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Dov Hikind and Helen Freedman and others getting arrested in front of Senator Chuck Schumer's office. Internal Debate: Target Schumer or Obama?


"Shomer" means guardian in Hebrew.  Schumer is being called on to fulfill his role as a shomer.

Assemblyman Hikind Before the Arrest: This is About Survival

Hikind's facebook page

My Comments:

Dov and Shani Hikind love Eretz Yisroel and America and they are doing all that they possibly can to raise consciousness and awareness re: this  deal. It is not a personal vendetta against Schumer and I believe Schumer understands that.  As for Helen Freedman, all I can say is "Many women have excelled, but you excel them all!"

It was an amazing lesson in Civil Disobedience!    It was upon these values America was founded when we defied the British against "intolerable acts". 

While America still has a way to go, with Obama at the helm, siding with tyranny,  Americans are seriously worried about the erosion of our civil rights. Will law abiding citizens be forced to resort to more and more civil disobedience?

My question however is why just target Schumer?  When Obama is the source?

Many agree with me that defying the White House is Key! Just remember that the Terror State, the Republic of Iran just got 150 billion dollars! Here are important steps to help fight the White House. 

  1. Attitude: Psychological warfare. Yes We Can defeat this Obama deal and weaken the Administration!  The Obama Administration wants us to believe that the deal is a done deal and that Congress is too weak to change course.  They quote polls put out by J street which say that the majority of the people support this deal. They assure us that Iran will never get nuclear weapons and if they do,  like N. Korea will not deploy them. (after the fact they can say ooops I made a mistake RT) They convince the Democrats who oppose the deal, to work within the deal to "address their concerns" . However the underlying message or more accurate,  threat,  to elected Democrats is if you fight the Administration to override this deal, you are a traitor to the Democratic party, you will lose and pay the price. To our elected officials we say,  you were elected and you need to answer to your constituents. It is the White House who is being traitorous to the American People.   Don't be fooled.   We the people are not helpless. 
  2. Go on the Offensive: We need to Alienate the White House from the Democrats.  Alienation is the tactic the White House uses to fight Israel. They alienate Israel from the rest of the world, in the UN, threatening BDS, threatening Israel as they build and settle our G-d Given Land or claim a United Jerusalem.
  3. Don't be naive.  Obama has just circumvented Congress.  He has circumvented the will of the people.  He has earned our distrust. He has lied to the American People, He has betrayed our Soldiers and Seals, who put their lives on the line to protect this nation... His actions and policies have seriously weakened America's security, weakened America politically and economically.  What is his next step?
  4. With Obama in Power, he has put in place the steps required to impose martial law.  It wouldn't take too much, perhaps a tzunami, a hurricane a bomb to impose martial law.  Martial law in the hands of a dictator is scary.  We need to take the power away from someone like Obama who will abuse this power. 
  5. We can not delay. Delaying is the tactics the Iranians use to build their arsenal. Act while it is still not too late. Obama has crossed the red line and fellow Democrats now must choose.  Quickly! We will not forgive nor forget those who choose the side of terror and evil. 
  6. Don't be fooled by all this nonsense about building a relationship between the White House and the Government of Israel. As long as the White House does not represent the American People or the American Way a relationship is not wanted. One can't build a relationship with a terrorist nor with one who empowers and partners with terrorists.  The White House, unilaterally has done just that with this deal. Remember,  150 billion dollars has just been released to a Nazi Terror regime due to the White House, and that's just on the surface.. 
  7. There is a time for peace and a time for war.  We must go towards peace even if it means going to war and not go in peace for temporary relief measures which will dissipate with time. 
  8. Stand behind MK Tzipi Hotoveli as Israel's  Deputy Foreign Minister who is true to the Torah and no to a more centrist Israeli Foreign Minister who will work with Obama within the context of an Iranian Deal.  The White House will try their best to alienate her and others like her and get someone less hostile to the White House. 
  9. To quote P4 below: I fear these are the real issues we are facing. Who will go before the Supreme Court to demand his executive agreement be declared null and void? Which Democrat and Republican will together submit a bill of impeachment for the his extra-legal and unconstitutional abuse of power?

Indeed, within the Organizing group of the Times Square Rally there is an ongoing internal  debate as per whether targeting Schumer or targeting Obama is the most effective way to protest the Iranian Deal. 

As you can tell from my posts, I feel it is most effective to target the Obama Administration.

Here are sample clips of emails going around.  Names are anonymous standing for Person1 (P1), Person2(P2) etc.   Scroll down till where it says "Beginning of Dialogue"  for chronological order. Read from bottom to top,

P3: I don't know. Those are good questions and I will keep them on mind. 

Me:  bs"d Dear P3,

Is it effective to discredit and embarrass the One senator who might change course and succeed in lobbying his fellow Congressmen but is now weakened and probably resentful to the point where he is less effective?

People now see Schumer as a wimp and a puppet for Obama or as a result of our tremendous pressure, will be perceived as a puppet for the anti Obama group.  

Isnt it more effective to turn Obama into the wimp as did Allen West and let Schumer come out swinging against Obamas deal?

