Monday, July 27, 2015

My letter to L, a Democrat Friend Who Did Not Take Kindly to Huckabees Comments re: President Obama.


L writes:

Obama looks good here and Huckabee looks like a idiot.


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Subject: Re: Iran, Mike Huckabee Speaks Truth. My Grandparents were gassed in the Ovens in the Holocaust. We need Moral Clarity


Dear L, 

President Obama has empowered evil. Evil no different than Nazi Germany.   This Iranian deal  gives this Terror regime 150 billion dollars, will not allow Israel to defend itself against a nuclear Iran, allows the Iranians to acquire nuclear weapons knowing fully well what they intend to do with it, has additional side deals that Congress is not privy too....  Yes, L, I do believe that President Obama should be isolated from the Democratic Party and marginalized along with any Senator or Congressperson who votes for this deal.  He has consistently empowered radical Islam and has made this world a much more dangerous place. It is not in a vacuum that ISIS has conquered so many countries, creating millions of refugees and slaughtering and beheading and enslaving tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands. 

If you are proven wrong about this deal, and millions are nuked will you say Oops I made a mistake about Obama. When Israel bombed and disabled the Osirek nuclear facility in Iraq, they were criticized. See full story in link below. That is a small price to pay for security against a nuclear enemy.   I am sure they will be criticized again if they try to disable Iran's nuclear facility. However, when the USA then fought in the Gulf War they were very appreciative of the fact that Israel, neutralized this threat. 

I firmly believe that both Democrats and Republicans should isolate the White House and call for a thorough legal investigation, as per how President Obama, elected by the people and for the people, sidestepped Congress by bringing this terrible nuclear deal which the Congress and the People of America do not want, to the United Nations Security Council for adoption now binding it under International Law?. 

His way of governing has more in common with an autocrat than with a Democrat.   I  greatly fear that he will somehow implement martial law eroding civilian rights further.  His arrogant bypassing of Congress and all the checks and balances the founding fathers of America is nothing short of alarming. These were put in place for good reason. It is not hard to see the working of a despot in the making.   If taxation without representation was reason enough for our Patriots to go to War against the British, then surely, a nuclear existential threat or the threat of the electric grid disabled, economic collapse (our deficit is out of control under his watch), and serious political misconduct (bypassing the will of congress and the people) is good reason to take President Obama and his administration to task and take the power away from under their control. . 

I and many others understand who the Iranians are and the only way to deal with them is to take their nuclear weapons capability from them by force if necessary. President Obama has done the opposite.  He has empowered them.   If America and Israel collaborate, I am sure there are ways to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.  The only way this can happen is if the Obama Administration is discredited because they have sabotaged and continue to sabotage any attempt to stop Iran. .

 Obama policies have proven traitorous to America.  Obamacare, influx of criminal illegal immigrants, infiltration of radical Islam and betrayal of our armed forces.  He is not to be trusted and if he is offended so be it.  His policies have earned him distrust. 

 Sometimes, the way to peace is with War.  Was the American Revolution a mistake?  America went to fight Hitler and her allies, Chamberlain appeased Hitler.  You tell me.  Which approach brought peace? Chamberlain after 6,000,000 Jews and tens of millions in addition died,   or by dropping the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?  I am not advocating dropping nuclear bombs on anyone but I know for a fact that Iran is!  

As you probably know, my husband's mother,  went through 4 years of living Hell. She was one of the few that survived from Poland.   My Father lost his first wife and child in the gas chambers. . Both of my parents lost many members of their families in the gas chambers, They were in Auschwitz. One needs to look at the recent beheadings in Iran,  of 700 of their own and the atrocities of Isis to know whom we are dealing with.  If this is what they do with conventional weapons (actually all they need are knives and stones) what will they do with nuclear weapons? Their behavior is subhuman.  Their atrocities too horrific to come to grip with..

Don't be stupid or naive.  I really don't care how Huckabee looks to you. I don't care how I look to you.  I really don't care what the NY Times says.  They put the Nazi's in a positive light as well.  To me Huckabee is a G-d fearing man,  a man of courage with a strong determination to fight evil and protect America and Israel from harms way. . Obama???? Well he is on the side of the devil.  He talks about human rights and women's rights in Kenya and looks good. It is all deceit.  It is all false.    We know the truth about human rights and women's rights in Iran vs Israel.  Obama takes the side of Iran.  BTW many Palestinians much prefer being under Israel's autonomy than Hamas or the PA.  They receive education, health benefits and jobs.  Many are afraid to voice their opinion for good reason. Hamas and the PA had opportunity to take the hothouses from Gush Katif and build their economy. But they chose to dismantle them and take the metal and use them to shoot rockets into Israel. The poor Palestinians who were gainfully employed under the Jewish farmers had to leave Gaza. No jobs anymore and they were targeted as well. 

If Obama truly cared about human rights and women's rights he would not be providing Iran with nuclear arsenal.   

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