katif was evil and against Torah.  It doesn't take a Gadol Hador to see the value of prevention and protest before an evil decree, rather than be meek cry and say there is nothing to be done and then hold a Tefilla Rally after the fact to share in the pain or to memorialize the deaths of the terror victims.   

Do we want our Gedolim to suffer the terrible fate of the Miraglim? Do we want our generation to suffer the terrible fate of the Holocaust?  We need our Gedolim BaTorah desperately and it pains us to speak out in such a fashion. Please take a visit to Hebron as did Calev ben Yefuneh and Yehoshua bin Nun.  

Now we better understand the yearning for Moshiach to come because we lack the proper leadership.  Let each of us be the best leader and fighter and remember that we can create legions of G-dly armies fighting along side us for good vs evil by our prayer and actions combined.  We can also generate legions of prosecuting angels when we put our faith in the likes of Obama and Kerry. 

Thank you for listening. 


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