  As long as Obama is perceived as All Powerful, fellow democrats don't really care about the issues.   The issues by themselves without the politics are as obvious as the sun. The Iran deal is stupid to quote Allen West. The politics blinds their vision so they cant see the evil in the deal no matter how eloquent we argue. Schumer knows that.  Sticking to the issues alone wont be the deciding factor to swing their vote against Obama.  They are all afraid of being accused of being "disloyal" to Obama and the Democratic Party.  We need to alienate Obama from his party to be effective.

P3: I'm saying make a ruckus about the ISSUES.  We weaken ourselves and our position when we make it personal. Do we want to be right and self righteous? Or do we want to be effective? 

ME: P3,  I always enjoy a good argument.

Antagonizing Schumer is ok? Dov Hikind and Helen Freedman think so. Telling Schumer to go to H E  double toothpick is ok?   If it's against Chuck u call it advocacy but against Obama its antagonizing?  If truth antagonizes people so be it if the purpose is not to antagonize which it isn't.  The purpose is to somehow get the needed votes in Congress to stop a Nuclear Iran. Btw I personally don't object to Dov Hikind and Helen Freedman protesting in front of Schumer's office bc I believe they don't have any personal grievance against Schumer and if they do,  they can hopefully rise above it.  It is clear to me that all they want is for him to do the right thing.

We only differ on whom to antagonize.  You, like Chuck Schumer, don't want to antagonize Obama.  Personally, I'd be afraid too as well and I find this anti Obama chant distasteful, but in light of a nuclear Holocaust, and the other side playing dirty the only one to really fear is the Almighty.

Me: P5,  Agreed. We must break the deal.  But I think Obama is the primary issue, the root of the matter. Unless we remove him from power, he circumvents any action we take about the deal.   Probably, he has already done that and even if Congress votes against him, as they have tried to in the past much harm has been done because he has circumvented Congress will.   

P5: Robin Obama is not the primary issue despite the truth about him. 
Our one-track goal is to defeat the Iran Deal. We must be Johnny one note : NO DEAL - It's dangerous for America's security & the world.  We want to
LIVE in peace NOT Rest In Peace

ME: P4, 
I think this is a fight between good and evil. Whoever sides with Obama is on the side of Iran which is evil no different than Nazi Germany. Remember that a democratic process voted in Hamas.

The checks and balances our founding fathers put in place has been eroding and Muslims use the democratic process to their advantage.

People are confused. For example Can an army  attack civilians when they are being used as human shields? This is a theological question.

Putting G-d into the picture as does Allen West and/or Mike Huckabee clears the smokescreen.

Unfortunately Islam and their service to Allah via Sharia law, 

A despotic, totalitarian, unforgiving, controlling,  misogynist, unaccepting of any other religion, farce of a religion, confuses the matter and thus puts a smokescreen in the picture.

If we stick with the Noahide Laws as our universal moral compass we are true to our Judeo Christan values upon which America was founded.

P4: ​What if the deal is just a smokescreen?

Obama the world citizen has cleverly submitted the US to the rule of Iran and the UN Security Council for the next 10 years without democratic participation in the decision. In a stroke of his pen we have submitted to world government. In the matter of Iran we are no longer a sovereign country.
Who will go before the Supreme Court to demand his executive agreement be declared null and void?
Which Democrat and Republican will together submit a bill of impeachment for the his extra-legal and unconstitutional abuse of power?
I fear these are the real issues we are facing.
BDS = BullyDeceiveSmear

"Many studies and focus groups have shown that even Jews who are sympathetic toward Israel and feel positively about their own Jewishness choose to be silent in order not to defy mainstream opinion, damage their career, or take up what seems to be a losing cause. To change the atmosphere, then, Israel's sympathizers have to shift gears, from playing defense to launching a confident offense. They have to take back the banner of human rights and liberalism, and not permit this rhetoric to be misused by those who are defending some of the world's most reactionary forces." -- Natan Sharansky, 2015

P3: I very much agree with P1.  It's about the issues, the actions.  We don't need to antagonize people.   We need to advocate. 

P2: I'm with Robin on this one.  It is not politics as usual any more; it is about the personality cult of a dictator.  And he will become even more dictatorial if allowed to continue his course.

Me: P1,  I really appreciate ur comments. We agree on our goals but not on tactic.

I personally think Schumer believes he is too weak to fight Obama even if he gave it his best shot.  Therefor his Silence.  When we succeed in discrediting Obama it makes his job convincing fellow Democrats much easier. P1, .., from past dealings with Obama, he, not us, will take personal offense especially when he sees we bend over backward not to "offend" him. We might as well speak truth. The evidence is against him as a liar and a traitor and supporter of Radical Islam and a Nuclear Iran.  We dare not be silent.  If Obama is discredited it will be easier for Democrats to dissociate from Obama and this deal.  They are up for reelection. Obama isnt. Kt

Beginning of dialogue starts here



I hope you won't take offence to what I'm going to say, but I don't think the issue should be about Obama.  His actions, yes.  But to make the issue about him is self defeating.  In order to defeat this terrible agreement, we need to get as many Democrats on board as possible.  As hard as it will for them to vote against their president,  it will be that much harder if the issue becomes about him personally. 

 If we make this about Obama, rather than the agreement, I think our chances of success will go down dramatically.


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