Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tisha Baav 5775. Schumer like one of the SPIES of Israel? Let this go viral!


We, today, in the year 5775, are suffering because of the Sin of the Spies in the desert. 

Today, the Yahrzeit of that terrible day, on the 9th day of Av, here in Brooklyn, when I hear the news that Schumer is talking like a SPY to the  OU,  I am openly condemning him on my blog Shemittahrediscovered, on Facebook and on Twitter. I am rejecting him and what he said. 

Schumer speaks like the Spies who first praised the Land of Israel and then said BUT.....and then convinced the people that they were too weak to conquer the giants in the Land. A military option is terrible Schumer says... 

The Spirit of CHEVRON MUST PREVAIL!  We are the Caleb and Joshua of our generation who spoke with strength and conviction "Yes We CAN!"  

We the people, in America, in Israel,  can conquer Iran in spite of their power and strength because G-d is on OUR side and G-d Promised Israel the Land and G-d is All Powerful. We must have faith.

So BE A MAN, FIGHT IRAN! Not like Schumer, who is a doomer.... and May G-d Bless America! 


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